Creative Training Rooms in Berlin for Hire

by HarryPrince,  18 January 2021
by Harry Prince, 18 January 2021
Creative Training Rooms in Berlin for Hire

Creative training sessions are magic. It’s work… but fun. Just think of all the fantastic things we have in the world thanks to these cheat-code events.

And what’s more, Berlin might be in Germany, but it’s a very English-speaking city. So, it is ideal for international companies hungry to fine-tune their creative processes.

Let’s not stand on ceremony on this one, let’s get stuck in! Say hello to focus, and goodbye to zoning out with these creative training rooms in Berlin.

1) Trendy Industrial Event Space in Berlin

Trendy Industrial Event Space in BerlinTrendy Industrial Event Space in Berlin via Eventflare

This is a trendy training room that makes no apologies or excuses about being a raw and industrial venue. The large Turkish-style rug and wooden furniture add an air of decorum and nostalgia to the place’s in-your-face nature.

The venue itself comes with a whole range of technical and catering equipment, making it one of the most versatile workshop rooms in Berlin. So if you fancy turning it into a post-training cocktail party, nothing is stopping you!

You’ll find it in Neukölln, a hip area of the city. It is also a five-minute walk from Hermannplatz metro station.

If you can’t pull off a creative training session in this space and area, where can you?

2) Original Training Room
Original Training Room
Original Training Room via Eventflare

Berlin is an unusual place by anyone’s standards. Case in point: this ex-washroom turned training space. The concept of a laundromat-cafe-creative space could seem like a hypothetical example of something absurd.

But not in Berlin. And, once you get to this venue, you’ll see that it’s not absurd at all. It really works.

The place is built on the motif of Danish ambience. With that concept in mind, it’s a flood of cheerful colours, friendly furnishings, and abundant natural light. As we said… it works.

The venue has a capacity of around 12 to 25 people for training sessions. Attendees will be well fed with healthy snacks and high-quality caffeine fixes.

3) Luminous White Space
Luminous White Space via Eventflare

Staying ahead of the game is the chief principle of this luminous training venue. Motivated by the continually evolving digital world that we live in, they give individuals and companies the space and tools to adapt and thrive.

Their ambition is big, and so is their space. If you have a large creative training session planned, this could be the place for you. At 180m2, you can afford to stretch the guest list and get extravagant with the planning.

It’s a stylish hangout, with subtle industrial and urban tones. The technological amenities available are extensive, interactive and immersive. There is even an onsite kitchen designed for events, with the option to hire staff to serve your guests.

4) Creative Space for Training Sessions in Berlin
Creative Space for Training Sessions in Berlin
Creative Space for Training Sessions in Berlin via Eventflare

This is an undeniably sweet venue. In a world of serious events, this training venue in Berlin is a mellow fellow indeed.

The floor is wooden, and the walls are composed entirely of exposed bricks. But friends, don’t imagine shabby chic. Think polished grace. Everything about this place has a smooth finish.

We love the large panoramic whiteboard. It’s an inviting amenity where bad ideas are welcome and never look stupid.

This training room in Berlin has a movable setup, set to the whims of your imagination. The seats and tables are ready and available in different sizes. Add more, take away, the space is open to a face-lift.

It’s in a central location, so you can go out to stretch your legs, or for a snazzy lunch. Or make the most of the on-site kitchen? It’s your event, so do what you please!

5) Playful Training Room in Berlin
Playful Training Room in Berlin
Playful Training Room in Berlin via Eventflare

We’d love to see your face when you first walk into this training room in Berlin. Even the grumpiest person in your office will feel the tug of a smile. This place embodies pure childlike joy without being silly. It’s no mean feat, but they’ve pulled it off.

This routine busting venue is flexible too. Ultra-modern and colourful furniture is ready to be repurposed.

It’s centrally located too, so once you’ve knocked out the training session of the decade, you’ll be ready to get out into the city with a fresh set of eyes.

6) Bright and Versatile Industrial Studio
Bright and Versatile Industrial Studio
Bright and Versatile Industrial Studio via Eventflare

This studio is the perfect example of not meddling with a winning recipe. The greatest thing about this studio is its aged industrial vibe. And by adding the most delicate of touches, they’ve created something truly beautiful.

It’s a venue that works both day and night. The tall industrial era windows will make the place shine; alternatively, the place looks just as stunning by candlelight in the evening.

It’s a place that appears to be small at first glance, but it has hidden corners and depth. In the end, you’re looking at 340m2 of play space.

It’s an alternative option that promises a magical atmosphere for any creative training session in Berlin. If there’s an artist inside you, they’ll be living their best life in this space.

7) Stylish Training Room in Berlin
Stylish Training Room in Berlin
Stylish Training Room in Berlin via Eventflare

Here we have a sleek, creative training room in co-working location. The venue has various spaces for all kinds of corporate events.

It’s a location that thrives off a juxtaposition of brutalist features and comforting warm features. It’s specially designed to remove unnecessary distractions so you can get on with what you do best.

It is in the Scheunenviertel, in the city centre. It’s an area that’s been through its hard times, but, since the ’90s, has grown up into one of the city’s most charming and most cherished neighbourhoods.

There are various catering options to suit your event’s needs, so all you need to do is state your preferences.

8) Modern Training Space
Modern Training Space
Modern Training Space via Eventflare

This event venue is a modern training space that carries itself simply and elegantly. The large windows on the slanted roof fill the place with happy energy.

They have a rooftop hangout spot, which is a great place to take lengthy breaks and have chats. Most importantly, they have a great BBQ grill you can use! We love how residential it feels.

So, you won’t just be learning about your colleagues’ creative ideas; you’ll be learning about their skills on the grill too by the sounds of it!

9) Chic and Spacious Training Room in Berlin
Chic and Spacious Training Room
Chic and Spacious Training Room via Eventflare

his training spaceis like the Rolex of event location spaces. It’s a smooth operation. With vintage upholstery, natural plant life and glass partitions, it’s a very well thought out and executed space, indeed.

They have extra services like drinks and catering, event photographers/videographers, and furniture as desired.

This creative training room in Berlin has big ceilings at 3.6m high and a floor space of 300m2. So there’s certainly room to stretch!

10) Cozy Training Space in Berlin

Cozy Training Space Via EventflareCozy Training Space Via Eventflare

On the first impression, this venue looks more like a luxury apartment than a creative training room. And wouldn’t that be nice?

You’re going to fall for the fireplace straight away. The furniture and decor are modern and sleek. The kitchen, three suites, and bathrooms only add to the sense of luxury and homeliness.

And once you add in extra goodies like music equipment, projectors, flip charts and a TV, you’ll see that it’s a sterling place to hold a creative session.

Wrapping Up

We hate to blow our own trumpet, but how exciting is this list? As we said, creative training rooms in Berlin are magic. Let’s hope we’ve done them justice with this awesome selection of venues.

The hard part is the nitty-gritty, the numbers, the i’s and the t’s, of course. But it’s worth it in the end. The fun part is getting in photographers to create beautiful visual content out of your hard work.

We’ve already started that process for you. You can check out our guide to the best photography studios in Berlin here, be good to yourself, and your business.

Featured image: Colourful Training Room in Berlin via eventflare

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