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Book Meeting Rooms in Helsinki
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    Guide to hosting meeting events in Helsinki

    So, you're preparing to organise a meeting. As you start planning and adding it to your team's schedule, you can almost sense the anticipation. It might be tempting for you, as the host, to fall into the trap of giving a dull speech and reading off lengthy PowerPoint slides (heaven forbid!). But what if you choose to step up and lead the meeting in a productive and energising way? And what if you decide to hold the meeting in Helsinki, Finland, with its vibrant business atmosphere, a combination of old and new, diverse natural landscapes, and abundance of leisure activities? We cannot help but agree that you should host your next meeting in Helsinki and gather people from around the world to collaborate. Now, if you ask us why Helsinki? We’d say for all the right reasons.

    Firstly, Helsinki is well-connected to major cities in Europe and around the world. Domestically, Helsinki’s reliable and comprehensive public transportation system (comprising buses, trams, trains, and ferries) also goes out of its way to ensure commuters around the city can get to their destinations without much sweat (literally in the winter months as well)! 

    Also, Helsinki boasts modern conference facilities and technology, thus providing a seamless and fulfilling meeting experience. This Nordic city has a high standard of living, is enveloped by scenic locations rich in cultural heritage, and has many internationally acclaimed businesses and academic institutions. 

    Therefore, hosting a meeting in Helsinki would offer your attendees an engaging and memorable experience and will not send them off to sleep. 

    Our guide is here to help you get your planning started. Scroll through to learn more!

    1) Hosting a Meeting

    Hosting an interactive and productive meeting requires a lot of prep for first-timers and veterans alike. Carefully considering your meeting goals, agenda, participant list, meeting budget, and desired meeting venue would pay dividends in the long run. 

    Define the purpose of the meeting and what precisely you are hoping to achieve as a result of the meeting. (Again, God forbid meetings for the sake of meetings!) Whether or not this meeting will be an internal meeting for team building or creative brainstorming, a marketing presentation to other departments in your company, or a progress evaluation with an external client, would determine the type of meeting room you will eventually pick. As the saying goes, meetings can come in all forms, but not all meetings are equal. 

    Once you know the purpose of the meeting, you can start thinking about who needs to be there. Avoid the temptation of inviting everyone under the sun, especially if they have only been involved on the periphery of a project. You’re not being rude, you’re being efficient!

    2) Meeting Rooms in Helsinki

    Helsinki, the capital of Finland, offers many meeting rooms for various needs, including well-equipped and modern meeting rooms in hotels and business centres and traditional spaces in historic buildings.

    Suppose you’re looking for something unique and impactful. In that case, you might consider booking a meeting room in a unique venue in Helsinki, such as a museum or an art gallery with a distinctive setting for your meeting. Check out some of our favourite event venues in Helsinki

    3) The Best Areas in Helsinki for Meetings

    Helsinki has many unique areas for inspiring meetings, with each location featuring its own perks. Here are some of the best neighbourhoods in Helsinki to consider for hosting your meeting:

    • Pasila is a fast-paced business district located north of the city centre, Pasila is home to Helsinki's largest convention and exhibition centre. With numerous malls, restaurants, and local attractions, look forward to an upbeat meeting. 
    • Kamppi is a central neighbourhood located near the city centre. It is home to several hotels and shopping centres that offer meeting and conference facilities. You can find diverse boutiques and dining spots, as well as comfortable hotels to stay in.
    • Katajanokka is a historic neighbourhood located on a peninsula near the city centre. It is home to several hotels that offer great meeting rooms and additional facilities. This picture-perfect neighbourhood has several hotspots for Finnish dining and after-work activities. 

    4) Food Catering in Helsinki

    Food caterers in Helsinki serve a variety of gastronomic delights, including traditional Finnish cuisine, international cuisine, and various special diets. Helsinki has many catering companies that specialise in providing food and beverages for meetings, conferences, and other events.

    So, if you’re in for the taste of the land, traditional dishes such as salmon soup, reindeer stew, and cloudberry pie are popular choices. However, you can choose other cuisines like Chinese, Italian, Indian, and Mexican. With Helsinki’s catering service, your participants are in for a treat. Check out some of our highly recommended event caterers in Helsinki to choose from.

    5) The After-Affair

    Now that your meeting has “finnished” (pun intended) and it was a great success, it's time to unwind and celebrate. Head down to any of these gorgeous cocktail party venues in Helsinki with your participants. It’s time to have fun the Finnish way!

    A Guide to Hosting a Meeting in Helsinki

    FAQ about Helsinki Meeting Rooms

    How much does a Meeting Room cost in Helsinki?

    The price of hiring a meeting room in Helsinki may vary depending on a number of factors, including room size and location, the time of day, and the day of the week. It also depends on the amenities and services provided. However, on average, a basic meeting room in Helsinki costs 50 to 150 euros per day.

    If you desire a larger or more extravagant venue, the expenses for your meeting can increase by a few hundred euros. These additional costs may include provisions for food and beverages, audio-visual devices, and other amenities. Hence, we advise you to inquire about the precise rates and offerings from the selected venue.

    Can I book a Meeting Room in Helsinki for a day or more?

    Yes, you can book a meeting room in Helsinki for a day or more. Most venues in Helsinki offer both half-day and full-day rental options. You also have the option to rent the space for multiple days.

    The cost of a full-day rental may be higher than a half-day rental, but you can access the space for a longer period. Some venues may even give discounts for multi-day rentals, so it's always a good idea to check out all your options before booking.

    What are the cancellation policies for Meeting Rooms in Helsinki?

    The cancellation policies for meeting rooms in Helsinki vary depending on the venue and its terms and conditions. Some venues allow cancellation with no fee or a reduced fee if you cancel well in advance. On the other hand, some venues may charge a cancellation fee or require payment in full if you cancel.

    Therefore, it’s always important to carefully review the venue's cancellation policy before booking.

    What equipment do Meeting Rooms in Helsinki have?

    Meeting rooms in Helsinki come with top-notch equipment; they include high-speed WiFi, a projector, audio equipment, office supplies, kitchen facilities, and refreshments.

    However, if you have any requirements not provided by the venue, we are always there to connect you with local vendors that can.

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