5 Photo Studios for Hire in Brussels

24 March 2021
24 March 2021
5 Photo Studios for Hire in Brussels

Say cheese, as the saying goes in English. Or, smile at the little birdy, in Dutch. Say Orange is the Dane’s way. It’s a little more direct in Hindi; show your teeth.

All these different phrases translate to the same thing: smile and stop messing around. I’m about to take a photo.

The reason for booking a photo studio is simple. It makes you, your team, and your products look better. It might seem like an extravagance sometimes, but it’s worth it.

To distil is to extract the essentials or best out of something. That is what we’ve done for our photo studios in Brussels. We’ve got five of the very best. So carry on and see if you agree.

1) Exhibition Event Space 

Exhibition Event Space
Exhibition Event Space via Eventflare

Our first photo studio in Brussels is this exhibition event space. It’s like a garage for a spaceship in an indie sci-fi film.

You’ll be gazing at its arched roof for the duration of your stay. It’s brought to life by its skylights, a black steel structure, and black air vents.

If you get your measuring tape out, you’ll learn that the space spreads out over 300m2. Thanks to its size, it might be a location for someone who wants to capture something bigger than a portrait.

2) Beautiful White Event Space 

Beautiful White Event Space
Beautiful White Event Space via Eventflare

Our second photo studio in Brussels is this beautiful white event space. Its entirely white interior creates an atmospheric space, especially with the bright orb-like lights.

In this industry, we call this kind of venue a blank canvas. By that, we mean it’s a venue that has no decoration or outstanding features; a space completely flexible for an event planner to transform in their image.

There’s also a spacious and contemporarily designed rooftop terrace for you to enjoy. It’s located in the heart of the city, with the canal close enough you can take your breaks by the water. Although it’s only 190m2 you can host up to 90 people here.

3) Luminous Venue and Modern Events Studio

Luminous Venue and Modern Events Studio
Luminous Venue and Modern Events Studio via Eventflare

We’re going to take a dramatic turn now. This next photo studio for hire in Brussels is more like someone’s living room. Someone with a very cool living room, mind you.

There’s a library of great magazines, books and coffee tables. There are many lovely plants, an enviable open kitchen, and all the chic decor you could ask for.

This luminous and modern events studio is just showing off when it comes to versatility. As well as photoshoots, you can use it for after-works, brainstorming sessions, exhibitions, meetings, and workshops.

So if you’re looking for a place to chill while you work, voilà!

4) Ingeniously Designed Event Space 

Event Space Ingeniously Designed
Event Space Ingeniously Designed via Eventflare

In the interest of offering unique venues, we’ve got this ingeniously designed event space.

Against the world of traditional corporate venues, this space will give you a photo shoot with grit. A bit of edge. A bit of urban mystique. It’s an urban art and graffiti museum that proudly celebrates Brussels’ finest street artists.

Brussels is well known for its street art. We strongly advise you to check it out while you’re here. We even wrote a guide on finding amazing street art in Brussels to set you on your way.

It’s quite some size at 5,000m2. Under its industrial roof, you can host all kinds of events. It’s yours to do with as you please!

5) Amazing Seminar Room in Artistic House 

Amazing Seminar Room in Artistic House
Amazing Seminar Room in Artistic House via Eventflare

It’s almost time to say goodbye. Our final suggestion for your photoshoot in Brussels is this amazing seminar room in an artistic house.

It’s historic, too; the house dates back to the 1920s and leads a double life as both a gallery and a creative studio space.

The top floor is a lengthy yet cosy studio that has a barn-style roof. It’s angelic. And when you need to cool off, you can always take solace in the garden.

Wrapping up 

Taste is a funny thing. As much as we have in common, we all have a unique side. That means our distilled top five might not have been your pace. In that case, check out all of our photoshoot rooms in Brussels!

We couldn’t leave without giving you one last – and essential – tip. The perfect photo studio in Brussels deserves the perfect photographer. So without further ado, here is our guide to the best photographers working in Brussels.

Featured image: Ingeniously Designed Event Space via Eventflare

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