The Best Areas in Stockholm for Hosting Events

17 March 2021
17 March 2021
The Best Areas in Stockholm for Hosting Events

Birger Jarl was onto something special when he founded the city of Stockholm in 1252.

From music and food to interior design, its best exports are daily staples. What’s stopping you from going to the source and seeing it all?

This article will take you on a tour of the best areas in Stockholm for corporate events. You will also discover some recommendations for the best event venues in each area.

All that’s left to do is to write a list of things to pack. On you go!


Our first neighbourhood in Stockholm is Östermalm (Eastern City-Borough). It is just to the North-East of the city’s historical centre, Gamla Stan. This is an area for those with a penchant for luxury.

The biggest pulls are the spacious parks and the many museums; the Östermalm Market Hall is an essential visit. To make the trip authentic, you can always try the reindeer.

After a long day of work, you can party hard in the Stureplan nightclub district. Alternatively, you could indulge in the many shops and restaurants in the area. Or maybe both? Why not?

Where to Host an Event in Östermalm

Trendy and Cosy Venue for Private Dining
Trendy and Cosy Venue for Private Dining via Eventflare

Check out this trendy and cosy venue for private dining in Östermalm.

It’s a cool venue defined by elegant lines, right angles and smooth dark tones.

The venue has a floor space of 150m2 and can accommodate up to 150 people in a standing event and 64 in a private dining event.


Vasastan translates to Stone City, a nickname earned from its fabulous architecture. An event here will benefit from a unique vibe thanks to its homely, neighbourhood feeling.

Booking your event here is to see life through the eyes of a local. Vasastan is different from its fellow areas of Stockholm, with wider streets and neo-renaissance style architecture.

It won’t take long to figure out why the locals love it when you see all the boutiques, parks, and cafes.

Where to Host an Event in Vasastan

If you’re in Vasastan, we can’t recommend this chic venue for business encounters enough.

The discerning visitor will notice the Cartoon-Americana ornaments in the shape of spaceships and cactus trees. Plus, the thick red carpet and pink chairs amplify the chic atmosphere.

Moreover, the room is equipped with an excellent WiFi connection, a projector and a speaker. Capacity wise, this meeting room can host up to 12 people in a boardroom setup.


Södermalm translates to Southern Island. Of all the neighbourhoods in Stockholm, this is where the locals like to spend the weekend – and for good reason too! The City Museum, Tantolunden Park and Långholmen Island are all here.

Moreover, the island will offer you luxury boutique hotels, nice apartments, superb restaurants, cafes, bars, art galleries, and offbeat shops.

And if you want to join the in-crowd, head to Hornstull. It’s a meeting ground for the city’s hippest crowd. So, if you want to host an event in that vein, get yourself here! It’s worth the trip for the free spirit and independent cafes, markets, bars, clubs and gig venues.

Where to Host an Event in Södermalm

Classy Restaurant with a Minimalist Touch
Classy Restaurant with a Minimalist Touch via Eventflare

This classy restaurant grabs your attention. The design is simple but powerful, with features like an indoor tree, checkered flooring, frosted glass partitions, and slender black chairs.

There are seating areas on different floors for having heart-to-heart conversations, a breath of fresh air, exploring, or just witnessing the party from afar.

The food is for occasions, and their menu takes inspiration from all over the world. They have a range of menus and concepts for you to choose from, so there’s something for everyone.

After you’ve had a great meal, this venue can transform into a party venue. You can choose from a DJ, band, or maybe just put on a trusty and floor-shaking Spotify playlist? If you need help with that, check out our guide to making the perfect party playlist.

Capacity wise, it holds a maximum of 150 seated guests and 300 standing guests. Plus, they’re happy to stay open until 1 am!


Djurgården is your idyllic Swedish retreat. It’s an island of pure wholesomeness, a little away from the city centre.

It offers nature for walking and picnicking, plus lots of museums. The ABBA Museum, Skansen, Vasa Warship and the Nordic Museum are all within striking distance.

You can get to the city very quickly by either ferry or tram, so it’s the best of both worlds!

Where to Stay in Djurgården

Diplomat Hotel for staying in the best areas of Stockholm
Diplomat Hotel via Facebook

The Diplomat Hotel has two huge selling points: it’s an Art Nouveau masterpiece, and it has supreme views over the Nybroviken waterfront.

The restaurant and bar are real treats. It’s popular with tourists and locals alike, so you know it’s not tired old hotel food. Their big windows allow you to watch the harbour lazily while you eat and drink.

The rooms are in true Scandinavian style: simple and bright. There are over 130 to choose from, ranging in size, price and style.

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite for fine hotels, it would be rude of us not to indulge that hunger. Without further ado, please enjoy this guide to our favourite hotels in Stockholm.

Gamla Stan 

Gamla Stan translates to the Old Town. And that’s precisely what it is. This area in Stockholm is ground zero, the very beginning of the city’s story. If you like living in history, here you go – it’s a medieval wonder!

It’s more central than the centre, with the parliament and the Royal Palace right before you. If you’re lucky, you’ll be there in time for the Christmas markets. Otherwise, you’ve still got kick-ass museums, colourful churches, and magical cobbled streets. Best of all, everything can be visited on foot.

The street pattern is classically medieval: all over the place, with no sense of order. But that just makes it all the more charming.

Where to Host an Event in Gamla Stan

Gamla Riksarkivet for events in the best areas of Stockholm
Gamla Riksarkivet via gamlariksarkivet

What’s refreshing about Gamla Riksarkivet is the low ceilings, which invoke an intimate atmosphere.

Plush velvet armchairs go splendidly with the classy bookshelves; so do the Turkish rugs and the hand-carved wall ornaments. And who could say no to a wine balcony?

It can accommodate 50 people for a standing event and 40 people for a seated event. It’s all wheelchair accessible too so that everyone can enjoy the balcony.


Norrmalm is the city centre of this atypical city layout. It’s Gamla Stans northern neighbour. The Central station is here, and all of the metro lines converge at this point. Which means all the areas of Stockholm are accessible, and it’s easy to get to the airport.

Hotels are marginally more expensive here due to their central location. But, you get what you pay for. And what you’ll get are some of the city’s best landmarks on your doorstep: the Royal Opera House, the National Museum of Sweden, Oceanbus and the Centre for Culture.

If you’re planning a short stay, Norrmalm could be your best option to get to know the city in a hurry.

Where to Host an Event in Norrmalm

Spacious Venue with Views for a Showcase Event in the best areas of Stockholm
Spacious Venue with Views for a Showcase Event via Eventflare

Enjoy views of central Norrmalm from this 17th-floor venue. It’s a 60m2 space that piles on the style. You could host an elegant party amongst its minimal furniture and hue of cool blues and purples.

It’s the ideal location for a mingle or showcase event with groups from 20 to 50 people. The venue can also arrange catering, bartenders and a WiFi connection.

Wrapping up

We hope you’ve enjoyed and learned some cool stuff in this article about the areas in Stockholm. Now, about that packing list. Make sure you check the weather before you put pen to paper and items in bags!

One last and important issue needs attention. Parties. After a successful event, you deserve to celebrate. To that end, we present this handy guide that will show you the best places in Stockholm to host your company party.

Featured image: Gamla Riksarkivet via gamlariksarkivet

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