How to Host a Side Event in Lisbon During Non-Fungible Conference

25 January 2022
25 January 2022
How to Host a Side Event in Lisbon During Non-Fungible Conference

Hello friends, today we’re here to talk about Non-Fungible Conference. A 2-day event filled with talks, panels, workshops and experiences that brings together artists, projects, platforms, collectors and investors from the global NFT community.

It takes place on April 4th &5th 2002 and will see more than 1,500 attendees attend over 100 talks and panels over four content tracks.

This article is your ultimate guide on how to host a side event in Lisbon during Non-Fungible Conference 2022.

You’ll learn firstly why you should host one in the first place. Then we’ll show you how to choose a theme, an event type, speakers, and then a venue.

Thereafter we’ll tell you the best ways to get sponsorship, how to market your event, and how to incorporate NFT technology into your activities.

Why Host an NFT Event in Lisbon?

Lisbon has transformed itself into a hub for tech entrepreneurs and became a hot spot for hosting blockchain and crypto events. It’s one of the fastest growing hubs in Europe, that is becoming increasingly popular with start-ups and investors. So the place is right.

The project – NFT’s – is strong too. Despite the larger public seeing NFT’s as just Bored Ape art, it can, and will, be more that that. And as we know already, it’s huge business, with NFT trading reaching $11 billion in Q3, with the most expensive one on record going for $92 million.

And as we mentioned, you’re going to have more than 1,500 attendees in the city, so you have plenty of registrations to secure, and that means a good looking ROI.

Moreover, there are so many other benefits such as finding new team members, meeting with artists, investors, entrepreneurs partners, sourcing customers, connecting with coin and protocol communities, brainstorming new ideas, discovering new trends, and more.

Hot Topics at This Years Non-Fungible Conference You Should Focus on

The major topics that Non-Fungible Conference has identified for this year’s activities are as follows:

  • Gaming: Covering things like play-to-earn, e-sports, business models.
  • Art: Everything from OG stories, new standards, the future of cryptoart.
  • Collectables: Focusing on key business success and the future of collectables.
  • Metaverse: On the current situation and the latest Metaverse projects.

So that begs the question, do you tag along and build on these themes; become part of the community spirit, as it were. Or, do you introduce your own unique themes to draw the crowd away to your own side event in Lisbon?

For example, you could host a Non-Fungible Conference side event on green blockchain initiatives. This is one of the most significant issues people have with blockchain, especially NFT’s: they have a heavy carbon footprint.

For example, you could host a panel discussion on the debate between the ‘proof-of-stake’ model and a ‘proof-of-work’ model, introducing those that believe the community’s energy should be focusing on investing in renewable energy.

What Kind of NFT Side Events In Lisbon Should You Host

Typical event types that you see at NFT, crypto and blockchain events are conferences, hackathons, workshops, after-work events, and miscellaneous activities.

The Non-Fungible Conference has identified three main event types, side events, parties, and cultural experiences.

Traditional NFT events include classic corporate event types like conferences and workshops and contemporary events like hackathons. We strongly suggest following these tried and tested event styles for your NFT side event.

However, there is a real emphasis on the after-work scene at NFT events, especially during Non-Fungible Conference. That’s why a side party in Lisbon will be a strong decision on your part.

Ad as we know, NFT are an example of applied blockchain technology. And we also know that they’re primarily talked of as a way of creating value. This has overshadowed NFT as a valid form of art. That’s why there is an emphasis on cultural experiences at Non-Fungible Conference. That’s why you’ll see NFT side event’s like this NFT Art Cafe.

Pop-up shops are also an idea we like for a Non-Fungible Conference side event this year like the NFT Shopping District.

Choosing a Speaker For Your NFT Event in Lisbon

Choosing a speaker for your Non-Fungible Conference side event is an exciting prospect. A nervous one, maybe, because a lot rides on it. But exciting nonetheless!

There are several avenues you can go down here. You can shoot for the stars and invite a blockbuster signing. One of the big names in the industry that everyone knows and everyone wants to hear from.

Someone like Kevin Rose, for example. With Time Magazine calling him one of the “Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web,” Bloomberg lists him as a “Top 25 Angel Investor.” He’s also appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Charlie Rose Show, and the print covers of Businessweek and Inc. Magazine.

Alternatively, you can go for a more nuanced, influencer approach. For example, you could book Joel Comm and Travis Wring from The Nifty Show podcast. With a huge audience, all of whom are the exact people who would be interested in your NFT event in Lisbon in the very first place. It would work as marketing very effectively.

