How to Host a Side Event in Paris During Metaverse Summit

16 February 2022
16 February 2022
How to Host a Side Event in Paris During Metaverse Summit

If you’re intrigued by the thought of “sharing, learning, and building a positive future of Metaverse”, then you can’t miss the opportunity to host an event at Metaverse Summit.

The Metaverse is an immersive and persistent 3D virtual environment. It’s a marvellous concept that has previously been the domain of science fiction. But now it’s here, at long last. And the world is excited.

The Metaverse Summit is a two-day event in Paris from 16-17th July 2002. And in today’s article, we’ll be giving you the rundown on how to host an event at Metaverse Summit. We’ll show you what kind of event to host, where to host it, how to get sponsorship, how to market, and more. Enjoy!

Why Host a Metaverse Event in Paris

So the Metaverse has been around since the early ‘90s – in theory – but it’s only in the last year that it’s come to life. And if you’re not ready to take it seriously yet, consider that Bloomberg estimates it’s worth to reach a cool $800 million by 2024.

We’ve already seen the Metaverse revolutionise the event industry. Just look at Horizon Workroom by the Meta Group (formerly known as Facebook). And an even more expansive and ambitious example is Mytaverse, a platform replicating the event industry in the virtual world.

But what does hosting a Metaverse event in Paris specifically mean for you? Well, as well as being big business, hosting a Metaverse conference in Paris is your chance to bring together builders, entrepreneurs, investors and experts from Gaming, 3D, VFX, VR, AR, Web3.

So, in short, you’ve got the chance to put investors in rooms with start-ups, to show off a new product to the community, to get up to speed with new developments in the field, to meet exciting new talent, and much more!

What Kind of Event Can you Host During Metaverse Summit?

You are invited and encouraged to participate in three types of events.

  • Talk (or conference)
  • Hackathon
  • Workshop

There are four specific tracks that the Metaverse Summit has outlined for the two-day event.

  • Social and Interactivity: Explore UGC-focused social worlds users and businesses can explore, create, socialise, and participate in a wide variety of experiences.
  • Web 3 & Decentralisation: Explore digital ownership and how to create, store, sell, protect and manage digital assets, such as virtual goods and currencies, as connected to user data and identity.
  • Gaming and Real-Time 3D: Explore how to establish persistent, real-time connections in immersive digital and often three-dimensional simulations, environments, and technologies used to access, interact with the Metaverse.
  • Mixed Reality & Virtual World: Mixed reality combines real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualisations; physical and digital co-exist and interact in real-time. In this track, we’ll talk about AR, VR, and other formats of virtual worlds.

Our Favourite Venues in Paris for Hosting at Metaverse Summit Roadshow

Our expertise is in curating the best corporate event spaces. So down below, we’ve curated some of our favourite Metervent Summit friendly spaces. Enjoy!

1. Contemporary Glass Conference Venue For Metaverse Summit

Contemporary Glass Conference Venue For Metaverse Summit via Eventflare

If you’re looking to make a bold statement on the Metaverse Summit Roadshow, then you’ve found your match with this stunning glass event venue.

It’s contemporary in design while still offering you a quintessential slice of Paris, being around the corner from the Eiffel tower. All the while, standing at 57 metres tall, you’ll have premier views of the city’s most significant landmarks.

Your Metaverse conference here will have a sense of grandeur, with sleek floor-to-ceiling windows standing at 6 metres tall. Plus, you’ll have a beautiful wooden stage area and a blank canvas motif stretching out over 188m2 to fashion the venue to suit your style and needs.

This sleek location comes with every technical amenity you could need, such as projectors, TV screens, sound equipment, professional lighting, and more. And finally, you’ll have a total capacity of up to 200 people.

2. Playful Room for a Metaverse Hackathon

Playful room for creative encounters
Playful Room for a Metaverse Hackathon via Eventflare

Here we have a stimulating offering for your Metaverse Hackathon. It’s a creative and playful room, and you’ll find it in the glamorous 8th arrondissement.

Here you have a corporate event space that embodies both the joy of a kids play area and the tools of a professional corporate event space. It’s been meticulously designed for creative, productive, and enjoyable work sessions. So if you’re looking for something a little off-piste in your Metaverse Summit venue, this is it.

