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Book Afterwork Venues in Helsinki
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    Guide to hosting afterwork events in Helsinki

    Today’s fast-paced landscape requires event organisers and business owners to customise event experiences to address the distinct interests and needs of event attendees from a niche industry or particular audience.

    Working together gives good co-worker rapport but may not allow employees to develop genuine friendships. Research on workplace* relationships shows that “employees' perceptions of friendship opportunities in the workplace have direct effects on job involvement and job satisfaction.” 

    Happy employees are also 12% more productive, according to another research. You'll have to keep your employees happy to get that uptick in productivity.

    This means that social activities such as after-work events can boost co-worker camaraderie and be an effective investment.

    If you are thinking of hosting an after-work event in Helsinki, you will be in for a good time. After all, Helsinki’s social scene pulsates with life, regardless of the time of the year. Besides, Helsinki’s public transportation system is efficient, safe, convenient, integrated, disabled-friendly, and reliable. This means that you can use the same ticket to travel on all modes of transportation within a specific time frame. 

    You can thus look forward to tons of after-work events in Helsinki. From multiple gourmet restaurants and cafes to a vast array of chill bars, Helsinki has so much to offer if you want to throw an after-work party or event. 

    Live music shows, theatre performances, or even an intimate company bowling night are just some of the ideas you could choose from in Helsinki to celebrate a company anniversary, milestone or holiday and jazz up the fun level among your employees! 

    If you are still deciding what you want or need for an after-work event in Helsinki, ask our experts, who are just a click away!

    1) The Best Areas for After-Work Events in Helsinki

    Helsinki has various districts that are popular for after-work events. Have your pick, depending on your preferences and the type of event you are hosting. Once you have narrowed your target industry or niche down and decided on the type of event you would like to organise, choose an event venue from some popular areas in Helsinki, including: 

    • Kamppi: This area is a central neighbourhood in Helsinki that is famous for its contemporary architecture and shopping malls. You can locate various popular cafes, bars, and restaurants amongst the locals, making this area a superb spot for your after-work events.  
    • Punavuori: This trendy district is home to many bars, cafes, and restaurants, making it a suitable area to relax after a day’s work and catch up with friends or colleagues.
    • Kallio: Home to a variety of popular bars and pubs, this area is a very laid-back neighbourhood and welcomes people to grab a drink and socialise after work.

    2) After-work event Rooms in Helsinki

    After-work event venues or rooms in Helsinki come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the kind of event you wish to host. These after-work event rooms are located in different parts of the city for every crowd size. You can find event rooms with a modern and minimal feel, or even ones bedecked with more ornate décor.

    Furthermore, after-work event rooms in Helsinki are usually well equipped with various amenities like a sound system, projectors, WiFi, and catering services. Some event rooms even have an accompanying bar and kitchen for you to have a more wholesome event. Prices for these event venues vary but are typically worth your buck. From corporate meetings to electrifying social gatherings, Helsinki has you covered. 

    Here are 5 unique event venues in Helsinki for you to choose from.

    3) Caterers for your After-work Event in Helsinki

    Helsinki boasts various professional caterers you can hire for your after-work events. Here are some of our recommendations: 

    • Paivakahvibaari: This caterer is renowned for its delectable coffee and pastries. However,  it also offers a variety of catering options for events, including salads, sandwiches, and sweets, with its premium services evidenced by positive customer reviews on sites like Facebook and Google. 
    • Juuri Catering: Juuri Catering is known to be able to cater for events of all sizes. Furthermore, the company typically concentrates on traditional Finnish fare with locally sourced ingredients, offering customers a range of menu options, including buffet-style options and individual a-la-carte portions.
    • Ravintola Teatteri: While Ravintola Teatteri is a Helsinki-based restaurant, it also provides event catering services. The restaurant’s catering menu includes a variety of dishes, from traditional Finnish cuisine to diverse international delights. 

    4) Going the Extra Mile for your After-work Event in Helsinki

    Host the best after-work event in Helsinki to create a memorable experience for event attendees. With meticulous planning and Finnish touch, make your after-work event the talk of the town. 

    The all-time classic after-work celebration is the black cocktail event. Check out some of our favourite cocktail party venues in Helsinki. Hire a DJ or a live band to enliven the mood at a cocktail party to wow your guests.

    If you are looking for something more cultural, Helsinki’s phenomenal arts and cultural scene means plenty of venues hosting live music and theatre performances. Unlock the inner foodies of your event attendees by leveraging Helsinki’s diverse food scene and going on a food tour, exploring restaurants and dishing out traditional Finnish cuisine with an international flair! 

    Remember to capture the highlights of your wonderful after-work event in Helsinki by hiring a professional photographer or videographer. Learn more about our 5 favourite event videographers in Helsinki for your successful after-work event to go down the annals of history!

    Guide to Hosting an After-Work Event in Helsinki

    FAQ about Helsinki Afterwork Venues

    How much does an After-work Venue in Helsinki cost?

    The cost of an after-work event venue in Helsinki would vary, depending on the type of venue you choose, its location, and the amenities provided. Although some venues may offer free entry, others may require a cover charge or admission fee.

    On average, a small space can cost around 50-100 euros per hour, while large spaces could cost several thousand euros for an evening. If you need a concrete price quote for budgeting purposes, ask one of our local experts who are always happy to help.

    What are the cancellation policies for After-work Venues in Helsinki?

    Cancellation policies for after-work venues in Helsinki depend on the venue. When booking,  carefully read all terms and conditions and take note of any cancellation policies or fees. If you do have to cancel for some reason, try to do so as soon as possible to get a higher refund.

    How can I hire an After-work Venue in Helsinki?

    All you have to do is check out our after-work venues and request the necessary details. One of our city experts will get back to you with the latest prices and availability. 

    How can I ensure that my after-work event in Helsinki is accessible to all my attendees?

    While hosting your after-work event in Helsinki, be mindful of the event’s accessibility for your attendees to create a welcoming atmosphere. Simple things go a long way.

    When choosing a venue, select one that is wheelchair accessible and has accessible entrances and exits. Take note of event attendees’ possible dietary restrictions and offer a variety of food options that accommodate those needs. Additionally, your attendees’ sensory preferences are also important for everyone to enjoy your after-work event as much as possible. Thus, if attendees do not like loud music, you would not want to have your event at a nightclub with blasting music.

    What help can I get to organise my After-work Event in Helsinki?

    Stay calm when it comes to hosting your after-work event in Helsinki. Fortunately, we have a whole team of dedicated professionals to assist you from start to end. Here’s our ultimate guide to corporate event planning to get started. Or, let our local experts lend a hand.

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