Perhaps you want to outsource this job to professionals? There are agencies like  A-Speakers now that specialise in blockchain speakers, believe it or not. You’ll save your time searching and contacting candidates; you’ll also save energy by not messing around with contact negotiations as you’re promised standard rates. What you see is what you get.

Another option is to let your audience choose. Yes, really. Just look at The Blockchain Event and their call for speakers. So simple yet so effective, and could be the key to turning interest into confirmations.

Where You Should Host Your Side Event for the Non-Fungible Conference

The official location for the Non-Fungible Conference is the Carlos Lopes Pavillion. It was named after the first Portuguese gold medalist back in 1984 at the LA Olympics.

It’s a building with a curious history, initially designed for the Pavilion of Portuguese Industries during the 1922 International Exhibition of Rio de Janeiro. Afterwhich, it was dismantled and transferred to Portugal and rebuilt in Lisbon in 1932 in the Parque Eduardo VII.

Your NFT side event in Lisbon, of course, is part of the community of events under the Non-Fungible Conference umbrella. At the same time, however, it and the Carlos Lopes Pavillion are your direct competition. You’re competing from the same group of attendees, remember.

It’s essential to have an excellent venue to compete with the piece of grandeur and history, which is the festival’s epicentre. Here we’ve chosen some sample venues you could book corresponding with the event types above to save you some time.

Conference: Colourful and Avant-Garde Conference Room For an NFT Side Event

 Old Oom
Colourful and Avant-Garde Conference Room For an NFT Side Event via Eventflare

Here we’ve chosen one of our many conference rooms in Lisbon. It’s a colourful and Avante-Garde space that is funky and unique, ideal for an NFT side event.

As well as being striking visually, it’s an eco-friendly venue and has cool lounge areas and a balcony for breakout sessions.

For further advice on how to choose the perfect conference venue for your needs, have a look at these guides we made earlier:

Hackathon: Unconventional Hackathon Venue For an NFT Event in Lisbon

 Econd Ome Isboa
Unconventional Hackathon Venue For an NFT Event in Lisbon via Eventflare

If you’re planning a hackathon at Non-Fungible Conference, then you really need to have a look at this unconventional and creative venue.

It’s like nothing you’ll have seen before, with presentation spaces, meeting rooms, a bar, a lounge, and more.

Make sure to check out our guide to the top hackathon venues in Lisbon to see what else we have to offer in this department.

Workshop: Eclectic and Quirky Space for Non-Fungible Conference Side Event 

Eclectic and Quirky Space for Non-Fungible Conference Side Event via Eventflare

We’ve bookmarked this venue for a Non-Fungible Conference Workshop. It’s an eclectic and quirky space that evokes creativity. It has a dynamic atmosphere, and its cheerful disposition keeps the energy levels high even during the longest sessions.

Follow this link to see the rest of our lovely workshop rooms in Lisbon.

Parties: Colourful and Authentic Patio For Side Party in Lisbon

Colorful and authentic patio for unforgettable outdoor events
Colourful and Authentic Patio For Side Party in Lisbon via Eventflare 

Now, as we said, there is an emphasis on Non-Fungible Conference side parties. So here is a little taste of our After-work rooms in Lisbon.

We like this for a side party in Lisbon because it’s an authentic slice of Portuguese heritage. From the Azulejo tiles to the folklorish building facades.

It’s bright, fun, and versatile. Your guests will love it. We promise you that!

Cultural Experiences: Industrial Venue For Cultural Experiences at Non-Fungible Conference

Industrial Venue For Cultural Experiences at Non-Fungible Conference via Eventflare

And here’s our final pick. This one we think would be great for cultural experiences. It’s spacious, has gorgeous riverside views, and has a noble industrial aura. And now that we think about it, this could be perfect for a side part in Lisbon too!

The towering brick pillars and arching steel windows are incredibly stylish. What’s more, it’s a blank canvas location, allowing you to do with the space as you please. And best of all, it has a huge 6-metre tall entryway, meaning you can move in substantial set pieces and equipment. So there’s no excuse not to let your event planning imagination run wild.

For more inspiration, check out this piece on where to find unique event spaces in Lisbon.

How to Feature NFT Technology at Your NFT Side Event

So as we’ve established, people have been talking about NFT non-stop. But how do you actually make them an integral part of your NFT event in Lisbon? Otherwise, it’s just a regular side event in Lisbon, right?

