9 Gorgeous Reception Venues in Paris

by HarryPrince,  02 April 2021
by Harry Prince, 02 April 2021
9 Gorgeous Reception Venues in Paris

In the business world, sometimes, the line between necessity and luxury isn’t so clear. After reading this article on gorgeous reception venues in Paris, you’ll have a much clearer idea of where that line is drawn.

A reception might be seen as an unnecessary indulgence. But the fact that you’re reading this assures us that you know better.

We love Paris’ diversity in styles. And we’re pretty sure you will too. There’s something for everyone, after all.

By the time you reach the end of this article, you will be truly spoiled. And informed. All you need to do is let us know which one you like, and we’ll do the rest.

1) Picturesque Venue on the Canal 
Picturesque Venue on the Canal Side
Picturesque Venue on the Canal Side via Eventflare

On our first stop on the reception venues in Paris tour, we’ve got a venue for the view-hunters. This adorable conservatory-style space sits on the banks of a charming canal, offering views you’ll scarcely believe are real.

The glass roof is homely, the fancy lampshades are too stylish for words, and the southern European style metal chairs and tables look like a glorious place to spend an afternoon.

Of course, there’s a buzz to being out on a patio with a favoured tipple. In terms of capacity, this venue can accommodate up to 50 guests for receptions. A high-speed WiFi connection is at your disposal. All you need to do is decide what catering options you’re going to plump for.

2) Chic Rustic Venue for Private Dining 
Chic Rustic Venue for Private Dining
Chic Rustic Venue for Private Dining via Eventflare

If you like the sound of chic private dining, then here is your satisfaction. It is an almost entirely sleek and modern venue. Save, for one striking, rustic feature: the stripped-down medieval wall.

These large wooden beams are out of place, and at the same time, they totally work. They look like they could have been scavenged from Noah’s Ark. They’re destined to add a whole lot of character for your cocktail reception in Paris.

It’s located next to Paris’ beloved Les Halles. Additionally, the space provides its own catering service with multiple menu options based on traditional French cuisine. The room is also equipped with air-conditioning and WiFi.

3) Luminous Chic Atrium with a Glass Roof
Luminous Chic Atrium with a Glass Roof via Eventflare

This venue is a luminous and chic atrium. Its symmetry and glass roof mark it as a delightful place to be. It’s spacious too, with 16-metre high walls.

This venue is located in the 19th arrondissement, which mixes old fashioned French bohemianism and Parisian cosmopolitanism.

It can be booked for up to 200 people for a standing event and 85 in its private dining set-up.

This room can host up to 200 people for a cocktail and up to 85 people for private dining or a conference. Multiple catering options are available to adapt to your event’s needs.

4) Striking Venue for Enjoyable Team Buildings 
Striking Venue for Enjoyable Team Buildings via Eventflare

Ready for some fun with this next reception venue in Paris? Have you got a go-to karaoke song? Do you dive right in, or do you need a couple of Dark & Stormies? There’s no wrong answers when it comes to this striking venue!

This venue has a karaoke stage, for better or for worse. Surely for the better, though – everyone likes karaoke after a couple of refreshments. And if they don’t, well, maybe they shouldn’t be there.

It’s a venue that isn’t necessarily large, but it isn’t a hobbit hole either. It’s got a standing capacity of 150 for an area that’s just over 120m2.

5) Industrial Location with Breathtaking Views 
Industrial Location with Breathtaking Views
Industrial Location with Breathtaking Views via Eventflare

In the hearty area of Patin, we have this industrial location for breathtaking views of the Ourcq canal.

We love the contrast of the modern floor-to-ceiling glass windows and the rustic wooden roof beams. And of course, the place is beaming with natural lights. The decor is charming throughout, full of colour and a variation of vintage styles.

What’s more, the venue provides all the equipment you might need to make the most of each event. It includes a projector, a sound system, lighting equipment and a stage. The capacity of the space is up to 280 people in a standing layout.

6) Trendy Urban Room with a Little Terrace 
Trendy Urban Room with a Little Terrace via Eventflare

Our next reception venue in Paris is in the 10th arrondissement, just around the corner from the Place de la Republique. It’s a trendy urban room with a fantastic curving little terrace.

It’s ideal for intimate cocktail parties or private dining events. We love the quaint and intricate wood decking and the bespoke brickwork features. It’s a great place to see a quintessential slice of Paris from up above.

Capacity-wise, this space can host 30 people for cocktails parties and 10 people for private dining.

7) Lively Latin Backyard with a Colourful Design
Lively Latin Backyard with a Colourful Design for reception in paris
Lively Latin Backyard with a Colourful Design via Eventflare

Tucked away in the 16th arrondissement, we have a lively Latin backyard. It’s perfect for private dining events, summer cocktail parties and much more!

We love the colourful, vintage furniture and quirky layout of rugs. The low hanging trees are reminiscent of the countryside and offer the perfect foliage.

This space has a maximum capacity of 80 people for your cocktail reception in Paris and stretches out to 100m2. It is equipped with AV equipment and strong WiFi.

8) Massive Hall for Corporate Meetings 
Massive Hall for Corporate Meetings via Eventflare

Our penultimate reception venue for hire is this massive hall for corporate events. Any event here promises to have the excitement of future-nostalgism.

It stands as a great landmark for 20th-century modernism. Its raw concrete facade and bold-distinct lines are remarkable. So is the sloping green velvet flooring.

It has a bar, a projector and high-quality sound equipment. And finally, as we said, it’s massive — there’s 1,500m2 of space to be precise.

9) Cave Venue for Private Events 
Cave Venue for Private Events via Eventflare

Our final reception venue in Paris is this cave venue for private events. It’s located near Place de Clichy.

With its historical stone arches, your event here promises to have a traditional and romantic aura.

We love the playful disco lights. The lowkey furniture could seem out of place on paper but create a unique treat in practice.

Finally, this cave has 250m2 of space for your cocktail party.

Wrapping up 

We hope you enjoyed our guide to reception venues in Paris. It certainly made us yearn for a cocktail!

If you would like to see more gorgeous venues like these, then you can check out the rest of our after-work venues in Paris on our platform.

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Featured image: Luminous Chic Atrium with a Glass Roof via Eventflare

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