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Book Brainstorming Spaces in Helsinki
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    Guide to hosting brainstorming events in Helsinki

    As one of the northernmost cities in the world, Helsinki can get pretty cold in the winter. Yet there is much more to Finland's capital than Arctic temperatures.

    For the sixth year in a row, Finland was voted as the world’s happiest country, based on World Happiness Report rankings drawn mainly from the Gallup World Poll. However, although it may be difficult for you to simply relocate entirely to Helsinki, Finland’s cultural and business hub, how about jetting to Helsinki with its wide array of nature spots, trendy districts and creative spaces for your next brainstorming session? Given its vibrant character, Helsinki can provide a unique and inspiring environment to get those creative juices flowing. 

    Travelling around Helsinki is not to be worried about, for the city has a reliable and disabled-friendly public transportation system. You can even use the same ticket to travel on all modes of transportation within a specific time frame. 

    From multiple gourmet restaurants to winter Christmas markets, Helsinki has so much to offer for the discerning food connoisseur or the curious first-time visitor. Whether you decide to chill with a pint of beer in the summer in the heart of Helsinki or go for an ice-skating adventure in the outskirts while brainstorming your next innovative idea, Helsinki has your back. 

    Read our useful guide below. It covers everything from logistics to choosing the perfect brainstorming room in Helsinki for your needs. 

    1) How to Choose A Brainstorming Room in Helsinki

    A key element of a brainstorming session is a conducive space where participants can gather to generate, organise, and evaluate ideas. It is very common for people to huddle together in one space and use physical sticky notes on a whiteboard to record and assess ideas. When your team is scrambling to meet a major deadline for a creative proposal, you need a space or brainstorming room with state-of-the-art technology and amenities to get down to business.

    In light of this, brainstorming rooms in Helsinki have been designed to be versatile, collaborative, and well-equipped with the necessary amenities and tools for a fruitful brainstorming session.

    Helsinki offers various options for brainstorming rooms, depending on your needs and preferences. These options range from co-working spaces with brainstorming rooms as part of their facilities to innovative hubs and public libraries that also feature low-cost brainstorming rooms.

    2) The Best Areas in Helsinki for Hosting Brainstorming Sessions

    Helsinki has many cool neighbourhoods that make superb locations for brainstorming sessions. These areas offer several room options for hosting brainstorming sessions, including meeting rooms, flexible co-working spaces, and cosy cafes. To begin with, here are some of the city’s most sought-after districts: 

    Töölö is a residential area located near Helsinki’s city centre. Beautiful parks and verdant spaces dot this district, making it a tranquil and nature-filled spot for inspiring brainstorming sessions. 

    Kallio is a bohemian neighbourhood that is only a short tram ride from Helsinki’s city centre. This up-and-coming district is famous for its laid-back vibes and delicious food. Many co-working spaces and creative studios are located here, making this area a great place for ideas to flow effortlessly and for brainstorming participants to think outside the box. 

    Punavuori is a trendy and vibrant area popular with young professionals and creative minds. Its assortment of cafes, restaurants, and bars can offer a stimulating atmosphere for brainstorming sessions.

    3) Equipment and Games for your Brainstorming Sessions in Helsinki

    Note that brainstorming is a team activity involving everyone. Thus, you have to organise your session, incorporating visual components with the necessary facilities to engage everyone and enable meaningful brainstorming. Select a brainstorming format to allow everyone to add value to the discussion. Also, make sure you categorise and capture all ideas broached during your session, as these results will inform your next steps. 

    Additionally, as brainstorming sessions can get demanding, we suggest some creative ice-breakers for participants to destress and loosen up before they get inspired and productive at your brainstorming session. Quirky and engaging office party games can definitely ease nerves and add some fun! 

    Although most brainstorming rooms in Helsinki provide basic office supplies, we recommend checking with the venue before your brainstorming day to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you still need to get some last-minute stationery supplies, head to Papershop, Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, or Bookbinders Design.

    Check out our list of nine necessary elements to ensure your brainstorming session venue has everything required.

    Feeling more prepared for your next brainstorming session? Well, let’s explore what brainstorming rooms are there in Helsinki.

    1. Hotel with Inspiring Workspaces 

    This brainstorming venue offers a fabulous hotel and invigorating workspaces under one roof for brainstorming sessions, corporate meetings, and events. Located in Helsinki’s Mannerheimintie district, this space boasts 13 large meetings and events facilities and separate workspaces for all kinds of meetings, from casual team brainstorming sessions to official events for up to 180 people. For instance, one of its meeting rooms perched on the second floor of this location is wonderful for casual brainstorming sessions and workshops, with comfortable sofas, armchairs, adjustable desks, and a complete wall’s worth of whiteboard space. For some natural light while having a dynamic freeform brainstorming session, check out the amphitheatre inundated with natural light in the venue's enclosed courtyard.

    2. Creative Co-Working Space with Unique Interior Design and Facilities 

    We recommend this coworking space in Helsinki, constructed around creative working styles. This venue’s blend of coworking facilities, cafe and restaurant, flexible working spaces, lounges, team rooms, as well as creative studios would certainly blow your mind away. All rooms have their own unique interior design and amenities, such as a ping pong theme and movie rooms, to catalyse new ideas and get ideas moving. 

    3. Contemporary Meeting Room Next To the Shopping Mall 

    This meeting room is located in Pasila. A contemporary building with ample lighting, this location features nine meeting rooms with a seating capacity of two to 14 people for brainstorming sessions on the same floor as its adjoining lunch restaurant, enabling food catering for brainstorming participants. Meeting spaces are equipped with amenities such as a video projector, screen, and flip chart to ensure memorable and productive brainstorming sessions. 

    Wrapping Up 

    Is the onus on you to arrange the next brainstorming session for your team, association or company? Haven’t found a perfect brainstorming room yet? Fortunately, Helsinki offers various room options for arranging creative meetings and brainstorming sessions. Besides, with our experienced team at Eventflare to guide you along the way, you are in good hands! 

    A Guide to Brainstorming Sessions in Helsinki

    FAQ about Helsinki Brainstorming Spaces

    How much does a Brainstorming Room in Helsinki Cost?

    The cost of a brainstorming room in Helsinki differs depending on the location, size, and amenities provided. However, on average, small brainstorming rooms can cost anywhere from 50 euros to 150 euros per hour in Helsinki. At the same time, larger rooms with additional amenities like audio-visual equipment, catering, or breakout rooms can cost more.

    Get in touch with one of Our City Experts with your requirements and they’ll give you a rough quote.

    What team-building activities can I include during my brainstorming session in Helsinki?

    There are many team-building activities that you can include during a brainstorming session in Helsinki. These fun activities will help your participants work together while solving puzzles, taking cooking classes, or simply going on a hiking tour.

    How long can I hire a Brainstorming Room in Helsinki for?

    The length of time you can rent a brainstorming room in Helsinki depends on numerous factors, like the policies of the specific facility you are considering, the availability of the room, and your needs and preferences. Some venues offer hourly rentals, while others require a minimum rental period of several hours or even a full day.

    What are the Cancellation Policies for Brainstorming Rooms in Helsinki?

    The cancellation policies for brainstorming rooms in Helsinki depend on the specific facility you’re considering. Usually, such cancellation policies are outlined in the rental agreement that you sign while booking.

    What should I consider while choosing a Brainstorming Room in Helsinki?

    Consider factors like room size and location for good accessibility. Also, take into account your ability to create a suitable atmosphere for creative meetings, such as a venue with great ventilation and lots of light. 

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