Our first example could be in ticket sales. Firstly, thanks to blockchain technology, they’ll stop fraudulent ticket sales and will help stabilise unfair prices in the second-hand market.  And secondly, it will be a great marketing technique to lure in attendees by turning their simple tickets into unique content.

Our second example is gamification. Early on, it’s been plain to see that gamification and NFT’s can benefit each other. This killer combination has been amplified to the max, too, since the Metaverse announcement. Gamification in and of itself is a juggernaut. It increases engagement, pure and simple. It’s great for learning, it’s great for sponsors, and crucially, it’s fun. Incorporating NTF’s into gaming and gamification only makes them stronger.

Of course, the promise of exclusive content drops will incentivise people. It’s also opened up a new area for gamers to make money through these transactions. It’s given new meaning to what it means to be a creator in the gaming world. It’s empowering.

But more than that, it makes gamification and gaming more meaningful for people. Owning, trading and selling authentic and original material in a gaming environment is a fascinating concept.

A superb example at one of our recent hybrid event events was a virtual scavenger hunt. $1 Drop NFT’s were hidden amongst virtual platforms of a product launch, and the person who collected the most won a one-on-one session as the keynote speaker.

Then, of course, there’s the simple but effective giving of Swag. People love free things, and they’ll love you and your event if you can arrange to have an NFT as part of their virtual swag bag. For example, check out when DC did a superhero NFT giveaway for those that registered for their Fan Dome Event.

To wrap up this section on how to incorporate NFT’s into your Non-Fungible Conference side event, we’d like to emphasise that technology and events are a winning combination you need to capitalise on. To learn more, read up on these articles.

How to get Sponsorship for your Non-Fungible Conference Side Event in Lisbon

Without sponsorship, we wouldn’t have an event industry. It’s as simple as that. That’s why knowing how to get sponsors for your event is essential for every event planner. Sponsorship is key to any successful event, from the smallest micro-events to the world’s largest conferences.

You can search and barter for sponsors yourself, or you can save your time and outsource it to an event sponsorship specialist like TOP. Another option is to get in touch with the Lisbon Area Chamber of Commerce, who might be able to introduce you to local businesses with an interest in sponsoring your side party in Lisbon or even your NFT side event.

It’s also possible to get funding in the form of a grant instead of a sponsor. It’s always worth checking in with the Lisboa Convention Bureau. They might be able to help secure you with a grant from either themselves or local charitable bodies if your principles align with theirs.

Another option you should make sure to look into is crowdfunding. This is made easy for NFT events with streamlined platforms like Gitcoin. If you can conceive their users that your NFT event in Lisbon is worthy, you could get significant donations towards your costs.

These are just a sample of ideas, remember. If you want to learn more in-depth about events sponsorships, then make sure to read these 4 tips for growing your event sponsorship revenue.

And finally, you can always ask one of our local experts for their business knowledge of local cities too.

How to Market Your NFT Side Event in Lisbon

There is a lot of momentum and investment in the world of NFT’s right now. What’s more, it has the feeling of a global online community that is highly active in building it – and attending conferences. So they want to know about your NFT event in Lisbon, you just have to tell them about it.

What you need to do first is get your event on the most popular Crypto and NFT platform event calendars. Anyone can post their events here, and they’re easy to navigate. We recommend starting with these platforms here:

As always, for big jobs, there is always professional help. For this particular job – marketing your NFT event in Lisbon – you could outsource to an NFT marketing specialist like Inoru. It’s a flexible, versatile and customisable service. They offer a free consultation and quote, so it won’t hurt to check them out.

There is still a lot of effective marketing you can do in-house and at no cost. Being an off-shoot of the blockchain and crypto communities, NFT’s are also marketed via messenger.

The primary resource to use is Telegram. This messaging platform makes sense for NFT side events as it has an end-to-end encryption philosophy with the same spirit as the blockchain principle. Follow this link to discover some of the most popular NFT groups on the platform.

Another free and popular resource to market your Non-Fungible Conference side event is Medium. It’s longer-form content, where users share experiences, ideas, recapping of events past and present, metrics, and more. If you want to embed yourself in the NFT community, this is one of the ways to do it.

And if you want to learn more about event marketing in more depth, check out these guides we prepared earlier:

Wrapping up

So there you have it, our guide on hosting a side event in Lisbon during Non-Fungible Conference 2022.

We’ve covered all the event planning bases, from choosing speakers and venues to marketing and sponsorship.

If you have an event idea for Non-Fungible Conference, we’d love to hear from you. And, of course, we hope to see you there. We can’t wait for it!

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