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Book Conference Venues in Istanbul
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    A Guide to Hosting a Conference in Istanbul

    Hi there, it’s come to our attention that you’re looking for a conference room in Istanbul. And we can’t say we’re surprised.

    This city has always been important for trade and commerce between Europe and Asia. It’s a city that rolls with the times too. Most recently, it’s been a hotspot for crypto and blockchain conferences. 

    And although it’s super exciting to host a conference in a city that straddles the line between two major continents, we know it can get pretty stressful for the uninitiated. That’s why we’re here to help.

    We’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to. So read on for our super handy guide to hosting a conference in Istanbul!

    The Advantage of Hosting a Conference in Istanbul

    Apart from the natural beauty and sleek infrastructure, its location also makes hosting a conference in Istanbul an excellent choice.

    The city lies at the midpoint between Asia and Europe, making it incredibly easy for Istanbul to host international conferences since it can attract attendees from Asia, Europe, and America.

    And that’s not all. Istanbul is the perfect mix of European and Eastern sensibilities, so it’s easy for conference attendees to feel right at home here, no matter where they’re from

    What Kind of Conference Rooms in Istanbul Can I Book?

    Istanbul is a city of many dualities. It’s both historic and modern; Asian and European. And as you’d imagine, the conference rooms in Istanbul reflect all the city’s many personalities.

    There are, of course, conventional conference rooms in famous business hotel chains and sprawling convention centres. These often come equipped with all the latest technology like AV screens, high-speed wi-fi, and such. However, there’s also an array of unconventional venues to host a conference in Istanbul.

    What if we told you you can host your conference in a gorgeous venue with breathtaking views of the Bosphorus Sea, the intricate minarets of the Hagia Sophia, or the Blue Mosque? Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

    And that’s just touching the tip of the iceberg. You can also host your conference in Istanbul in 19th-century palaces, Ottoman mansions, and much more. 

    We’ve also put together 5 Cool Conference Venues in Istanbul to give you more ideas.

    With so many choices, we don’t blame you if you’re confused! We suggest reading The Nine Elements Every Conference Room Should Have to help you pick the conference room that works for your event.

    The Best Areas for Conferences in Istanbul

    You’re spoilt for great neighbourhoods to host your conference in Istanbul. That’s because every area in the city has a great vibe and distinct personality.

    To make it easier, we’ve narrowed down our top 4 areas in Istanbul for you to host your conference. Don’t feel like you have to stick to this list, though. Because no matter where you go in Istanbul, there’s a neighbourhood to fall in love with!


    We highly recommend this neighbourhood for those working with an upscale crowd. It oozes a certain degree of sophistication and is home to several luxurious business hotels with some of the classiest conference rooms in Istanbul.


    If you’re looking to give your attendees an authentic taste of Turkish culture, Sultanahmet has the old city vibe they’ll love. Not only does the area have some of the city’s most historic venues, but the conference rooms in Sultanahmet may also give your attendees an enviable view of some of the city’s most famous monuments.  

    (pro-tip: a cultural tour could be a great networking side activity at your conference in Istanbul)


    All it takes is one stroll through this lively and vibrant neighbourhood to fall in love with it! Kadıkӧy is a truly delightful area; it is a melting pot of some of Istanbul’s trendiest bars, boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants.

    That’s why we think this is a top neighbourhood for start-ups to host their conference in Istanbul. The energy here is unmissable, with gorgeous sea views. 


    This charming area lies close to Istanbul’s harbour and is a lovely mix of both traditional and funky. Over here, quaint neighbourhood shops lie beside trendy cocktail bars and stunning Ottoman-era buildings with a modern splash of street art.

    If you’re looking to host your conference in a neighbourhood that tastefully brings together the old and new charm of Istanbul, this is where you should be. Plus, conference rooms here are known to have lovely outdoor terraces. 

