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Book Workshop Spaces in Brussels
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    Guide to hosting workshop events in Brussels

    Welcome event planners! It’s nice to have you with us here. We hear that you are headed to Brussels and planning a workshop. On that note, we’ve put together this guide on hosting workshops in Brussels. It comes packed with insider knowledge to curate amazing workshops that inspire and impart knowledge.

    And, if there is anything that challenges this journey, feel free to connect with one of our local experts who will be happy to help.

    1) Choosing the Right Workshop Room in Brussels for You

    When it comes to choosing the right workshop room in Brussels, remember to keep your workshop’s theme in mind. The city boasts a diverse range of workshop rooms. Be it contemporary conference centres that come with cutting-edge technology or historic spaces that give out an inspirational charm, Brussels has them all.

    To spare you from doing research, we did it for you. Check out these cool styles of workshop venues in Brussels:

    1. Historic Charm: Get a chance to transport your workshop attendees to a bygone era with workshop spaces in Brussels that exude historic charm. These venues come steeped in rich heritage and also offer a captivating backdrop for your workshop. 

    From elegant castles to timeless mansions, every space has a story to tell while offering modern amenities for a seamless workshop experience. So, immerse your workshop attendees in the beauty of history as you gather them in these unique settings that foster an atmosphere of inspiration and creativity that's timeless. 

    2. Industrial Wonder: Uplift your workshop experience in Brussels with industrial-inspired venues, designed to infuse your workshop with a trendy vibe. Set in converted warehouses and chic lofts, these spaces tastefully blend urban aesthetics with modern functionality. 

    With exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and open layouts you will be able to create a setting that's both edgy and versatile.  So, whether you're fostering innovation, collaboration, or simply seeking a unique backdrop, Brussels industrial workshop spaces offer you the perfect canvas for your ideas to transform into reality.

    3. Artistic Allure: Brussels also offers artistic workshop spaces that can unlock the full force of your attendee’s creativity. These venues are more than just spaces, they are like creative canvases on which your workshop ideas bloom to life. 

    The city’s captivating art galleries and cultural hubs can ignite your attendee’s innovation and encourage collaboration. 

    4. Eco-Friendly Oasis: The city is home to many sustainable workshop spaces that align with your eco-friendly values. These venues are thoughtfully designed to minimise environmental impact while maximising creativity. 

    They come with energy-efficient lighting, use recycled materials, and offer you an eco-friendly setting for your workshop. These venues foster a positive atmosphere for both learning and sustainability. 

    5. Modern Chic: Experience the essence of modernity and minimalism in workshop spaces in Brussels. You’ll find that these venues are carefully designed to exude sleek elegance and clean aesthetics, offering a backdrop that lets your content shine. 

    With contemporary design elements, streamlined decor, and uncluttered spaces, you'll find that your workshop attendees will be able to focus and bring out their creative side. These modern and minimalistic workshop rooms in Brussels come with the perfect blend of sophistication and functionality that will elevate your event.

    2) How Much Does A Workshop Space in Brussels Cost?

    Costs of workshop spaces in Brussels depend widely on factors like the type of venue, its location, size, amenities, and duration of use. To give you a chance to compare prices, we’ve put down a few quotations to give you an idea of how much workshop spaces in Brussels cost:

    • Small to Medium-Sized Workshop Rooms: The cost of these rooms is around €50 to €100 per hour. They are perfect for smaller workshops.
    • Medium to Large-Sized Workshop Rooms: Workshop rooms with more space and advanced facilities come within the range of €150 to €300 or more per hour. These venues are well-suited for larger workshops.
    • Specialised Workshop Venues: When it comes to unique workshop venues like art studios, historic spaces, or upscale locations, the prices vary depending on the features and exclusivity they offer.

    Additional Costs to Consider

    • Catering: For a working lunch you can expect to pay anywhere from €15 to €30 per person. And for formal dining, prices range from €40 to €100 per person.
    • Staff & Services: According to the services and the number of staff you require prices may vary. But on average prices range from  €15 to €500 per hour.
    • Audio-Visual Equipment Rental: Expect precise to range from  €50 to €800 per day.
    • Marketing and Promotion
    • Location: Meeting rooms located in the city centre can cost approximately €1500 per day. Whereas, meeting rooms in the suburban area can cost approximately €800 per day.
    • Season and Demand: Seasonality and demand fluctuations can significantly impact the prices of meeting rooms in Brussels. During Spring (High Season) prices for meeting rooms can go up to €3000 per day, and during Winter (Low Season) prices of meeting rooms can be around €1000 per day.

