Conference Rooms in Istanbul

Hi there, it’s come to our attention that you’re looking for a conference room in Istanbul. And we can’t say we’re surprised.

This city has always been important for trade and commerce between Europe and Asia. It’s a city that rolls with the times too. Most recently, it’s been a hotspot for crypto and blockchain conferences. 

And although it’s super exciting to host a conference in a city that straddles the line between two major continents, we know it can get pretty stressful for the uninitiated. That’s why we’re here to help.

We’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to. So read on for our super handy guide to hosting a conference in Istanbul!

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A Guide to Hosting Conferences Istanbul

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FAQ about Istanbul venues and events

Can I book a conference room in Istanbul for more than a day?

Most conference rooms in Istanbul charge per hour, but if you need to rent a conference room for the whole day, just speak to the venue and most of them will be happy to accommodate you.

What kind of conferences can I host in Istanbul?

As mentioned, the city is a hotspot for MICE, crypto and blockchain events, but you don’t have to limit your conference to only these topics. Istanbul has varied cultural interests, so you’ll find you can host any kind of conference in Istanbul your heart desires!

What kind of facilities do venues provide for conference rooms in Istanbul?

Most venues come with basic facilities like furniture, air-conditioning, a wifi-connection, and some AV-VR equipment. Other services such as catering, cleaning staff, and more, can usually be availed at an extra cost. It’s best to get in touch with the venue to check what extra facilities they offer. And as always, if there’s something specific you need, let us know and we’ll be happy to help arrange it for you.

How can I get sponsors for my conference in Istanbul?

Depending on the type of conference you are hosting, you can decide whether you’d like to get government or private sponsorship for your event. Learn more about How to Get Sponsors for Your Event or you can even reach out to our local experts for help with your sponsorship.

How do you dress for a conference in Istanbul?

Again, this really depends on the nature of your conference. Some conferences adhere to a formal dress code, while others allow you to enter in more casual wear. However, keep in mind the religious sentiments of Istanbul and dress modestly, regardless of whether the dress code is formal or casual.

What else can I do with my team after our conference in Istanbul?

There’s plenty to do in Istanbul after your conference. You could visit one of the city’s many restaurants or experience its nightlife. If you’re looking to bond with your team, we recommend checking out these 6 Unique Team Building Activities in Istanbul.

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