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    Guide to hosting photo & film events in Prague

    Hello there, event planners. Are you ready to get your glam on? We certainly hope you are because we’re about to welcome you to our guide to hosting a photo shoot in Prague.

    This handy little guide covers everything you need to know to capture some picture-perfect moments amidst the stunning backdrop of Prague. From the types of photoshoot rooms in Prague to where you’ll find them and how to get there, you’ll find that we’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to!

    We know you’re eager to start, so we won’t keep you waiting. Grab your cameras and let’s get clicking!

    1) Choosing the Right Photoshoot Space in Prague for You

    When choosing a photoshoot room in Prague, we’re not exaggerating when we say you’re in for a treat! This magnificent city offers diverse options that will help you capture the perfect moment with the perfect backdrop.

    Here’s a little low-down of the types of photoshoot spaces for hire in Prague.

    1. Industrial-style venues: Prague is ideal to create an edgy and unique photoshoot. It has an incredible collection of converted industrial spaces that perfectly blend urban aesthetics and history.

    You’ll need to do very little to set up these spaces since they usually feature cool backgrounds, such as exposed brick walls, lofty ceilings, and raw industrial elements that will lend an air of authentic cool to your photoshoot.

    2. Converted art galleries: Photography, fashion, and art often go hand-in-hand. That’s why converting one of the city’s sleek art galleries into a photoshoot room for a day is a good idea. These unique event venues blend creativity, culture, and sophistication by fusing contemporary art with modern architecture.

    And the best part? Galleries are spacious and well-lit, meaning you’ll have the best light to capture your models and a blank canvas to capture your theme. The ideal combination.

    3. Trendy photography studios in Prague: Imagine hosting your photo shoot in Prague in a gorgeous New York-style loft complete with high ceilings and vast windows. Or how about an industrial-style loft with cool decor?

    Well, you’ll be pleased to know that in Prague, you’ll find several chic venues like this that will add a whole new layer of style to your photo shoot in Prague.

    4. Historical venues: Prague's rich history is reflected in some photography studios, which are set in historic buildings or renovated spaces with vintage charm. 

    These studios provide an enchanting atmosphere, making them popular for portrait photography, vintage-themed shoots, and artistic projects. The blend of history and creativity adds a unique touch to the photographs.

    2) The Best Areas for Hosting a Photoshoot in Prague

    You already know Prague is beautiful, so, unsurprisingly, you’ll be spoilt for choice when searching for the best area to host a photo shoot in Prague.

    The city is known for its picturesque neighbourhoods and iconic landmarks and we don’t want you to get confused with its beauty! We’ve narrowed down a few areas worth checking out for photoshoot spaces in Prague.

    1. Old Town (Staré Město): Let’s start with the historic heart of the city, Old Town or Staré Město, as it’s popularly known with the locals. This area in Prague boasts a stunning blend of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture in most of its buildings, so don’t be surprised if you find a photo shoot venue with these elements.

    That’s not all. If you fancy stepping outside for a few pictures, the narrow streets, vibrant squares, and the famous Astronomical Clock all offer charming backgrounds that you can use to your advantage!

    2. Žižkov: Next, we’ll move across the Vltava River to the trendy and artistic neighbourhood of Žižkov. Over here, you’ll be treated to a bohemian vibe complete with an eclectic mix of cafes and street art.

    Yes, that’s right, you can get both stunning backgrounds and cool after-work venues in the same neighbourhood! What can we say? Prague’s pretty awesome that way.

    3. Vinohrady: If you believe photoshoots should be elegant, this is the neighbourhood for you. The tree-lined streets of Vinohrady coupled with its charming residential buildings lend this area an air of sophistication.

    This is also where to look out for if you’re looking for a photo shoot space for hire in Prague in a sleek art gallery or a modern event venue.

    4. Hradčany: This historic neighbourhood is located just below the famous Prague Castle and exudes a regal charm all on its own.

    You’ll love this area's tiny features, including its cobblestone streets, colourful facades, and quaint squares that create a romantic and picturesque atmosphere. Plenty of gorgeous photoshoot spaces here and stunning architecture, palaces, churches, and historic buildings will inspire your creativity.

    5. Vyšehrad: You’ll find this lovely neighbourhood on a hill overlooking the Vltava River, and we don’t blame you if you fall in love at first sight.

