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Book Brainstorming Spaces in Vienna
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    Guide to hosting brainstorming events in Vienna

    Searching for a dynamic and creative city to come out with your next innovative breakthrough? Well, it’s high time you check out Vienna to host your brainstorming session and team meeting! With a track record for inspiring many notable figures in history, including virtuosos Beethoven and Mozart, Vienna’s rich historical and cultural character and its appetite for blending tradition with modernity make this city an excellent destination for your brainstorming sessions!

    Vienna’s convenient public transportation system enables event attendees to travel to and from brainstorming sessions on time. Notably, the citywide Wiener Linien-run network includes over 150 subway, tram and bus routes (an integrated ticket provides users easy access to all three modes). For attendees who prefer to cycle around, WienMobil rental bikes would more than suffice. Besides, Vienna provides tailor-made transportation solutions for events and meetings in its alliance with Wiener Linien City Airport Train and Austrian National Railways.

    As of September 2023, the Austrian capital ranked top in the ranking of congress cities by the International Congress and Convention Association, and featured in second place as the top global meeting destination, according to the Union of International Associations.

    With premium event and meeting venues ranging from historical venues decorated with artistic masterpieces to repurposed industrial areas, Vienna certainly lives up to its reputation as one of Europe’s friendliest cities to live, work and play.

    Our carefully curated guide to hosting brainstorming sessions in vibrant Vienna here below would definitely help you to unravel your team’s full collaborative and innovative potential! Read on to find out more! 

    1) An Overview of Brainstorming Event Venues in Vienna

    You can find event spaces and meeting rooms in Vienna for creative meetings and brainstorming sessions. These locations typically come in various sizes, styles and prices. Moreover, these venues are well-equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology to ensure participants enjoy and profit from their brainstorming sessions as much as possible. 

    Additionally, many event and meeting venues in Vienna provide facilities such as on-site parking, food catering services, as well as permission to use breakout rooms or outdoor spaces for smaller group work sessions!

    While the cost of renting an event venue or a meeting room in Vienna for your brainstorming session would depend on factors like venue location and event duration, typical daily rates for such venues range from 100 to 500 Euros.

    2) Best Areas for Brainstorming Sessions in Vienna

    Vienna has several neighbourhoods with distinctive event venues for exciting brainstorming sessions, such as the following areas below.

    • Leopoldstadt: The site of many famous amusement parks, several museums, and galleries, Leopoldstadt is an area brimming with life. Its assortment of event spaces and workshop venues would leave you reeling. Hungry? Well, this area is home to several top-notch restaurants and cafes, such as The Cake Tree with its signature cheesecakes. Want something more savoury? Head to Schank zum Reichsapfel for its homely potato salad when taking a break from your brainstorming! 
    • Neubau: This trendy district houses many coworking spaces and event venues, drawing startups and entrepreneurs in. Located in the youthful 7th district of Vienna, Neubau is no stranger to delectable cuisine, such as Asian eateries and traditional Austrian restaurants. 
    • Innere Stadt (First District): This district is Vienna’s historic city centre and houses many of the city’s key landmarks and cultural edifices. If you are looking for an event venue with some vestiges of history in its architecture, look no further than Innere Stadt. Innere Stadt is home to many premium hotels and restaurants for your event participants to stay at and relish Vienna’s gastronomic landscape. 

    Deciding on the most suitable venue to host your brainstorming in Vienna boils down to your specific content and needs. 

    Find out about three of our carefully selected venue picks for your next conference in Vienna,  for you and your guests to have an awesome and unforgettable experience!

    • Studio im 2. - Kreativ Location: When it’s time to get down to business, you may prefer something cosy and personal for a small brainstorming session. Situated in the Leopoldstadt district of Vienna, Studio im 2. - Kreativ Location offers a well-equipped and comfortable space with an urban flair for brainstorming sessions and corporate collaborations for up to 30 guests. Participants in creative meetings and brainstorming sessions would not feel claustrophobic, as this venue boasts a high ceiling providing a spacious feel and provides an outdoor area for networking and additional breakout sessions. Moreover, this location can provide you with meeting materials like a flipchart (at an affordable cost of only 5 euros), projector and screen (only 15 euros) and whiteboard (5 euros) to boost your brainstorming experience! 
    • Leopold Museum: Located at MuseumsQuartier Vienna, event venue Leopold Museum boasts 7 function rooms totalling 1700 square metres or 200 people in the largest room, enabling larger brainstorming sessions. Furthermore, the museum's stunning architecture as well as its various support programs for events make it an ideal setting to get those creative juices flowing. With customised lighting systems, quality equipment and a bar, The Lounge at the museum is a great and stylish backdrop for small receptions and cocktail parties that can be used with the Atrium and Café Leopold. With intimate areas for happy hour sessions and smaller-scale meetings to palatial rooms for larger creative meetings, this classy location is certainly not to be missed!
    • Lighthouse10: Next to Mariahilfer Straße in Vienna’s 6th district, one of the city’s most famous shopping streets, the light-infused Lighthouse10 on the 10th floor of the Haus des Meeres is ideal for your upcoming brainstorming session. The panoramic view of Vienna's city centre that this venue offers would up the ante for your team meeting. Bedecked with quality technical equipment, and casual ambiences with bar stools and stables, this venue with an outdoor space would be conducive for both outdoor events and indoor discussions, ranging from larger presentations or smaller kick-off meetings of up to 20 people. 

    Wrapping Up

    From caffeine-pumped brainstorming sessions to larger-scale collaborative presentations, Vienna has many amazing event venues with their own personalities for all kinds of company gatherings and events. Hence, you can find many suitable areas in Vienna to cater to your requirements, depending on the type of brainstorming session you are hosting. The event venues showcased above are comfortable and provide you with everything to facilitate, host and deliver memorable and productive brainstorming sessions for your next breakthrough! 

    Now that we have introduced you to our top brainstorming venues in Vienna, we hope that you will have a successful session!  Read more on the essential elements every meeting room must have to make your brainstorming experience unforgettable. Also, feel free to ask our dedicated team of local experts if you want something specific for your brainstorming venue in Vienna.

    A Guide to Brainstorming Sessions in Vienna

    FAQ about Vienna Brainstorming Spaces

    Is German required to host brainstorming sessions in Vienna?

    Although German is the country’s official language, organisers don't need to host events like brainstorming sessions in Vienna. Fortunately, English is the lingua franca in Vienna’s hospitality and tourism industry, and many Viennese have a working knowledge of English! Also, many event venues in Vienna provide services and amenities in English.

    As international event specialists, our team at Eventflare consists of experts who are proficient in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Arabic, and Russian. If you wish to organise a brainstorming session in Vienna and need some help in German, our local language specialists are always ready to help!

    What questions should you ask providers about brainstorming venues in Vienna?

    Ask providers about whether they need a deposit from you to secure your booking and how much the deposit costs. Enquire if providers charge extra for additional breakout rooms for smaller group discussions during your brainstorming session itself. Also, ask whether quoted venue rates include the costs of delegates attending or if the rates are simply for the venue alone. Find out if meeting room providers in Vienna charge extra for additional materials for your brainstorming session, such as markers, flip charts, and name cards for participants.

    Does your meeting venue have parking facilities nearby?

    Consider if your meeting location in Vienna for your upcoming brainstorming session has parking facilities at or near the site. If possible, find out the number of onsite parking spaces at or near the venue and if disabled parking bays are available as well. The distance between car parking facilities and your meeting venue should also be reasonable so as not to inconvenience participants.

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