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Book Conference Venues in Brussels
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    Guide to hosting conference events in Brussels

    Hey there! Welcome to our guide to hosting a conference in Brussels that brings you a treasure trove of information on event venues with world-class facilities that cater to conferences of all sizes, their costings, catering services, and networking opportunities. And, just in case you’d like some more interesting details, check in with one of our local experts who are just a click away.

    1) Choosing the Right Conference Room for you in Brussels

    One thing is for sure, you are going to be spoilt for choices when it comes to conference rooms in Brussels. Just so you know, the city is home to a diverse range of conference venues that cater to various styles and preferences. So, let's get you started with some extremely loved styles of conference venues:

    1. Historic Elegance: Since the city has a rich history, why not host your conference in one of Brussels's many historic venues like palaces, castles, and old mansions that have been repurposed as conference spaces? These venues give out a charm that reflects elegance, creating a unique setting that blends tradition with modern functionality. 

    2. Modern Minimalist: If you're looking for stylish conference spaces, the city also provides options that are modern and simple in design. These conference rooms showcase smooth and up-to-date looks. 

    Plus, the tidy and uncomplicated environment gives you the freedom to let your creativity flow. It also helps you concentrate better and work efficiently, which paves the way for successful outcomes.

    3. Industrial Chic: Elevate your conferences in Brussels by choosing awesome industrial-themed venues that add a trendy touch to your conference. These spaces are found in revamped warehouses and chic lofts, and they feature a blend of urban energy with modern comfort. 

    With brick walls, high ceilings, and open layouts, you can create a space that's both stylish and versatile. Whether you're aiming to boost creativity, and teamwork, or simply seeking a unique atmosphere, these industrial conference venues in Brussels offer the perfect setting for your ideas to come alive.

    4. Artistic Flair: Brussels, being a city filled with history and a mix of cultures, offers a variety of conference rooms in different architectural styles. From the elegance of Art Nouveau and Neoclassical designs to the distinct Brussels Renaissance style with a touch of Gothic influence, each of these architectural styles gives the conference rooms in Brussels their own special charm.

    5. Sustainable Oasis: In Brussels, you'll discover conference rooms that share your concern for the planet. These places are designed to be environmentally friendly while also sparking your conference attendee’s creative thinking. 

    They use energy-saving lights, incorporate recycled materials, and offer you an eco-conscious environment for your conference. These venues create a wonderful atmosphere for learning and practising kindness to nature.

    2) How Much Does a Conference Space in Brussels Cost?

    The price of renting a conference space in Brussels can be different for a few reasons. These reasons include how big the room is, how many people it can hold, how long you want to use it, what services are included, where it's located in the city, and the reputation of the venue.

    Here are price comparisons of conference spaces in Brussels:

    • Small Conference Rooms: The cost for small conference venues with basic facilities starts from €100 and goes up to €300 per day.
    • Medium-Sized Conference Room: Medium-sized conference rooms with standard AV equipment can range from €300 to €800 per day.
    • Large Conference Venues: Larger conference venues that come with advanced AV technology, spacious seating, and catering services can cost anywhere from €800 and go up to several thousand euros per day. 

    Additional Costs to Consider

    • Audio-Visual Equipment Rental: Expect precise to range from  €50 to €800 per day.
    • Catering: For a working lunch you can expect to pay anywhere from €15 to €30 per person. For formal dining, prices range from €40 to €100 per person.
    • Staff & Services: According to the services and the number of staff you require prices may vary. But on average prices range from  € 15 to €500 per hour.
    • Marketing and Promotion
    • Transportation and Accommodation
    • Insurance

    3) The Best Areas for Hosting a Conference in Brussels

    You can find several prime areas that are well-suited for hosting your upcoming conference in Brussels. Wanna know why? Well, these areas have great accessibility when it comes to top-notch amenities, there are no complaints, and the overall atmosphere of these areas is simply sublime. Check out the following areas we’ve handpicked just for you:

    1. The European District is home to the main institutions of the European Union. This makes it a hub for hosting international conferences. This area features modern infrastructure, a tonne of conference centres, and close proximity to great hotels for accommodation.