    This charming and historic area features a majestic 10th-century castle, Gothic-style chapels, and a tranquil park filled with lush greenery and stunning views. 

    Whether you're seeking a peaceful setting amidst nature or a historical ambience, you’ll find several unique and inspiring photo shoot spaces in Vyšehrad.

    3) What's the Cost of Renting a Photo Shoot Space?

    Now that we’ve scoped out the perfect photoshoot spot in Prague, let's talk about budgeting.  It's the backbone of a killer photoshoot. Prices vary, but here's a rough estimate for venues to get your planning in check.

    • Basic Studio: For a basic photography studio in Prague, you can expect to pay approximately €20 to €50 per hour. 
    • Mid-range Studio: If you're looking for a mid-range photography studio, the cost might range from €50 to €150 per hour. 
    • Premium Studio: The hourly cost of a premium photography studio in Prague with top-notch equipment and luxurious settings can range from €150 to €300 or more. 

    In addition to venue expenses, here are some additional costs to factor into your budget:

    1. Equipment Rental
    2. Props and Set Design
    3. Professional Services
    4. Transport and Accommodation
    5. Permits and Location Fees
    6. Catering
    7. Post-Production
    8. Marketing and Promotion

    4) Fueling Your Photoshoot: Top Catering Options in Prague

    Let’s shut down the idea that fashion shoots only mean salads. A hungry crew is a tired crew, so provide enough fuel for your models, photographers, assistants, and other crew members at your photoshoot venue in Prague.

    Keep the catering for your photoshoot simple and fun with these event caterers in Prague.

    1. Forky’s: We love how food trucks add a fun atmosphere to any event; that’s why our first recommendation is Forky’s. This popular food truck in Prague specialises in gourmet burgers. They offer various delicious burger options, including vegetarian and vegan choices, made with high-quality ingredients. 

    Their food truck setup adds a trendy and casual vibe to any event, making them a great choice for a photo shoot with a relaxed atmosphere.

    2. Street Beatz: Turn up the glam factor at your photoshoot in Prague by adding a touch of international flavour to your catering. Street Beatz specialises in global street food, offering dishes inspired by cuisines worldwide. From Mexican tacos and Vietnamese banh mi to Middle Eastern falafel wraps, Street Beatz brings diverse flavours to your photoshoot venue.

    3. Chutney Food Truck: If you’re looking for a unique fusion of flavours, Chutney Food Truck is a fantastic option. They specialise in Indian street food with a twist, serving aromatic dishes like butter chicken naan wraps, samosa chaat, and mango lassi. Their vibrant food truck and spices will add colour and flavour to your event.

    4. Sisters Bistro: Last but not least, we have a finger food option that’s delicious, not messy, and visually appealing. Sisters Bistro is famous for its range of gourmet open-faced sandwiches, chlebíčky, featuring creative toppings and fresh ingredients. These bite-sized delicacies are flavourful and make for stunning food styling in your photos.

    5. Spice Route Catering: Add an international touch to the catering for your photoshoot in Prague with Spice Route Catering.

    Their menu offers a fusion of international flavours. We’re particularly fond of their Thai basil chicken and Indian butter naan. How’s that for an international experience? 

    5) Prague's Finest Professionals for Your Photoshoot

    Finally, let us help you assemble your dream team! Whether it's talented photographers, stunning models, creative stylists, or skilled makeup artists, we've got the inside scoop on some of the best talents in Prague straight from our little black book. 


    • Martin Froyda
    • Petr Jan Juracka
    • Pavel Horejsi
    • Ester Havlova
    • Janek Sedlář

    Models or Subject Agencies:

    • Elite Model Management Prague
    • Talent Management
    • PH Model Management
    • Crystal Models Prague
    • Unique One Model Management


    • Lucie Urbanova
    • Eva Geržová
    • Petra Ptackova
    • Eva Kořínková
    • Zuzana Kubickova

    Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists:

    • Simona Novakova
    • Tereza Jungmannova
    • Klara Matiasovska
    • Petra Mechurova
    • Eva Spurna

    Set Designers or Decorators:

    • Lukas Hruska
    • Barbora Kunesova
    • Tomas Kral
    • Zdenek Flemming
    • Kristyna Rybanska

    Art Directors or Creative Directors:

    • Pavel Fuksa
    • Michal Bačák
    • Jana Vinšová
    • Ondřej Zita
    • Martina Mašková

    Post-Production Specialists:

    • Uppercut Post-Production
    • Blindspot Prague
    • Petr Vlasák
    • The Mill
    • MagicLab

    6) The Top Equipment Vendors for Your Photography Studio in Prague

    Lastly, here’s where you can find all the gear you need for your photoshoot in Prague.

