How to Host an Event at UTXO.22

15 March 2022
15 March 2022
How to Host an Event at UTXO.22

UTXO stand for unspent transaction output and is the basic mechanism of Bitcoin. It’s also the poetic name for a very exciting crypto conference in Prague.

UTXO.22 is taking place on the weekend of 4-5th of June at the Gabriel Loci in the centre of Prague.

This is a crypto event in Prague where there is no focus on any particular cryptocurrency, blockchain, or theme, meaning you have a blank canvas to make any event you want.

This article is your guide on how to host an event at UTXO. From choosing a venue to how to market it. So get to it, and we hope you enjoy!

Why Host an Event at UTXO.22?

As we said, you have a blank canvas to host any event you like at UTXO.22. Furthermore, it’s a community orientated crypto conference. That means you’re going to be meeting people in the industry who are passionate and motivated.

This crypto event in Prague has been designed to be a neutral place for dialogue within the entire local crypto community. So if you want your brand to be an important name in the development of the crypto community, this is the kind of thing you should be looking at.

And if that’s not an incentive, just look at these key figures below. There’s going to be a lot of potential attendees around the city this weekend, and you can lure them away to your event!

  • 1,000+ visitors
  • 50+ Lectures
  • 100+ Hours of content
What Types of UTXO Events Can You Host?

As we said, you can host any kind of event you want – so long as it’s related to crypto and blockchain. UTXO.22 organisers have suggested the following themes. But the question is, do you have a more exciting one?

  • Basics
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • DeFi
  • DAOs
  • NFTs / Metaverse
  • Alternative L1
  • Regulation
  • Company

As for what kind of event, again, there are no rules, but from our experience, the most popular and relevant events at crypto conferences are panel discussions, talks, workshops, hackathons, and after-work events.

Where to Host Your Crypto Event in Prague

1. Industrial and Cosy Venue For a Crypto Event in Prague

Industrial and Cosy Venue For a Crypto Event in Prague via Eventflare

Our first candidate for your UTXO.22 venue is this industrial and cosy event hub. You’ll be able to host crypto conferences, lectures, workshops, hackathons, workshops and more here.

It’s super cool, contrasting the 20th-century industrial aesthetic against trendy contemporary decor. Thanks to the large vintage latticed framed windows, it’s full of natural light. The brutalist column adds a sense of underground sensibility.

Your guests will also love the modern fixtures such as the neon light fixtures experimental wooden furniture.

It’s great for event planners because it has versatile furniture arrangements. Plus, it has a private bar and offers free parking. You’ll also have excellent sound equipment, high-speed WiFi, and finally, over its 150m2, you’ll have able to accommodate up to 200 guests.

2. Fun and Social Location For a UTXO.22 Event in Prague

Fun and social location for corporate meetings
Fun and Social Location For a UTXO.22 Event in Prague via Eventflare

If you’re looking for a fun and social location for your crypto event in Prague, then this is the spot for you!

It’s especially good for workshops and hackathons because it has spacious open plan lounge areas for breakout sessions or for more intimate hands-on learning experiences.

This location is full of colour and quirky elements, perfect for keeping your guests energised through long sessions. Yes, the style is magnificent, with an array of vintage furnishings and decorations. It’s nostalgic, too, with tall wooden roof pillars, beams, large windows, and marble and wooden flooring.

It’s social, with a private bar and garden. It has quality event equipment, such as a stage and even a piano. You’ll have a total capacity of up to 45 people.

3. Chic and Modern Venue For a Crypto Conference

Chic modern venue with elegant architecture
Chic and Modern Venue For a Crypto Conference Talk via Eventflare

Up next, we have this chic and modern venue. It’s ideal for a dynamic crypto conference or main event hackathons and workshops.

This location is a sophisticated and elegant expression of what architecture can be. It was inspired by the Dutch neo-romanesque architect Hendrik Berlage.

There are towering ceilings and impressive windows that spread across the length of the hall. Your guts will also love the sophisticated mezzanine that is perfect as a mezzanine or as a breakout space.

Capacity-wise, you’ll be able to accommodate up to 150 people over its 160m2 of floor space. Plus, you’ll have superb catering options, versatile furniture, projectors, professional light rigging, sound equipment, and excellent WiFi.

4. Industrial Event Space For a UTXO Event in Prague

Industrial Event Space For a UTXO Event in Prague via Eventflare

Our final suggestion for your crypto conference is this industrial event space. It’s a blank canvas venue where you can really build an event in your image.

Thanks to its stripped-down brutalist aesthetic, there’s a dramatic and imposing aura, making it ideal for crypto events in Prague with purpose.

Your guests will be impressed by the thick grey columns and nostalgic industrial style. It’s full of natural light too, thanks to the large windows. You’ll have an impressive 400m2 to work with here, with a total capacity of 600 people. Plus, the venue offers free parking, a first-class sound system, and high-speed WiFi.

How to Attract Sponsorship For Your Crypto Conference

It’s crucial that you know how to get sponsors for your event. Thankfully, crypto conferences are attractive prospects for sponsors.

You should definitely explore crowdfunding options for your crypto event in Prague. We recommend Gitcoin – a streamlined process that allows you to showcase your project to prospective funders.

And another option entirely is to get in experts to bring in sponsorship for you. We would recommend a specialist event sponsorship agency like TOP.

For further information on how to raise money for your UTXO.22 event, make sure to read our 4 tips for growing your event sponsorship revenue.

How to Market Your UTXO.22

The first step in marketing your crypto event in Prague is registering your event on the calendar of all the major crypto and blockchain platforms. It’s free and easy to do, and it puts your events name where people are actively looking for it. For starters, get your crypto conference registered on these sites.

Telegram marketing is a crucial element in crypto marketing. So if you’re planning a crypto event in Prague, make sure to join the UTXO.22 Telegram and UTXO.22 Discord chats. There you can advertise your UTXO.22 events directly.

You always have the option of getting help from experts. If that’s something you’re interested in, then we recommend using a blockchain marketing specialist like BountyHive. It’s a service that will not only create unique content for you, but they get it put on the biggest and best blockchain platforms for all to see.

And to learn more about the world of marketing in general, check out these expert guides we made earlier:

Wrapping up

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article on how to host a side event at UTXO.22. If you want to see more of our Venues in Prague, just follow this link.

And to learn more on How to host a blockchain conference check out this ultimate guide we made earlier.

Now all that’s left to say is that we hope to see you in Prague!

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