Singapore’s Top Outdoor After-Work Venues for Team Parties, Large or Small

by Akshayaa RaniM,  14 June 2024
by Akshayaa Rani M, 14 June 2024
Singapore’s Top Outdoor After-Work Venues for Team Parties, Large or Small

In a city where the weather is always in vacation mode, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the tropical climate. So, if you're planning an after-work event in Singapore, outdoor venues are all the rage.

This city-state at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula may be an island, but tropical weather aside, Singapore has all the development and amenities of a major city. This means you can do business here and party at some of the most beautifully designed outdoor after-work venues.

Imagine unwinding in lush green spaces that blend perfectly with the city's modern skyline. The tropical climate makes every evening feel like a mini holiday, with warm breezes and starry skies providing the perfect backdrop for relaxation.

These venues are buzzing with energy and offer everything from trendy rooftop bars to tranquil waterfront spots. Whether you're sipping a craft cocktail or enjoying delicious street food, the vibrant atmosphere ensures a perfect blend of fun and sophistication.

So, whatever the size of your party, Singapore will not disappoint. Let’s explore some of Singapore’s top outdoor after-work venues for team parties, large or small.

1. A Rooftop Team Celebration Space Surrounded by Landmarks

A rooftop team celebration space in Singapore surrounded by landmarks via Eventflare.jpg
A rooftop team celebration space in Singapore surrounded by landmarks via Eventflare

For a truly Singaporean experience, this rooftop team celebration space surrounded by landmarks, ticks all the right boxes with both ambience and hospitality.

This contemporary outdoor venue is close to the city centre, a short stroll from the iconic Tiong Bahru Market and the charming Tiong Bahru Park. This means that it is surrounded by a delightful mix of modern and historic landmarks, and the views from up here are also quite spectacular.

The venue features a chic, contemporary Asian design that effortlessly blends modern aesthetics with traditional elements. With its rooftop setting, guests can enjoy a refreshing open-air experience, complete with cosy seating areas, lush greenery and twinkling fairy lights.

If you ask, they can also arrange live music performances to set the mood for a lovely evening.

Aside from the ambience, the food and drinks make this wallet-friendly venue in Singapore stand out. The cocktails here are like nothing you've ever tasted, with signature concoctions such as Road to Ultra, Rustic Sky, Princess Lotus, Billion $ and Tipsy Pig, each designed to excite, tease and satisfy.

Perfect for various after-work events, from cocktail parties and networking mixers to corporate celebrations and after-work gatherings, the venue's flexible space can accommodate casual mingling and more structured setups. Its versatility makes it a top choice for any occasion, whether you're planning an intimate get-together or a grand celebration.

With a capacity of 100, this venue offers a range of amenities to ensure your event runs smoothly, including air-conditioning, a bar, comfortable chairs, tableware and utensils, stylish furniture, WiFi, lighting equipment, a kitchen, and a rooftop area.

2. An Outdoor Team Party Venue With a Lush Garden

An outdoor team party venue in Singapore with a lush garden via Eventflare.png
An outdoor team party venue in Singapore with a lush garden via Eventflare

This outdoor team party venue in Singapore with a lush garden is proof that you can’t expect anything less than stunning from the city home to the man-made cloud forest.

This rooftop bar is a slice of paradise, a lush oasis in Singapore's bustling cityscape. With panoramic views of the city skyline, this after-work venue is a place where sophistication meets serenity, creating the perfect atmosphere for an outdoor team party.

Just a short walk from the Singapore City Gallery and China Heritage City Centre, this space boasts a cosy indoor pavilion, a stunning deck and an enchanting garden, all designed to offer guests a serene yet convenient escape within the city.

Whether you're planning an after-work mixer, cocktail party or corporate gathering, this rooftop bar has it all. With a capacity of 300 guests, it's ideal for networking events and social gatherings.

Amenities include air-conditioning, stylish furniture, janitorial service, a well-equipped kitchen, and plenty of natural light.

