The 5 Best Places for Vegan Catering in Lisbon

by Tejaswini,  01 June 2023
by Tejaswini , 01 June 2023
The 5 Best Places for Vegan Catering in Lisbon

Hi there, event planners! If you’re looking for options for vegan catering in Lisbon, you’re in luck!

We’re sure you’ve heard that vegan catering is in vogue now. From the Oscars to The Golden Globe Awards, event caterers across the globe are opting for vegan menus for their events, and Lisbon is no different.

Not only does a plant-based menu satisfy almost all dietary restrictions, but vegan caterers today are also super innovative, and you can rest assured that they’ll come up with a menu that will make both your vegan and non-vegan attendees very happy!

That being said, there are a lot of other factors that go into planning an event, so we’re here to take one thing off your plate by presenting some cool caterers you can check out for vegan catering in Lisbon.

1. A Private Vegan Caterer in Lisbon: Chef Yuki (All You Need Is Veg)
A private vegan caterer in Lisbon Chef Yuki (All You Need Is Veg) via.Instagram.jpg
A private vegan caterer in Lisbon: Chef Yuki (All You Need Is Veg) via.Instagram

Chef Yuki is no stranger to the vegan food scene in Lisbon. This former audio-visual designer turned nutritionist/chef has been a much-sought-after vegan caterer in Lisbon ever since she began All You Need Is Veg in 2015.

Her menu features customised meals for corporate meetings and features a variety of refreshing lunches and delicate dinners that are light on the stomach but heavy on taste.

She specialises in fresh plant-based Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of South East and Southeast Asian flavours, so you can expect to see a lot of flavourful salads and curries on your menu.

Chef Yuki also has a background in events, so she knows how important catering is to the overall success of an event. Keeping that in mind, she can also plan a personalised vegan menu that caters to dietary restrictions and special celebrations.

2. A Favourite Lisbon Vegan Caterer: Vegano Social Club
A favourite Lisbon vegan caterer Vegano Social Club via. Instagram.jpg
A favourite Lisbon vegan caterer: Vegano Social Club via. Instagram

The next vegan event caterer in Lisbon on our list is here to challenge the misconception that vegan food is boring. The Vegano Social Club is a haven for vegan junk food lovers and proof that even vegans can have fun!

Their menu features a wide variety of made-to-order vegan snacks such as plant-based burgers, croquettes, ‘meatballs, cutlets, kebabs, and more. These can be ordered ready-made in an event platter or bought frozen if you would like your personal caterer to add this to your menu.

And, if reviews are anything to go by, this vegan event caterer in Lisbon is a hit with not only the vegan community but they’re also loved by meat-eaters so everyone wins with this one!

3. A Lisbon Vegan Catering Company: Comer Amor
A Lisbon vegan catering company Comer Amor via.Facebook.jpg
A Lisbon vegan catering company: Comer Amor via. Facebook

Next up, we have vegan event caterers in Lisbon that have built their company on the idea of compassionate and healthy eating.

One of the most popular vegan event catering companies in Lisbon, Comer Amor is dedicated to promoting vegan and vegetarian cuisine in the city. While veganism is in-demand in Lisbon, this catering company takes it a step further with a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices in everything from their ingredients to their cooking methods.

Almost everything on Comer Amor’s menu is made using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, so if you’re looking at building a menu that’s good for both your tastebuds and our planet, you should definitely check them out.

And that’s not all. Comer Amor can also customise their menu and services to tailor to specific needs and dietary requirements.

4. A Lisbon vegan catering company: Comer Amor via. Facebook
Corporate vegan catering in Lisbon Sebze Lisboa via.Facebook.jpg
Corporate vegan catering in Lisbon: Sebze Lisboa via. Facebook

No conversation on private vegan caterers in Lisbon is complete without mentioning Alexandra, the brains and heart behind Sebze Lisboa.

This lovely plant-based catering company is popular at event venues across Lisbon because of its diverse and flavourful menu. You’ll find everything here from savoury mezes and sweet pastries to plated dinners and family-style meals.

Their menu focuses on Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern flavours, but you’ll also find some delicious pasta and burgers (we highly recommend their crunchy lentil burger!) in there as well.

Sebze Lisboa is the preferred vegan caterer in Lisbon for everything from catering for corporate events to intimate weddings, and even retreats. And, with their expansive menu, we can’t say we’re surprised!

5. A Specialised Vegan Caterer in Lisbon: Vegan Nata
A specialised vegan caterer in Lisbon Vegan Nata via.Facebook.jpg
A specialised vegan caterer in Lisbon: Vegan Nata via. Facebook

Last, but not least, we’ve got a Lisbon vegan caterer that offers a vegan version of a Portuguese favourite:pasties de nata or Portuguese custard tarts. This flaky, sweet custard tart gets a plant-based makeover, thanks to Vegan Nata.

If you’re hosting an event in Lisbon, this would be a great snack to provide during the coffee break to add some Portuguese flavour to your event. The vegan version is an excellent choice that will suit all dietary needs and preferences.

And, if that’s not impressive enough, Vegan Nata will cater for your event in the most ecological way possible. They are committed to the environment and sustainable living, so not only do they make their tarts with high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients, but they also serve them on edible straws and plates.

Wrapping Up

We’ve hit the end of our list of vegan event caterers in Lisbon. We hope we’ve opened your eyes to how versatile, fun, and delicious vegan food can be.

But just in case you would like other catering options for different dietary needs, you can also check out our favourite event caterers in Lisbon.

Now, of course, catering is only one aspect of event planning. So, if you need any more help with anything from finding event venues to photographers for your event, just get in touch with our local experts, and they’ll be happy to help.

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