    • Bonus Expert Planning Advice: 

    Here are 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Conference Venue

    Transportation for Your Conference in Istanbul

    We’ve got good news for you! One of the best things about hosting a conference in Istanbul is how easy it is to get there.

    The city has an excellent public transportation system that’s well-connected. You can read our Ultimate Guide to Getting Around Istanbul to learn more about it. We’ve also listed some of the routes to popular areas here to help you get to your conference in Istanbul.


    • Bus: iETT H2
    • Taxi (approximately US$16-20 from the airport)
    • Metro: M2


    • Bus: 28, 30D, 36ES, 38, 46C, 93C, 97G
    • Tram: T-1
    • Taxi (approximately US$20-24 from the airport)
    • Metro: M2


    • Bus: 34, 34A, 34AS, 34B, 34BZ, 34C, 34G, 34Z
    • Tram: T-5, T-3, T-1, T-4
    • Taxi (approximately US$24-30 from the airport)
    • Metro: F4, F3, F1


    • Bus: 34, 34A, 34AS, 34B, 34BZ, 34C, 34G, 34Z
    • Tram: T-1
    • Taxi (approximately US$6-9 from the airport)
    • Metro: M2

    We recommend getting the IstanbulKart card for public transport in Istanbul when you’re here. This smart card allows you to pay the fare on the metro, Marmaray, ferries, and city buses. 

    Helpful Apps to Download in Istanbul

    • BiTaksi- a local taxi ordering app
    • Uber- international taxi ordering app
    • Trafi- live traffic updates
    • Moovit- transportation schedule app

    Catering for Conference Rooms in Istanbul

    When it comes to catering for a conference in Istanbul, there’s a plethora of choices at hand.  Trust us, the street food culture here is definitely something you’ll want your attendees to experience. For example,  check out our guide to the Top 5 Food Trucks in Istanbul to see what we mean. 

    Alternatively, if you prefer a proper catering company for your event, Istanbul has plenty of those. To help you choose only the best, we’ve put together a list of The Best Event Caterers in Istanbul.

    And finally, you’ll find most conference rooms in Istanbul will provide in-house catering at an extra fee. So don’t worry, your guests won’t go hungry!

    A Guide to Hosting a Conference in Istanbul

    FAQ about Istanbul Conference Venues

    Can I book a conference room in Istanbul for more than a day?

    Most conference rooms in Istanbul charge per hour, but if you need to rent a conference room for the whole day, just speak to the venue and most of them will be happy to accommodate you.

    What kind of conferences can I host in Istanbul?

    As mentioned, the city is a hotspot for MICE, crypto and blockchain events, but you don’t have to limit your conference to only these topics. Istanbul has varied cultural interests, so you’ll find you can host any kind of conference in Istanbul your heart desires!

    What kind of facilities do venues provide for conference rooms in Istanbul?

    Most venues come with basic facilities like furniture, air-conditioning, a wifi-connection, and some AV-VR equipment. Other services such as catering, cleaning staff, and more, can usually be availed at an extra cost. It’s best to get in touch with the venue to check what extra facilities they offer. And as always, if there’s something specific you need, let us know and we’ll be happy to help arrange it for you.

    How can I get sponsors for my conference in Istanbul?

    Depending on the type of conference you are hosting, you can decide whether you’d like to get government or private sponsorship for your event. Learn more about How to Get Sponsors for Your Event or you can even reach out to our local experts for help with your sponsorship.

    How do you dress for a conference in Istanbul?

    Again, this really depends on the nature of your conference. Some conferences adhere to a formal dress code, while others allow you to enter in more casual wear. However, keep in mind the religious sentiments of Istanbul and dress modestly, regardless of whether the dress code is formal or casual.

    What else can I do with my team after our conference in Istanbul?

    There’s plenty to do in Istanbul after your conference. You could visit one of the city’s many restaurants or experience its nightlife. If you’re looking to bond with your team, we recommend checking out these 6 Unique Team Building Activities in Istanbul.

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