10 Affordable Photo Studios for Hire in London

31 March 2021
31 March 2021
10 Affordable Photo Studios for Hire in London

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But we all do.

More often than not, a client’s first point of contact with your business will be the photos on your website or socials.

Finding a good photography studio to rent might seem like an unnecessary extravagance. But we disagree with that.

And to prove it, we’ve put together a list of some of the best affordable photo studios for hire in London.

1) Gorgeous White Event Venue for Creative Events
Gorgeous white event venue for creative events
Gorgeous white event venue for creative events via Eventflare

Our first photo studio for hire is this gorgeous white venue for creative events. It’s grand in size and style.

It is like a neo-Victorian dreamscape. The focal point is an enormous photo screen that drops from the ceiling and lays across the large floor.

The terrazzo-floored mezzanine is stunning. So is the vast white arching roof that has a subtle industrial note to it.

It’s a true blank canvas venue, well suited to photoshoots of all kinds.

This venue is quite sizable, with a standing capacity of 200 and a seated dinner capacity of 88. Plus, it’s in Notting Hill, which you might remember from that famous film…

2) Quirky Film Studio for Hire in London
Quirky Film Studio for Hire in London
Quirky Film Studio for Hire in London via Eventflare

This film studio venue is cool because it’s a 1930’s spice warehouse. And we’re going to keep it cool and avoid using any spicy jokes. You’re welcome.

This venue also has a big rooftop with 134m2 of space. But be careful going up there in the winter might be… chillie (we lied).

It’s a four-storey venue that has been optimised for corporate events. The array of props are not only charming decorations but yours to bring your photo shoot to life, too!

If you fancy throwing an after-work party or reception, there’s a large kitchen and a capacity of 250 for a standing event.

3) Elegant White Studio with Tons of Natural Light
Elegant White Studio with Tons of Natural Light via Eventflare

Our next photo studio for hire in London is located right by London Docks, a historic and atmospheric part of the city.

It’s an elegant white studio and an exemplary space for cultivating natural light. We love the sparkle of the polished food, as well as the wide doors for getting through all the large equipment you could need.

It’s a former factory that is now a charming studio with a capacity of 100 people for a standing function.

4) Charming and Purpose-Built Studio 
Charming and Purpose Built Studio for Creative Encounters
Charming and Purpose Built Studio for Creative Encounters via Eventflare

This charming and purpose-built studio used to be a warehouse. Not that you could ever tell. It has been refurbished to a high level. What we have now is like a museum to interior design.

As well as design classics, it proudly features obscure pieces like the row of barbershop chairs and mirrors.

It has dedicated spaces for hair and makeup artists, for lounging, and a kitchen too. So it’s an all-in-one place to hang out and get stuff done.

It’s also right around the corner from Broadway Market, so the location is pretty cool too!

5) Rustic Studio Space with Chic Character
Rustic Studio Space with Chic Character via Eventflare

This rustic studio space is a blank canvas venue, which is the ideal starting point for a solid photoshoot.

It’s a large brick archway that features every amenity necessary for a shoot, such as a high-speed Wifi connection, AV equipment, security staff, drinks and catering.

There’s no need to over decorate this venue; the naked brick walls and polished floors are beautiful as they are. We love the modern glass facade that gives you that precious natural light too.

And finally, it’s in one of London’s coolest neighbourhoods: Shoreditch!

6) White Studio with Industrial Features
White Studio with Industrial Features
White Studio with Industrial Features via Eventflare

Up next, we have this white studio with industrial features that are subtle and dignified.

You’ll see an authentic brick furnace facade, nostalgic industrial windows and super cool steel beams.

You’ll appreciate the fishbowl meeting room that looks onto the main space. It’s an excellent place for a breakout or as an operations room.

It’s got a kitchen, coffee, projectors and other amenities available for your photoshoot.

7) Eco-Friendly Blank Canvas Space
Eco-Friendly Blank Canvas via Eventflare

How do you like the sound of an eco-friendly blank canvas that’s like a refurbished church built for creatives?

This is another venue with a large trailing screen that flows across the main hall.

It’s a true blank canvas venue that we love for photoshoots. You and your creative team can have a field day here!

The space boasts an area of 1,600m2. It is equipped with an excellent WiFi connection, a digital suite for post-production, a shared kitchen, an integrated Meyer M1 sound system and a digital wall-mounted control system for sound, lighting, windows and blinds.

You can also treat your guests to some delicious food from the venue’s organic caterers.

8) Transformed Victorian Factory for Film Productions
Transformed Victorian Factory for Film Productions via Eventflare

Hidden in a private courtyard, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find this old Victorian factory. If you’re thinking about Oliver Twist, imagine a more contemporary film, TV and still photography studio.

It’s beautiful to behold, primarily thanks to the vast wooden roof beams and brick walls.

When you leave the privacy of the courtyard, you’ll find yourself in the heart of the amazing Shoreditch we keep telling you about.

The factory has different rooms, including a kitchen as well as the main studio mezzanine. There is a functional production office on-site, with parking available as well.

9) Charismatic and Versatile Loft Space 
Charismatic and Versatile Loft Space via Eventflare

The problem with idyllic rural venues is you need to travel some way to get to them. We can give you rural right in the city with this charismatic venue.

Who doesn’t feel something in their heart when they see authentic wooden roof beams? The L-shape open-plan setting is quaint, and of course, deliciously spacious. The exposed brick walls and leathery upholstered furniture are just superb!

It is fantastically located in the neighbourhood of Harlesden. We love its low-key atmosphere and the culture of international cuisine. Willesden Junction is just around the corner, too, a very well connected travel hub.

This space is perfect for company celebrations, including private dinners or cocktail parties. However, it’s also a great pick for presentations or workshops.

The location provides AV equipment, a sound system, 3-phase power and washroom facilities.

10) Rustic Studio with a Modern Twist
Rustic Studio with a Modern Twist via Eventflare

Our final affordable photo studio for hire in London is this rustic venue with a modern twist. This space was formerly an old metal workshop.

It’s been beautifully renovated to include pearly white walls, parquet flooring and contemporary furniture. It retains some of its former furnishings, such as the raw brick wall and the steel crane rig.

You’ll have a strong WiFi connection, an excellent sound system, projectors, shower facilities, and hair and make-up facilities for a professional shoot in a charming location!

Wrapping up 

And that’s a wrap! We hope you’ve found a studio that resonates with you. Because as smart as your smartphone is, they can’t quite beat the professional photography treatment yet.

Now, like a sommelier pairs a good wine with your meal, we’d love to help you pair something special. So after you’ve picked your dream photo studio, why not pair the experience with one of London’s top hairstylists?

Featured image: Transformed Victorian Factory for Film Productions via Eventflare

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