Just some of the things that make it so unique are the large skylights, the kitchen, the multiple breakout rooms, glass partitions, and the quirky and over the top fixtures and furnishings – for example, just look at the slide!

It comes with top of the line technical amenities for your hackathon, and finally, over its 220m2, you’ll be able to host a Metaverse event in Paris here for up to 180 people.

3. Inspiring and Modular Space For a Metaverse Event in Paris

Inspiring and modular presentation room
Inspiring and Modular Space For a Metaverse Event in Paris via Eventflare 

Up next – still in the magnificent 8th arrondissement – we have this inspiring and modular presentation room. It’s ideal for both a Metaverse hackathon and a Metaverse conference!

Here we have an uncluttered and professional location. What makes it stand out is subtle features such as the synthetic grass stage or the second-floor breakout room with interior windows that look directly over the main floor.

Plus, it’s another blank canvas venue, meaning you can spruce it up into something completely unique. It also has a sophisticated lighting system so that you can put on a real show!

What’s more, it comes with a kitchen, a projector, TV screens, and high-speed WiFi. And finally, you’ll have a total capacity of 70 people.

4. Cosy and Trendy Workshop Space for Metaverse Summit Roadshow

Cosy and trendy meeting space in Paris featuring a creative design.
Cosy and Trendy Workshop Space for Metaverse Summit Roadshow via Eventflare

Here’s our final selection for your Metaverse Summit Roadshow location. It’s a cosy and trendy workshop space. You’ll find it in the city’s central business district.

Despite being at the heart of Paris’s financial world, it’s undoubtedly no traditional business location. It’s a colourful concept location, modelled in the style of a cartoon shed and garden.

Its homely and nostalgic facade makes for a happy and vibrant atmosphere to sustain a long and intense Metaverse hackathon.

And of course, it comes with a host of first-class AV amenities such as a TV, a projector, high-speed WiFi, air-conditioning and hot drink facilities. And finally, your Metaverse event in Paris here will have a total capacity of up to 40 people.

How to Get Sponsorship for Your Metaverse Event in Paris

It’s crucial that you know how to get sponsors for your event. Thankfully, blockchain events are attractive prospects for sponsors.

Your first job should be to check in with the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce. It’s here where the most prominent businesses and entrepreneurs are found. It’s a network of like-minded business people who could be an excellent pairing for your Metaverse event in Paris.

Your next check-in should be with the Paris Convention Bureau. It’s a free service built to attract would-be event planners to their city. They might be able to point you in the right direction toward local sponsors. Plus, if your Metaverse Summit event is eligible, you could even get a grant for it!

Another option for you is crowdfunding. If this is an avenue you’d like to explore for your Metaverse hackathon, we recommend Gitcoin – a streamlined process that allows you to showcase your project to prospective funders.

And another option entirely is to get in experts to bring in sponsorship for you. We would recommend a specialist event sponsorship agency like TOP.

For further information on how to raise money for your Metaverse Roadshow event, make sure to read our 4 tips for growing your event sponsorship revenue. Alternatively, just ask one of our local experts; their local knowledge of the Parisian Business scene will come in handy!

How to Market your Metaverse Summit Event

One thing that is essential – and is free – is putting your event on all the major crypto and blockchain calendars. The process is easy, and it puts your events name and details where people are looking for them. For starters, make sure to get your name on these platforms at the very least!

Another free service where you can put your Metaverse conference insight of those that are looking for it is Telegram. Telegram is a crucial platform in the blockchain and crypto community. It’s where all the news and action happens.

Simply use the Telegram filter system for ‘Metaverse’ and explore. Check out this group Metaverse-Blockchain to get a taste of what’s going on and put your name out there.

Now moving on to more in-depth marketing for your Metaverse Summit event. For blockchain-related events, you really ought to use the services of a blockchain marketing specialist like BountyHive. It’s a service that will not only create unique content for you but they get it put on the biggest and best blockchain platforms for all to see.

And to learn more about the world of marketing in general, check out these expert guides we made earlier:

Wrapping up

So there you have it, our guide on hosting a side event in Paris during Metaverse Summit. And make sure to check out the rest of our Venues in Paris. We have much, much more!

But before you go, we think you might like to read our article on How to host a blockchain conference.

Good luck, and we hope to see you in Paris for the Metaverse Summit!

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