7 Fun Team-Building Activities in Dubai

by Akshayaa RaniM,  18 August 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 18 August 2023
7 Fun Team-Building Activities in Dubai

Hello there, event planners! Welcome to the luxurious oasis of Dubai, where everything is just a little extraordinary, including the team-building activities in Dubai!

Get ready to experience fun like you’ve never had before with team-building activities that will have your participants bonding, laughing, and creating unforgettable memories together. From desert adventures to urban challenges, Dubai offers an incredible playground for team-building fun.

So, buckle up and dive in with us to explore the sun-soaked adventures you can have as a team-building activity in Dubai.

1. Strap Up for a Go-Karting Team-Building Activity in Dubai
Strap up for a Go-Karting team-building activity in Dubai via. Facebook.jpg
Strap up for a Go-Karting team-building activity in Dubai via. Facebook

Dubai is a wild ride! That’s why we’re going to kick off our list of recommendations for team-building in Dubai with go-karting at Kartdrome, UAE’s firstfully-integrated multipurpose motorsport and entertainment facility.

Over here, you can gather your team for the race of a lifetime through the FIA-sanctioned 5.39km circuit space for the ultimate adrenaline rush. That’s not all. You can customise your team-building activity according to your team size and needs. There’s the mini-prix, grand prix, super prix, and endurance test to choose from, each with its own sprint race formats.

And, just to make the competition more fun, you can also customise your own trophies or have merch that is co-branded with both your logo and Kartdrome’s logo. Sounds like a thrilling team activity, doesn’t it?

2. A Luxurious Desert Adventure for a Team-Building Event in Dubai
A luxurious desert adventure for a team-building event in Dubai via. exploreevents.ae.jpg
A luxurious desert adventure for a team-building event in Dubai via. exploreevents.ae

If there’s one thing Dubai does like no other city, it’s luxury. Let the desert sands be your team-building venue for hire in Dubai as you gather your team for a memorable outing.

It’s not only a great way to show appreciation for a fantastic team, but it’s also the perfect opportunity for teams to leave the stress of work and everyday life with the pampering Luxury Adventure package that’s all about relaxation and rejuvenation.

The package includes calming team yoga sessions and soothing massages that help create this serene team-bonding atmosphere.

And that’s not all. Teams will also experience the thrill of the desert as they hop into powerful dune buggies, exploring the vast sandy terrain. Oh! And before we forget, this indulgent day is concluded by a lavish dinner spread under the gorgeous Arabian night sky.

3. A Team Building Activity in Dubai in Nature: Adventure Park Fun
A team-building activity in Dubai in nature - Adventure Park Fun via. Instagram.jpg
A team-building activity in Dubai in nature: Adventure Park Fun via. Instagram

From luxury to a sport of the royal to an outdoor adventure, there are team-building activities in Dubai for every need. Next up, we’re going to recommend an activity for the more adventurous corporates out there.

Grab your team and head down to Aventura, an adventure park in Dubai with the region’s largest zipline. What really sets this space apart is that it is designed and built on and between the trees of Aventura’s natural Ghaf Forest.

You don’t even have to plan much to arrange a fun day for your team since everything is already planned out for you. The park consists of 4 adult circuits, each with its own obstacles that alternate between fun, thrilling, and challenging.

So if you’re looking for a way to build camaraderie between your team members, boost their morale, and most importantly, give them a fun experience, you know where you need to plan your team-building event!

4. Paddle Forward with an Energising Team Activity in Dubai: Dragon Boat Racing
Paddle forward with an energising team activity in Dubai - Dragon Boat Racing via. Facebook.jpg
Paddle forward with an energising team activity in Dubai: Dragon Boat Racing via. Facebook

When it comes to unique team-building activities in Dubai, you’ll be spoilt for choice. And, our next activity is proof of that. Take a break from the desert heat with a fun, safe, and inclusive team activity like dragon boating.

A dragon boat is a long narrow boat that holds up to 20 paddlers all working together in unison to move the boat forward. This not only promotes team camaraderie, but it’s also a great activity to encourage team communication and commitment. Not to mention, it’s fun.

Once your team has mastered the art of propelling the boat forward, you can take this team-building activity in Dubai to the next level in a series of exciting races culminating in a grand final with the medal presentation taking place on the beach.

5. Paintball to Make a Splash at Your Team-Building Event in Dubai
Paintball to make a splash at your team-building event in Dubai via. Unsplash.jpg
Paintball to make a splash at your team-building event in Dubai via. Unsplash

Our next idea for team-building activities in Dubai is an old favourite, paintball!

It’s the perfect way to unleash the competitive spirit of your team members and bond with colleagues as you strategise, communicate, and work together to conquer the battlefield. Let your team feel the rush of excitement as they gear up in protective gear, armed with paintball markers, and dive into action amidst Dubai's thrilling landscapes.

Whether you're dodging behind obstacles, defending your base, or planning the ultimate ambush, paintballing is the perfect way to foster teamwork, build trust, and create lasting memories with your teammates.

6. Discover the City Through a City Hunt Team Activity in Dubai
Discover the city through a City Hunt team activity in Dubai via. Teamland.jpg
Discover the city through a City Hunt team activity in Dubai via. Teamland

Whether your team is based in Dubai or you’re in the city for an event, a City Hunt is a great team-building activity in Dubai that lets you see the city through different eyes.

The City Hunt is basically a scavenger hunt that allows your team members to explore some of Dubai’s famous landmarks as well as some lesser-known spots while solving fun photo challenges, answering local trivia, and decoding riddles.

This fun activity can also be customised to focus on your company culture to make it a more wholesome experience for your team members.

7. Relax with a Desert Safari and BBQ Dinner Team Activity in Dubai
Relax with a desert safari and BBQ dinner team activity in Dubai via. Unsplash.jpg
Relax with a desert safari and BBQ dinner team activity in Dubai via. Unsplash

We can’t make a list of team-building activities in Dubai and miss mentioning the famous dune bashing or desert safari.

Perfect for an activity that gives teams a taste of local culture and hospitality, this fun team-building event not only includes the exhilarating dune bashing adventure but also includes a fun camel ride and other infusions of local flavour in activities like shisha and henna painting.

As the sun sets, the real party begins with belly dancing, a Tanoura show, and a mesmerising fire show that will leave your team members in awe. That’s not all. Take your bonding a step further with food since this activity also includes an irresistible BBQ dinner.

Wrapping Up

It’s been a thrilling ride through the deserts, water, and land in Dubai, but sadly, this is where we’ll have to end our list of fun team-building activities in Dubai.

We hope you’ve found something you can enjoy with your team. However, if there’s an activity you already have in mind, make sure you explore our list of event venues in Dubai to give your colleagues the best experience.

We’ll leave you to get on with your planning now, but before we go, we have one last recommendation for you. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Getting Around Dubai to make ferrying your team members to your event location seamless.

Good luck!

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