3. A Unique Bali-Inspired Event Venue With an Outdoor Celebration Area

A unique Bali-inspired event venue in Singapore with an outdoor celebration area via Eventflare.jpg
A unique Bali-inspired event venue in Singapore with an outdoor celebration area via Eventflare

You don’t really need another tropical escape when you’re in Singapore, but this city knows how to go the extra mile, especially with its venues!

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and make your guests feel like they've landed on Bali's sun-drenched beaches at this unique Bali-inspired venue with an outdoor celebration area that’s perfect for corporate parties.

This venue is a visual treat with thatched straw ceilings, chic Balinese decor, and a vibrant outdoor terrace. It's all about relaxation and fun, with a full bar and stylish furnishings creating a villa-like atmosphere.

Located just a short walk from the colourful Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, this rooftop spot is easily accessible yet feels worlds away.

Spice up your evening with karaoke, table tennis, and table football for an after-work party that goes beyond the usual drinks and dancing.

The venue can accommodate up to 60 guests and is packed with great amenities: air-conditioning, a well-stocked bar, comfortable furniture, a cleaning service, and high-speed WiFi, creating a perfect setting for an after-work party, whatever your group size.

4. A Rooftop Event Space With Iconic Cityscape Views

A rooftop event space in Singapore with iconic cityscape views via Eventflare.png
A rooftop event space in Singapore with iconic cityscape views via Eventflare

Singapore’s glittering skyline is unmissable, so why not make it the backdrop for your after-work party in the city? Host your next after-work event in Singapore at this rooftop event space with iconic cityscape views and watch the magic happen!

Located in the heart of Singapore's CBD, this venue combines sleek, modern design with a warm and inviting ambience. The wooden floors add a cosy charm, while the open-air layout provides a refreshing breeze and a lively atmosphere, making it ideal for mingling and networking.

With unparalleled views of the city skyline, you'll feel Singapore's sophisticated and energetic pulse.

From a cocktail party to a seated dinner, this venue can accommodate a variety of configurations. With a standing capacity of 300 and dining for 168, it's spacious and versatile. Amenities include air conditioning for comfort, a fully stocked bar, and reliable WiFi to keep everyone connected.

There's also an AV technician on hand with a projector, microphones, and sound equipment ready for use. The tables and chairs are perfectly arranged, and the attentive staff are always there to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The stunning views and stylish surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for any event, making it both memorable and impressive.

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5. A Chic Bar With an Outdoor Space for Team Parties

A chic bar with an outdoor space for team parties in Singapore via Eventflare.png
A chic bar with an outdoor space for team parties in Singapore via Eventflare

If bars are more your style for after-work events, this chic bar with an outdoor space for team parties offers the best of both worlds: indoor and outdoor seating.

Conveniently located near Raffles Place MRT, this venue is easily accessible by various MRT lines and buses, but it's not just a convenient location.

Singapore is known for its unpredictable weather, and this venue is prepared for any sudden downpours, with both indoor and outdoor spaces for corporate events.

The indoor space features sleek wooden floors and stylish decor, creating a modern and inviting atmosphere. There's also plenty of natural light, framed artwork, and lush plants decorating the space.

The outdoor area is equally beautiful, with gorgeous greenery and a deck-like appearance that creates a casual and tropical vibe.

Ideal for after-work mixers, cocktail parties and networking events, this versatile space can accommodate up to 75 guests standing or 60 seated.

The venue is equipped with amenities such as air-conditioning, a bar, comfortable furniture, cleaning services, music equipment, WiFi, and a kitchen to ensure a seamless event experience.

Wrapping Up

We've come to the end of our curated list of the best outdoor after-work venues in Singapore for team parties. We hope you found what you were looking for, but if you didn't, don't worry! There are plenty of other event venues in Singapore to explore.

And if you do decide to give your team another team bonding experience, check out these unique team-building activities and experiences in Singapore.

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