5 Unique Event Spaces in Berlin

20 May 2022
20 May 2022
5 Unique Event Spaces in Berlin

So you’re looking for a unique event space in Berlin? Well, you’re exactly where you need to be. Exciting corporate event spaces are our thing, and we’re here to share our passion.

This article does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a collection of our favourite unique venues in Berlin.

We’ve made sure to include locations of every genre: from new and colourful to vintage and edgy. What’s more, we’ve accounted for size too, from intimate to huge, we’ve considered it all.

But let’s not stand around; let’s dive in. Get reading, and we’ll see you in the conclusion with some bonus event planning advice!

1. Original and Unique Venue in Berlin For Workshops
Original and Unique Venue in Berlin For Workshops via Eventflare

So here we go, kicking off our guide to unique venues in Berlin, we have this original workshop room.

And as you can see straight away, it has washing machines incorporated into the interior design, which for a corporate event space, it’s pretty unique alright!

It’s full of bright, natural light and has a punchy colour tone driven by bold and bright blues. Plus, it has an on-site cafe and plenty of lounging areas for well-earned breakout sessions.

It’s perfect for everything from workshops to exhibitions, photoshoots, meetings, and after-work parties.

You’ll have some great amenities here, such as flipcharts, projectors, TV screens, high-speed WiFi, and more.

And finally, over the 65m2 we have here, you’ll be able to host a standing event of 40 people and a seated event of 25 people.

2. Wonderful and Unique Event Space in Berlin
Wonderful and Unique Event Space in Berlin via Eventflare

Our next unique event space in Berlin is a wonderful private loft, both exclusive, intimate, and above all else, glamorous.

You can host any kind of event you can imagine here, from after-work parties, private dining experiences, workshops, conferences, and more. Its different rooms, meeting spaces, open plan lounges, and the private bar are ideal for hosting corporate events that excite and inspire.

This loft apartment space has been relentlessly fashioned with an array of dazzling and sophisticated fixtures and trinkets. It’s remarkable, from the neon signage to the tropical plants and the bespoke wooden furnishings.

There’s an emphasis on art here, with lots of cool installations to explore. Another unique feature of this location is that it’s a ‘shoppable’ studio, meaning that you can buy any of the furnishings or decorations that catch your eye!

Amenity-wise, you’ll have a fully fitted kitchen, projectors, TV screens, and excellent WiFI. And finally, over its 230m2, you’ll be able to host a standing event of 200 people and a seated event of 80 people.

3. Huge Unique Event Venue in Berlin
 Pace Ov X
Huge Unique Event Venue in Berlin via Eventflare

From our last entry’s over-stylized and uncompromising experience, our next unique event venue in Berlin is something completely different.

Yes, this huge white space opts for a more minimalist design ethic, showcasing how pretty an uncluttered motif can be.

There’s a creative feel to this open-plan venue. It’s a studio that has a lovely glow thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and the all-white colour motif. And it’s all brought together with the sparse but well places plantlife and modernist furnishings.

Capacity-wise, you’ll be able to host an event of up to 100 people in a standing event and 50 people in a seated event over the 200m2 we have here.

What’s more, it comes with a fully functional kitchen, first-class music equipment, a projector, and high-speed WiFi.

4. Colourful and Unique Venue in Berlin
 Studioeyecandy Fina
Colourful and Unique Venue in Berlin via Eventflare

Up next, we have something that is part industrial heritage, part neo-vintage treasure trove. This unique venue in Berlin can’t be missed, trust us!

It might surprise you, but this colourful and versatile loft space is actually located under a historical S-Bhan bow. Better still, it sits right on the banks of the River Spree. And underneath its arching brick ceiling, you have so much going on.

For starters, there’s the delicious pastel colour pallet that gives a lively dynamic. Then there’s the natural glow from the large windows. The open plan lounge, stunning flower collection, and the refind vintage furniture. And of course, we can’t forget to tell you about the magical panoramic view of the water.

It has a floor space of 180m2, allowing for up to 25 guests. Plus, it also has a beautiful kitchen with drink amenities and high-speed WiFi.

5. Huge White Unique Event Space in Berlin
Huge white event space
Huge White Unique Event Space in Berlin via Eventflare

And here we are, at our final unique event space in Berlin. It’s sad to be done so soon, but we’re leaving you with a marvellous location at least.

This huge white event space can do it all, really – everything from exhibitions, conferences, private dining, photoshoots, and the rest.

It’s beautiful too, as you can see. It’s another of our spots that sits right on the river’s banks. It’s surrounded by a vast park with some very pleasing nature to sweeten the deal.

Your guests will be able to see it all, with enviable views from the floor-to-ceiling windows or the balcony that sits out over the water.

The interior is a mesmerising all-white space with cool skylights and a pristine uncluttered motif. It’s a blank canvas venue, helped by substantial garage-style doors, meaning you can load in huge stage design pieces if you like.

It comes with all the amenities you’ll need for a modern corporate event too. And finally, over the 300m2 here, you’ll be able to host a standing event for up to 300 people and a seated event for up to 220 people.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, the most unique event spaces in Berlin. We hope you’re more inspired than ever!

And remember, that’s just a small selection of our venues in Berlin. You can see so much more on our platform. Just follow the link and enjoy!

Your next bit of help after that comes in the form of this guide on How to drive revenue beyond ticket sales. It’s full of excellent actionable advice, so don’t miss out!

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