    2. Ixelles is a district that comes with an artistic flair. With trendy cafes and unique event spaces, it is a great choice for hosting a creative and innovative conference in Brussels.

    3. Avenue Louise is known to be an upscale area. Lined with luxury hotels, boutiques, and conference venues, it makes an excellent choice to host high-profile conferences, seminars, and other corporate events.

    4. Sablon is an area that reflects a historic vibe. With its antique shops, art galleries, and historic architecture, it is the perfect location for hosting intimate conferences with a flair of sophistication.

    5. Louise- Stephanie is very close to Avenue Louise. This area is a hub for business and commerce with an abundance of hotels with meeting facilities, which makes it perfect for hosting a range of corporate events and conferences. 

    4) The Best Catering for Your Conference Space in Brussels

    When planning your Brussels conference, we recommend that you team up with experienced event caterers who can give your conference attendees a magnificent culinary experience at your conference room for hire in Brussels. So, without further ado, here's a selection of event caterers in Brussels that you might want to explore:

    1. Rogue Tomate: If you’re planning to bring a health-conscious touch to your upcoming conference then look no further than Rogue Tomate. They specialize in providing ingenious catering options that not only promote well-being but also celebrate the freshness and inventiveness of cuisine.

    2. Le Tournant Catering: Now, if you aim to offer your conference attendees a uniquely artistic culinary journey, then Le Tournant Catering is your ideal choice. Known for their dedication to culinary mastery, they take immense pride in their use of premium ingredients and meticulous attention to every detail.

    They will also provide you with trained staff to take care of all the catering necessities at your conference space for hire.

    3. Maison Dandoy: Known for their delectable Belgian waffles and exquisite pastries, this event catering enterprise ensures a delightful treat for your attendees. If you're seeking delicious indulgences to spoil your guests, Madison Dandoy is your answer, infusing your event with a distinct essence of local flavours.

    4. Le Châtelain Boutique Hotel: They are a luxury hotel that offers catering services for different types of corporate meetings and events. They focus on providing high-quality cuisines and attentive service, ensuring that your conference attendees will have a flavourful conference experience.

    5. Bouchéry: This event caterer is located in Uccle outside the heart of Brussels. They offer a blend of contemporary and traditional Belgian flavours that will keep your five senses alert. 

    5) Amazing Breakout Ideas for Your Conference Venue in Brussels

    Indulge your conference attendees in some fun activities that will both refresh them and help them bond. We’ve put together some amazing breakout ideas for you to try at your conference venue in Brussels, so enjoy.

    • Culinary Exploration: Give your attendees a unique culinary experience by arranging for a chocolate or beer-tasting session. Apart from it being fun, you’ll also be showcasing some of Belgium's finest culinary delights.
    • Themed Escape Rooms: Challenge your conference attendees with problem-solving skills at themed escape rooms that weave in elements of Brussels' history and culture. This could be a good way to take your attendees on a fun adventure outside your conference room.
    • Team-Building Activities: Energise your conference attendees with team-building activities during your breaks. You can experiment with icebreakers, swift problem-solving tasks, and Brussels-themed trivia to foster engagement and camaraderie.
    • Networking Breaks: Organise a themed break that encourages networking in a relaxed setting, such as a "Meet the Experts" or a "Startup Showcase".

    6) After-Work Ideas for Conferences in Brussels

    Once your conference comes to a successful end, it's time to uplift spirits and revel in your accomplishment. So, why not step out for a leisurely drink or other fun after-work activities the city has to offer? 

    • Grand Place Illumination: Take your conference attendees to visit the stunning Grand Place, especially when it's beautifully illuminated in the evening. Let them enjoy a leisurely stroll while checking out the city’s mesmerising architecture and soaking in the atmosphere.  
    • Wine and Dine: Get your attendees to explore Brussels' diverse culinary scene by dining at local restaurants or trying Belgian specialities like waffles, chocolates, and Belgian fries.
    • Belgian Beer Tasting: Indulge your attendees to a variety of Belgian beers at traditional pubs or trendy beer bars. Belgian beer is known worldwide for its quality and variety.
    • Nightlife: Experience Brussels' vibrant nightlife with your conference attendees by visiting the city’s famous bars, clubs, and music venues. We’ve got you sorted with the best cocktail bars in Brussels that are perfect for your after-work scene.
    • Art Galleries and Museums: Allow your attendees to explore art galleries and museums in the city that often have extended opening hours on certain days. 