    3) The Best Areas for Hosting a Workshop in Brussels

    We’ve also got you some fantastic areas to host your upcoming workshop in Brussels. These areas have great accessibility, and radiate a delightful atmosphere that boosts your workshop's overall experience. So, take a peek at these areas specially selected for you:

    1. The European District is home to many European institutions and modern conference centres with a global vibe. So, if you’re looking to host a workshop with an international or diplomatic focus this area is perfect.

    2. Ixelles is a vibrant area with a creative vibe. It is home to many cultural spaces, studios, and art galleries that are ideal for hosting a creative workshop. You also have the Flagey Square there, which is a popular hub for event spaces with lively settings.

    3. Louise/Louiza is an area located very close to Avenue Louis. This upscale area is home to tasteful event venues with a sophisticated charm. This area is well-suited for hosting workshops with a touch of luxury.

    4. Saint-Josse-ten-Noode is a centrally located area that is close to major institutions and a combination of modern and historic spaces. Being central, your workshop attendees will find it easy to travel and come from different parts of the city as it is well-connected by public transportation.

    4) The Best Catering for Your Workshop Space in Brussels

    As you get ready for your workshop adventure in Brussels, we have just one wise for you, and that is finding the right event caterer to sprinkle some culinary magic dust at your workshop room for hire in Brussels.

    Be sure to give them the details about your food preferences, dietary restrictions and budget. Keeping that in mind they’ll cook up a menu that’s all about making your workshop attendees’ taste buds dance with joy. So, without any delay, here’s a lineup of event caterers in Brussels that you’ll want to check out:

    1. Rogue Tomate: If you’re planning to bring a health-conscious touch to your upcoming conference then look no further than Rogue Tomate. They specialise in providing ingenious catering options that not only promote well-being but also celebrate the freshness and inventiveness of cuisine.

    2. Le Tournant Catering: Now, if you aim to offer your conference attendees a uniquely artistic culinary journey, then Le Tournant Catering is your ideal choice. Known for their dedication to culinary mastery, they take immense pride in their use of premium ingredients and meticulous attention to every detail.

    They will also provide you with trained staff to take care of all the catering necessities at your conference space for hire.

    3. Brussels Events & Catering: Having established a national reputation for exceptional food, creativity and presentation along with amazing service, Brussels Events & Catering can translate all your wishes into customisable reality.

    They aim to create amazing experiences by providing full-service catering, event planning, and event management services.

    4. Bouchéry: This catering service is located in Uccle, just a short distance from the heart of Brussel., They offer you a blend of contemporary and traditional Belgian flavours that your workshop attendees are just going to relish.

    5. Maison Dandoy:  Known for its Belgian waffles and pastries, this event catering company is your go-to for delightful treats that will spoil your workshop attendees. Madison Dandoy will ensure that your workshop will be infused with a distinctive local taste that reflects all the regional flavours.

    5) Cool Ways to Invigorate Your Workshop Venue in Brussels

    Treat your workshop attendees to enjoyable activities that offer a refreshing break while fostering connections. We've curated a collection of fantastic breakout concepts for you to experiment with at your chosen workshop space for hire. So, go ahead and have a blast!

    1. Mini Workshops: Create an impactful experience for your workshop attendees by organising mini workshops during your breaks. There’s so much to choose from including an art workshop, a workshop of the latest tech, or even a fun beer tasting workshop in Brussels.

    2. Culinary Exploration: Elevate your workshop attendee’s culinary journey by organising a distinctive chocolate or food-tasting event. Not only will it be an enjoyable experience, but you'll also have the opportunity to highlight some of the city's most exquisite gastronomic treasures.

    3. Team-Building Activities: Infuse your workshop attendees with energy through engaging team-building exercises during breaks. Explore icebreakers, quick problem-solving challenges, and Brussels-inspired trivia to enhance interaction and strengthen camaraderie.

    4. Virtual Reality Exploration: You could also integrate virtual reality encounters to transport your workshop attendees to a realm that enriches their learning journey and boosts their involvement.

    5. Wellness Corner: Create serene corners that have cosy seating, calming lighting, and wellness practices such as yoga or meditation. By providing your attendees with a rejuvenating pause for mindfulness, you are allowing them to relax and reflect.

