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    Guide to hosting outdoor events in Helsinki

    Helsinki’s natural beauty, long summers, vibrant culture, and strong community ties make the city an excellent location for hosting outdoor events. 

    Known for its various parks, gardens, and forests that make tranquil and verdant settings, having your next outdoor event in picturesque Helsinki is highly likely to make your event the talk of the town. If you are looking for event venues with natural surroundings, such as parks, gardens, spaces with a waterfront view, or a versatile space for various types of events, Helsinki has you covered. 

    With a yearly calendar of events ranging from technology to performance arts,  Helsinki always has something cool going on. Be it concerts, roadshows, sports festivals, or food programmes, Helsinki’s social scene is certainly no slouch, regardless of the time of the year. Also, from multiple restaurants to a wide array of chill bars, Helsinki has so much to offer to the gourmet scene.

    Whether you are flying into Helsinki from Asia or Europe, Helsinki enjoys tons of international flight connections with its easy-to-navigate airport. Besides, the city’s public transportation system is efficient, safe, convenient, integrated, disabled-friendly, and reliable. This means that you can use the same ticket to travel on all modes of transportation within a specific time frame. 

    Already excited to host your outdoor event in Helsinki? Check our handy guide below for an event that stands out for the right reasons!

    1) Best Areas for Outdoor Events in Helsinki

    You can find many great areas to host your outdoor event in Helsinki, each with its distinct character and perks. Here are some of the best areas to consider for hosting an outdoor event in Helsinki:

    • Punavuori - An upscale area in central Helsinki, Punavuori is renowned for its trendy cafes, stylish boutiques, and dynamic art galleries. Moreover, this area features several parks and spaces that are superb spots for outdoor events like art exhibitions and food shows. 
    • Kallio - A hip area in central Helsinki, Kallio boasts an energetic vibe with its fun-loving community. Outdoor events like street fairs and block parties are regular features in this neighbourhood. Besides, the many local restaurants and bars showcasing Finnish cuisine add to this district’s appeal. 
    • Katajanokka - This historic neighbourhood in a peninsula east of central Helsinki showcases eye-catching architecture, lush parks, large outdoor spaces, and jaw-dropping waterfront views. Thus, event organisers like to host outdoor events like book fairs and cultural festivals over here. 

    2) How to Choose an Outdoor Event Venue in Helsinki

    One of the first things visitors to Helsinki notice upon arrival is its abundance of flora and fauna. Given that Helsinki has been blessed with luxuriant forests, skyline silver lakes, and mesmerising seascapes, you should factor these natural perks in when selecting an outdoor event venue. 

    After all, the location you choose for your event will make a huge difference in logistics and the overall atmosphere. If you are keen on a venue with a more natural setting and less infrastructure, you’ll have some bases to cover to get everything in order.

    Before your event, visit your desired venue and evaluate what amenities or props the space might need. Take note of unique features of the venue you would like to leverage for your event, such as a lake to function as a backdrop or a tree to hang Christmas lighting. Be aware of any possible challenges about the venue, such as whether it has lots of bugs or wind, or is located in a low-lying area prone to floods. By taking down notes during your pre-event visit, you can have a better idea of how to be more prepared during your actual event. 

    3) Know the Rules 

    Be aware of various rules governing outdoor events in Helsinki, such as regulations regarding noise ordinances as well as fire and safety codes. Speak to the relevant authorities if you are thinking of having a bonfire or a fireworks show to see if these activities are allowed. Some outdoor event venues may necessitate you obtaining permits like food and beverage permits or zoning permits from the town or city authorities to organise events. Ensure you have a buffer time frame to get these permits approved before your event’s actual day. 

    Your outdoor venue provider would likely require that you leave the space after your event in the same condition you found it in. Hence, you have to plan your event setup, debrief, breakdown, and cleaning process beforehand. Some venues may even request that you take away all rubbish left there, so make sure you understand what is required of you in advance. 

    4) Ensure Attendees’ Comfort

    To ensure attendees a positive experience at your outdoor event, take both day and night temperatures into consideration by having heaters and fans ready, depending on the time of the year. Take into account whether you require access to indoor spaces for attendees to warm up or cool down if temperatures change suddenly or in the case of bad weather.

    Consider if your desired venue is located near bathrooms; otherwise, determine how many portable bathrooms will be required for your outdoor event and where to place them. These portable bathrooms should be conveniently located without being the centre of activities. If you can access indoor bathrooms, ensure clear signage instructing attendees where to go.

    5) Get the Right Technology and Equipment

    Your outdoor events may require a bunch of suitable equipment to run effortlessly. If you are engaging food caterers, they may need special heating, cooling, and storing equipment for food.  Also, attendees need places to sit and have refreshments. Audio-visual equipment is a must-have when your event includes presentations or music. In addition, given that your event is in an outdoor setting, you may require electricity, heaters, fans, lighting, tents, and more. Keep an equipment checklist to determine if you already have those equipment in store, or if you have to procure them. 

    6) Weather in Helsinki

    Being one of the northernmost capital cities in the world, Helsinki experiences some of the longest days and nights on earth. Also, the city has a humid continental climate. Thus, we think that you can get the best of outdoor Helsinki in the summer (June to August) with temperatures ranging from 15 °C to 20 °C.