    Equipment Rental:

    • Fotovideo S.R.O
    • Cinepost Production
    • Rent2Cam

    Camera Stores:

    • Foto Škoda
    • iFoto
    • Calumet Photographic

    Set Design and Props:

    • Apropo Studio
    • Fantom Studio

    Wrapping Up

    We’re going to call that a wrap on our guide to hosting a photoshoot in Prague, but this is just the beginning of our journey together!

    We’re always here to help you find event venues in Prague or provide expert advice to make your photo shoot a grand success.

     And remember, if you need any help, just use our Ask Expert function, and our local team will be in touch.

    A Guide to Hosting a Photoshoot in Prague

    FAQ about Prague Photo & Film Studios

    What cool breakout ideas can I include in my photoshoot in Prague?

    Elevate your Prague photoshoot with these engaging breakout ideas! Begin your session with the infectious rhythm of traditional Czech folk music, infusing your shoot with authentic local vibes and setting the perfect energetic tone for the day.

    For a burst of creativity, venture into Prague’s historic district of Malá Strana, where charming cobblestone streets wind beneath centuries-old Baroque architecture. Capture the timeless elegance of the area, incorporating the ornate details of historic buildings into your compositions.

    Lastly, explore the bustling Antikomora, a treasure trove of vintage and antique items, where you can find unique props and period-specific gems to enhance your set. These local experiences will infuse your Prague photoshoot with a rich cultural tapestry, inspiring your team to craft visuals that resonate with the city's heritage and artistic spirit.

    What is the estimated budget range for a photoshoot in Prague?

    Planning a photoshoot in Prague requires careful budgeting to ensure all aspects of your production are covered. On average, you can expect to budget between €1000 to €3000 per day for a professional photoshoot.

    This estimate includes costs for equipment rental, hiring models or talent, location permits, transportation, accommodations, meals, and miscellaneous expenses. Keep in mind that this estimate can vary significantly based on the complexity of your project, the number of shooting days, and specific requirements for props or set designs. 

    What transportation options are available for my crew to reach my photography studio in Prague?

    Getting your crew to your photography studio in Prague is convenient and accessible due to the city's well-developed transportation infrastructure. Prague has an extensive public transportation system, including buses, trams, and the metro, which are efficient and budget-friendly. Crew members can use public transport to reach your studio, and daily or weekly passes are available for unlimited travel within the city.

    Additionally, taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber are readily available in Prague, providing a convenient door-to-door option, especially for transporting equipment and props. Many taxi services also offer pre-booking options for larger groups. 

    If your crew prefers a private and comfortable option, you can consider arranging a shuttle service or private transport from a reliable local provider.

    What permits do I need to sort for my photoshoot location in Prague?

    For shooting in public areas, historical sites, or parks, securing a permit from the local municipality or relevant governing body is essential. These permits outline specific details such as shooting dates, times, and designated areas within the city.

    When shooting on private property, it's vital to obtain a property release from the owner or management, granting explicit permission for the location's use in your photoshoot. Additionally, certain iconic landmarks in Prague may have stringent regulations, necessitating special permissions or adherence to specific shooting hours.

    For shoots involving road closures, blocking parking spaces, or disrupting traffic flow, permits from local traffic authorities are necessary to avoid legal complications. Furthermore, if your project incorporates drones for aerial photography, obtaining permits from the Czech Civil Aviation Authority is mandatory due to the country's drone regulations.

    Are there any legal or copyright considerations I must be aware of prior to my photoshoot in Prague?

    Czech Republic, like many countries, upholds stringent privacy laws. Photographers must respect individuals' privacy rights, particularly in public spaces, by obtaining explicit consent before capturing recognizable faces, especially for commercial purposes. 

    Furthermore, when shooting on private properties or distinctive locations, securing a property release is paramount to prevent legal complications. This release ensures that the property owner grants permission for the images to be used in the intended manner. 

    Additionally, respecting intellectual property laws and copyrights is vital. Avoid using copyrighted materials such as artwork or trademarks without proper authorization, as this could lead to legal disputes.

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