    6. Networking Breaks: Coordinate a themed intermission that promotes relaxed networking, like a "Meet the Experts" session or a "Startup Showcase," creating a conducive environment for building meaningful connections at your workshop room for hire in Brussels.

    7. Themed Escape Rooms: Engage your workshop attendees in problem-solving challenges within themed escape rooms that intricately blend aspects of Brussels' history and culture. This could offer an exciting avenue to lead your attendees on an enjoyable excursion beyond the confines of the workshop room in Brussels.

    Wrapping Up

    And so, we come to the end of our guide hosting a workshop in Brussels. We really hope that you’ve enjoyed our insightful guide. Now, it's time to roll up your sleeves and dive into your workshop preparations.

    But before we go, we’d like to share a little more with you. Discover our entire collection of workshop rooms in Brussels for you to choose from.

    A Guide to Hosting a Workshop in Brussels

    FAQ about Brussels Workshop Spaces

    How much should I expect to budget for when hosting a workshop event in Brussels?

    When outlining your budget for a workshop in Brussels, include expenses like venue rental ( €50-€300/hour), accommodation (€20-€200/night), transportation (€7.50-€20/day for public transport), catering (€20-€50/meal), workshop supplies (€5-€2/person), marketing (€20-€500), and set aside approximately 10% for unexpected costs.

    Also, think about reserving your venues and accommodations ahead of time, look into group pricing options, and keep in mind the possibility of a 21% VAT. Remember, these numbers are estimations and can fluctuate. So, customise your budget to suit your workshop requirements and the prevailing economic circumstances.

    What are some unique after-work ideas to celebrate our workshop session in Brussels?

    Once things are concluded at your workshop room in Brussels, why not host a memorable after-work gathering for your workshop attendees? You can bring everyone together for an incredible evening at one of the best cocktail bars in Brussels.

    Your attendees can relish drinks and network while uncovering exciting new business prospects. With the potential for fruitful connections, seize the moment and transform your workshop into an unforgettable experience.

    How can my attendees get to my workshop venue in Brussels?

    Depending on your workshop's location, personal preferences, and schedule, there are several reliable and budget-friendly public transportation options to choose from.

    Whether your workshop venue is in the heart of the city or on its outskirts, there's a convenient way for your workshop attendees to get around. There’s the metro with four lines covering both downtown and the surrounding areas. Then you’ve got the tram, buses and trains that give your attendees a chance to see the city in a completely different way.

    And would you like to know what the icing on the cake is? Well, the MOBIB smart card grants you an all-access pass, ensuring you and your workshop attendees a smooth journey across these modes of transportation.

    Should I consider language for my workshop in Brussels?

    In Brussels, a significant number of people are fluent in English. This means you can comfortably use English for discussions and conveying information during your workshop, ensuring seamless communication for everyone attending. This removes any language barriers and promotes inclusivity within your workshop. 

    Nevertheless, making the effort to learn a few fundamental phrases in Dutch and French is a considerate gesture that demonstrates your respect for local customs and the community.

    How can I secure sponsorship for my workshop event in Brussels?

    Think about connecting with local businesses, startups, or groups that match your workshop's topic. Explain how working together benefits both sides, like getting more visibility, chances to connect, and supporting the local area.  Make sure your message fits with the industries that do well in Brussels, by matching their values you gain their support.

    For a seamless journey ahead, our all-encompassing manual on how to write an event sponsorship proposal serves as your ultimate guide. Once you've honed your proposal skills, check out all you need to know about how to get sponsors for your event.

    How can I organise registration and ticketing for my workshop session in Brussels?

    Simplify the registration and ticketing process for your workshop session in Brussels by utilising platforms like Eventbrite, Billetto, and Cvent. These user-friendly websites allow your attendees to easily sign up, purchase tickets, and receive digital confirmations.  

    Additionally, these platforms offer event management tools, integration with your marketing efforts, and insights into attendee interest, streamlining the entire event coordination process.

    What are some helpful apps to download while in Brussels?

    Here’s a list of some helpful apps to download while visiting Brussels for your meeting:

    • STIB/MIVB: This app provides real-time information about Brussels' public transportation system, including metro, tram, and bus schedules.
    • Uber or Bolt: Ride-sharing apps that offer convenient transportation options within the city.
    • Brussels Airports: If you're flying into or out of Brussels, this app provides flight information, terminal maps, and airport services.
    • Citymapper: This app offers detailed transit directions, combining various modes of transport to help you navigate the city effectively.
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