    7) Great Catering Services for Outdoor Events in Helsinki

    Depending on your budget, you can find many catering companies in Helsinki that specialise in outdoor events, and offer you everything from simple snacks to elaborate buffets.

    • Juuri Catering: This catering service is known for its traditional Finnish cuisine prepared using only local, seasonal ingredients. From casual picnics to elaborate banquets, Juuri Catering provides various catering services for outdoor events. 
    • Eat & Joy Farmers’ Market: This caterer serves organic and locally sourced food using traditional Finnish cooking techniques. A range of catering services for outdoor events is available. 
    • Royal Ravintolat: This caterer offers a wide range of services for outdoor events, such as catering, bar services, and event planning.

    For more options, have a look at our favourite event caterers in Helsinki for more options.

    8) Fun Games for your Outdoor Event in Helsinki

    When you’re hosting an outdoor event, make the most of the outdoors. Adding a few games can be a great opportunity to engage your guests while having fun. Organising a few games is a perfect way to promote teamwork, communication, and camaraderie.

    Since you’re in Helsinki, why not try the Mölkky? It is a Finnish lawn game that involves throwing wooden skittles to knock over numbered pins. Then you have the Human Knot, which is a team-building game. The classic scavenger hunt is always a crowd-pleaser. Here are some of our favourite team-building activities for your outdoor event in Helsinki.

    Now that you are more prepared to host your outdoor event in Helsinki let’s dive into what the city has to offer regarding venues! 

    1. Villa Erik: Named after Erik von Frenkel, the founder of Eerikkilä, Villa Erik is a versatile corporate and celebration event space with indoor and outdoor spaces, top-notch facilities and technology to boost your outdoor event experience. Nestled in Tammela, Häme Property, along the breathtaking and historic Häme Ox Road, this idyllic event venue will not disappoint. The entire property can be reserved for the exclusive use of your event, so you can enjoy outdoor events in privacy. Moreover, the venue's delectable menus have been inspired by the surrounding nature and locally sourced ingredients, encapsulating options for family celebrations, weddings and corporate events. At Villa Erik, learn more about von Frenckel’s life and his contributions to Finnish sports and the Olympic movement at an exhibition held in tandem with the Finnish Sports Museum. Indoor meeting spaces bedecked with the latest technology and robust Wi-Fi also enable you to have hybrid events in case of inclement weather. 

    2. Yli-Takkulan Tila: Nestled in the lush Nuuksio National Park, at a distance of only 27 kilometres from Helsinki, Yli-Takkulan Tila is an excellent destination for recreation and teambuilding events with well-rounded facilities as well as delicious meals. Enjoy rural dining in the venue’s rustic Barn Attic in the summer months, while its Kota/ Lappish shelter (teepee) offers dining by an open fire all year round. The venue boasts a traditional wood-heated sauna with its “löyly” (warm steam) and a traditional hot tub. Besides, the venue is an ideal setting for outdoor activities in the midst of the stunning forests and lakes of Nuuksio National Park. Lake Saarijärvi, only a stone’s throw away from Yli-Takkulan tila, offers wonderful kayaking opportunities.

    3. Suvilahti: Located right next to the budding Kalasatama district, Suvilahti is an erstwhile power plant that consists of nine buildings, two large gasometers, as well as 2.5 hectares of open-air yard space. In summer, Suvilahti is an event space for key culture and music events, ranging from live performances to art exhibitions. Aspiring artists and seasoned veterans can rent the venue’s hall space along with the open-air arena for cultural events, local festivals and even pre-event rehearsals! 

    With various event rentable spaces for photoshoots’ short-term basis, filming, exhibitions and private smaller-scale events, Suvilahti is an artist's dream come true. 

    A Guide to Hosting an Outdoor Event in Helsinki

    FAQ about Helsinki Outdoor Venues

    1. What type of Outdoor Venues in Helsinki are there?

    1. Indoor Venue with an Outdoor Attachment- Hosting your outdoor event at venues that provide both indoor and outdoor facilities in Helsinki is a great idea to prepare for wet weather conditions 

    2. Forests- Host your next meeting amidst a forest and wow attendees with an intimate and cosy setting! 

    3. Terraces- Terrace venues in Helsinki offer phenomenal views that would impress event attendees. 

    2. What kind of Events can I host Outdoors in Helsinki?

    From after-work events to private dining, photoshoots, and much more, you can host almost any kind of event outdoors in Helsinki.  

    3. How much does an Outdoor Venue in Helsinki cost?

    Now that completely depends on your requirements. From the size of the venue to the amenities being offered, all these factors play a role with regard to the pricing.

    Ask our team of experts to help you if you need clarification on something!

    4. Do Outdoor Spaces in Helsinki come with Weather Protection?

    Yes, outdoor spaces in Helsinki do come with weather protection. Most outdoor venues are either part of an indoor venue, or they just have the necessary supplies to beat the weather. We suggest that you check with the venue before booking.

    Or, contact one of our experts to assist you in acquiring the necessary weather protection gear for your outdoor event.

    5. What are the cancellation Policies for Outdoor Event Venues in Helsinki?

    Usually, we recommend that you cancel early if need be. By doing so, you can get a refund for your booking. However, in general, any cancellation done two weeks or less before your event can lead to non-refundable.

    We hope our guide to hosting outdoor events in Helsinki takes you down the right path, but if you need any help, our city experts are just a click away!

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