Top Tips for Taking Your Side Event at Devconnect to the Next Level

by Micaela Navarro, 08 August 2023
by Micaela Navarro,  08 August 2023
Top Tips for Taking Your Side Event at Devconnect to the Next Level

Hey there, Devconnect enthusiasts! Are you gearing up to host a fantastic side event at Devconnect? Well, we've got you covered!

In this article, we'll spill the beans on the top tips to take your side event to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned event organiser or a first-timer, get ready to create an unforgettable experience that'll have everyone talking.

So let's dive in and make your side event shine at Devconnect 2023!

1. Choose an Amazing Devconnect Venue

Alright, let's talk about the perfect Devconnect venue!

First things first, location is key! Look for a spot that's easy to get to, with good transport links, and maybe even some parking options. You want attendees to breeze in, not get lost in a maze.

Size matters too! The venue should be just right – not too cramped or too cavernous. You want enough space for networking and interactive activities without feeling like you're in a football stadium.

Tech-savvy is the way to go! A good Devconnect venue should have solid Wi-Fi and tech support. You can't have devs without their gadgets, right?

And finally, the vibe! The venue's atmosphere should match the event's tone. You're hosting a fun and innovative Devconnect, so go for a modern and inspiring space that gets people excited to geek out!

2. Choosing the Right Speaker for Devconnect Istanbul

Of course, you need to invite some interesting people to come and speak at your side event. Here are our three top rules for choosing the right one.

  • Do your homework: Industry surveys reveal that a whopping 74% of event attendees consider the presence of renowned speakers as a key factor in their decision to attend. So, aim high and bring in those influential figures!
  • Get interactive: Networking is gold, and attendees know it! A study found that 83% of event participants value networking opportunities, especially when they can interact with speakers directly. So, plan those interactive sessions and watch the connections bloom!
  • Match the theme: Attendee feedback speaks volumes – 92% of them believe that the expertise and relevance of speakers significantly impact their event experience. That means matching your speakers to your audience and the theme is a must-do for a successful event.

*That being said, you can always get one of our local experts to create a list of candidates for you if you’re busy. It’s no problem, honestly!

3. Top Entertainment for Your Devconnect Event

All work and no play make for bored guests. So make sure you provide some top-tier and bespoke entertainment. Such as…

  • Traditional Turkish Music & Dance
  • Bosphorus Cruise
  • Ottoman Themed Event
  • Rooftop Parties
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Live Music Concerts
  • Cultural Festivals

N.B. If you want a more comprehensive guide to exclusive entertainment activities in Istanbul for your Devconnect guests this is your ultimate guide right here.

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4. Offer Unique Swag at your Devconnect Conference

Everyone loves a freebie. It makes your guests happy, and if they carry around your stuff it’s free advertising, right? So here are some creative and unique ideas for Devconnect event swag:

  • Engraved Wooden Tech Accessories: Offer personalized wooden tech accessories like phone stands, laptop stands, or USB drives. Engrave each item with the attendee's name or a special message.
  • Coding-Themed Apparel: Design and print t-shirts, hoodies, or hats with clever coding-related phrases, jokes, or illustrations. Developers will love wearing these items proudly.
  • Tech Journal & Pen Set: Provide attendees with a high-quality tech-themed journal and a branded pen. It's a practical gift that developers can use to jot down notes and ideas during the event.
  • Socks with Programming Symbols: Create fun and quirky socks featuring programming symbols, code snippets, or technology-related designs. They'll add a playful touch to developers' attire.
  • Miniature Desk Plants: Gift attendees with mini potted plants that can sit on their desks. Choose low-maintenance plants like succulents or air plants, and add a tag with a coding joke.
  • Customizable Stickers: Provide a variety of stickers with tech-related themes, programming languages, and designs. Allow attendees to customize their swag by choosing their favourite stickers.
  • Build-Your-Own Robot Kit: Delight developers with a DIY robot-building kit. Include all the necessary components and instructions to create a small, programmable robot.
  • VR Headset Cardboard Kits: Create foldable cardboard VR headset kits branded with your event logo. Attendees can assemble them and use their smartphones for a VR experience.
  • Tech-themed Board Games: Provide board games with tech themes or coding challenges that developers can enjoy during their leisure time.

P.S. You can find much more unique ideas for branded event merchandise here.

5. How to get Serious Sponsorship for Devonnect 2023

All event planners need to know how to get sponsors for their events and Ethereum events are no different.

The easiest way to get this done is to just ask one of our local experts. Their local knowledge of the Ethereum world and Istanbul business scene will come in handy!

We also love Gitcoin - a streamlined process that allows you to showcase your project to prospective funders.

For further information on how to raise money, make sure to read our 4 tips for growing your event sponsorship revenue.

6. Attending the hottest Istanbul Clubs

Istanbul has a vibrant nightlife scene, with several exclusive clubs that offer unique experiences and premium entertainment. Here are some of our favourites you need to take your attendees to:

  • Reina: Ah, Reina! It's one of the most famous and upscale clubs in Istanbul, located along the Bosphorus. The stunning waterfront view, luxurious ambience, and high-energy music make it a favourite among celebrities and the elite.
  • Supperclub Istanbul: Imagine a club where art, music, and fine dining collide. Supperclub offers a surreal experience with its unique "bed dining" concept and artistic performances. It's a playground for Istanbul's creative souls.
  • Blackk: If you're into electronic dance music, Blackk is the place for you. It's a top-notch nightclub with state-of-the-art sound systems and internationally renowned DJs spinning the hottest tracks.
  • Lucca: More than just a club, Lucca is a sophisticated venue with a restaurant, lounge, and dance floor. The trendy atmosphere and top-notch service attract Istanbul's trendsetters.
  • 360 Istanbul: As the name suggests, 360 offers a 360-degree view of the city from its rooftop terrace. It's a great spot for both daytime and nighttime parties, offering stunning vistas of Istanbul's skyline.
  • Monks Social Club: This members-only club exudes exclusivity and elegance. With its premium cocktails and refined atmosphere, Monks Social Club caters to Istanbul's discerning crowd.

Wrapping up

So, we hope you’ve enjoyed our top tips for hosting a business event in Istanbul. Make sure to check out the rest of our Event venues in Istanbul, and here’s our ultimate guide on How to host a Blockchain conference if you want to brush up your game!

Have fun and, we’ll see you soon in Istanbul!

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