    Wrapping Up

    Alas! We’ve come to the end of our guide to hosting a conference in Brussels. We’ve shared with you everything you need to know to host your upcoming conference. Here’s some more hot advice for hosting a business event in Brussels.

    Also, don’t forget to check out our entire list of conference rooms in Brussels for our up-to-date collection.

    A Guide to Hosting a Conference in Brussels

    FAQ about Brussels Conference Venues

    What is the best time of the year to book a conference space in Brussels?

    Every season in Brussels has its special appeal. So, choosing when to have your conference here can be a bit tricky. But it all boils down to things like the kind of conference you're planning and what kind of experience you want your attendees to experience.  

    If your event is outdoors, we recommend the Springtime which is from March to May, or the Summertime from June to August. During these times, the weather is great, and you can make the most of it.  But if your event is indoors, any time of the year is good.

    Is there support to help achieve sustainability at my conference in Brussels?

    Definitely! You can always get help to make your conference in Brussels more eco-friendly. The city really cares about taking care of the environment, and they have many things in place to help event planners like you make your conferences more sustainable and kind to the planet.

    What’s the average cost of hosting a conference in Brussels?

    Prices can change a lot depending on things like how big your conference is, where it's happening, its duration, and amenities included. A medium-sized conference space in Brussels costs around €300 to €800 per day. This usually includes the space, basic AV equipment, and basic things you need. 

    But remember, you also need to keep aside a budget for catering, marketing, and other things that are required for your conference to run smoothly. So, it's good to make an overall budget with all your conference expenses. 

    How can I secure local sponsorship for my conference in Brussels?

    To get local sponsors in Brussels, use the strong local businesses. Find possible sponsors from nearby big companies, new businesses, and groups that connect with your conference topic.  

    After that, all you need to do is create a customised sponsorship proposal that shows them what they'll get from supporting you – like their name being seen, chances to meet people, and reaching your target audience. You could also make friends at events and business meetings to talk about your conference and see if they want to team up.

    What are the popular platforms for conference ticketing in Brussels?

    To make it easy for people to sign up and get tickets for your conference, try using websites like Eventbrite, Billetto, and Cvent. These sites are easy to use. People can sign up, buy tickets, and get digital proof that they're in. 

    These sites also have tools to help you manage your event, and you can connect them with your marketing and see how many people are interested.

    How can my attendees get to my conference venues in Brussels?

    People coming to the conference in Amsterdam have different ways to get there: 

    • Public Transportation: Your attendees can use trains, trams, buses, and the metro. There's a website and apps that can help them figure out the best way and buy tickets.  
    • Biking: Lots of people ride bikes. Your attendees can rent one or use bike-sharing places like Villo and LimeBike. There are special lanes for bikes so your attendees don't have to feel overwhelmed while travelling.  
    • Taxis/Ride-Sharing: Your attendees can also take a taxi or use apps like Uber or Bolt to quickly get to your conference venue in Brussels.
    What language considerations should I make for my conference in Brussels?

    In Brussels, lots of people know and use English. You can use English for everything at your conference – talking, showing things, and giving out info. This helps everyone understand each other and take part in the conference without any problems.

    However, it would be a thoughtful gesture to familiarise yourself with a handful of fundamental phrases in Dutch and French as it demonstrates consideration for the local customs.

    What are some helpful apps to download while in Brussels?

    Here’s a list of some helpful apps to download while visiting Brussels for your conference:

    • STIB/MIVB: This app provides real-time information about Brussels' public transportation system, including metro, tram, and bus schedules.
    • Uber or Bolt: Ride-sharing apps that offer convenient transportation options within the city.
    • Brussels Airports: If you're flying into or out of Brussels, this app provides flight information, terminal maps, and airport services.
    • Citymapper: This app offers detailed transit directions, combining various modes of transport to help you navigate the city effectively.
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