Top Tips for Hosting a Side Event at DappCon Berlin

by Akshayaa RaniM,  30 October 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 30 October 2023
Top Tips for Hosting a Side Event at DappCon Berlin

DappCon Berlin is coming, folks. Are you ready for it? The 2024 edition will be in September again, so you need to be on your toes!

This article is a short and sweet list of hot tips for hosting a DappCon Berlin event of your own. From finding the best clubs in Berlin to hosting a Dapp conference, a cutting DappCon hackathon, and much more!

So read on and enjoy!

1. Why Host a DappCon Berlin Event

Hosting a DappCon Berlin event can be a valuable opportunity for community building, knowledge sharing, networking, and showcasing innovations in the blockchain and DApp ecosystem. It allows for the promotion of brands, education and training, fostering collaboration, supporting the local ecosystem, and potentially attracting investment.

While the endeavour comes with logistical and organisational challenges, the benefits in terms of connecting with experts, enthusiasts, and investors in the blockchain space can make it a rewarding experience for those deeply engaged in the industry.

2. Choose a Cool Event Venue in Berlin

Now, the official DappCon Berlin event will be taking place at the Radialsystem. It’s an iconic arts centre - originally built in the 19th century - and has undergone significant redevelopment. This, friends, is big competition for your own DappCon Berlin side event.

That means you need an event venue in Berlin that matches or surpasses the prestige of the Radialsystem for your DappCon Berlin event.

Well, as it happens, we happen to be event venue experts. And in Berlin, we’ve got a supreme collection that covers every size, taste, and function.

To see what we mean, why not check out this article on our most unique event venues in Berlin? Or, for more specific event-type content, take a peek at this article on the most unconventional conference venues in Berlin.

3. Pick the Hottest Themes for your Side Event at DappCon Berlin

The official themes for DappCon Berlin haven’t been released yet. So if you want to provide spaces to contribute to the official themes, you’ll have to wait patiently for them to be announced.

Alternatively, you can go off-piste, and create your own themes to tackle at DappCon Berlin, enticing people away from the main event to your unique DappCon Berlin conference.

As for what that could be, that’s your decision. However, the emerging hot topics of the decentralisation movement in 2024 include things like the eco-sustainability of Web3, government intervention into the decentralised world, decentralised social networks, and the viability of the metaverse.

4. Unique Ideas for a Side Event at DappCon Berlin

But what kind of DappCon Berlin event should you hold?

5. Pick the Right Speaker for Your Dapp Conference

Of course, choosing a speaker can make or break your DappCon conference.

Your first option is to look at who’s speaking at the main event and ask them to take part in yours too. They’re in town anyway, right? However… As it stands, that’s an issue, because their speakers list hasn’t been released yet.

Secondly, you simply ask your team/members/clients directly who they would like to see.

And thirdly, you can collaborate with us and we can source you the top talent to suit your theme and goals.

6. Entertainment for Your DappCon Berlin Party

Planning a DappCon Berlin party? Ensure a memorable experience with top-notch entertainment options, from live music to interactive tech demos, to keep your attendees engaged and entertained throughout the event.

Bonus Advice: Why not surprise your guests by booking one of these incredible outdoor party spaces in Berlin?

7. Make Awesome Sapp Coin Swag

Create unique and eye-catching swag items featuring the Sapp Coin logo or design for your DappCon event. Custom merchandise can serve as attractive giveaways, helping to promote your brand and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

We can help you with this too. Just check out our guide to the most unique ideas for branded event merchandise.

8. Sort the Hottest Berlin Clubs for your DappCon Berlin After-party

Nothing brings down the mood when an event is over and the momentum and energy is still strong, but there’s nothing else to move onto. Don’t get caught after your event with a crew of people twiddling their thumbs. Book a cool club in Berlin for them to dive into and keep the party going!

If you’re new to the city, don’t worry. Our local experts will sort you out with the best Berlin clubs to suit your team. All you have to do is ask!

Wrapping up

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed our top tips for hosting a side event DappCon Berlin.

Remember, we have loads more awesome event venues in Berlin so don’t go anywhere!

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