Book Corporate Event Venues in Berlin

Book Corporate Event Venues in Berlin
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    Guide to hosting corporate event events in Berlin

    Hello, event planners! Welcome to Berlin, where each cobblestone is a raconteur of history, and the skyline is a symphony of architectural tales that beckon you to explore its pulsating core. In this urban playground, Berlin doesn't just host events; it choreographs them amidst a backdrop of creative chaos and historic charm.

    Imagine your corporate gathering against the vibrant canvas of the East Side Gallery, where the remnants of the Berlin Wall now showcase an outdoor gallery of rebellious art. It's not just an event; it's a rendezvous with a living testament of a city that turned adversity into avant-garde expression.

    Architectural prowess? Berlin doesn't settle for the mundane. Picture your attendees mingling in the edgy elegance of Radialsystem V, a former water pumping station reborn as a contemporary event space. And if you're after grandeur, consider the Berlin Hauptbahnhof, a sprawling train station that doubles as a testament to modern architectural innovation.

    Berlin's culinary landscape is an epicurean adventure, far beyond a mere meal. At Markthalle Neun, explore a world where international dishes twirl with classic German cuisine. Lead your guests on a flavorful journey through Berlin's vibrant street food, where the fusion of kebabs and currywurst creates a symphony of tastes.

    The journey extends beyond venues and dining into a deep cultural dive. Consider team-building in the historic Tempelhof Airport, transformed into a park that resonates with history. Planning your corporate event in Berlin is more than organising a meeting; it's about connecting with a city that celebrates narratives. Ready to weave your corporate story into Berlin's tapestry? Dive into our guide to master hosting corporate events in Berlin.

    1) Choosing the Right Style of Corporate Venue in Berlin

    Get ready to embark on a venue-hunting adventure in Berlin, where the city's diverse selection of corporate spaces ensures there's something for every taste and event vibe. Let's dive into the styles that will make your corporate gathering a blockbuster in the heart of Berlin!

    • Bauhaus Beats: In the city where Bauhaus took its first breath, imagine hosting your event in spaces that dance to the rhythm of clean lines and functional aesthetics.  Think of spaces like the Bauhaus-Archiv or the Berlinische Galerie. These aren’t just a venue; it's a time machine back to the roots of modernism. 
    • Industrial Chic: Berlin’s industrial past isn’t forgotten. It’s celebrated in venues that redefine cool. Imagine hosting your event in a former power station like Radialsystem V or the revamped St. Agnes building – gritty, edgy, and undeniably chic. 
    • Boho Wonderland: For those who dare to be different, Berlin’s bohemian venues are a dream come true for those who dare to be different. Think of hosting your event in spaces like Urban Spree or The House of Weekend – places that embrace the city’s free spirit. 
    • Historical Charm: Step into Berlin’s Cold War history and host your event in venues that echo with nostalgia. Imagine the DDR Museum or Tuefelsberg, where remnants of the Berlin Wall become the backdrop to your corporate saga. 

    Bonus read: If you’re seeking more tips on hosting business events in Berlin, we have just the right article loaded with valuable advice. 

    2) The Best Areas to Host Corporate Events in Berlin

    When it comes to selecting the ideal setting for your corporate event in Berlin, the city's varied neighbourhoods present a plethora of options to cater to every preference and goal.

    • Mitte: Situated in Berlin’s centre, Mitte combines history with modernity. Iconic landmarks like Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Cathedral offer a picturesque backdrop for events. With top-notch amenities and accessibility, Mitte is ideal for business gatherings with a touch of historic charm.
    • Potsdamer Platz: Formerly a Cold War no man’s land, Potsdamer Platz is now a symbol of modernity. Skyscrapers and contemporary venues like the Berliner Philharmonie make it a dynamic hub for sophisticated corporate events.
    • Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg: Located east of Mitte, this area exudes bohemian charm with graffiti-clad streets and hip cafes. It is ideal for creative events and offers unique venues like RAW-Gelande and a diverse culinary scene.
    • Charlottenburg: In the west, Charlottenburg boasts timeless elegance with grand boulevards and historical venues like Charlottenburg Palace. Perfect for upscale gatherings, it offers regal settings and top-notch hospitality.
    • Kreuzkolln: This venue is a melting pot of cultures. Diverse communities and quirky venues like Berlin Tempodrom create a vibrant atmosphere, making it an affordable choice for unconventional corporate events. 

    Explore more: Our handbook on cool neighbourhoods in Berlin is perfect for hosting your event.

    3) How to Get to Your Corporate Event in Berlin

    Getting around Berlin for your corporate extravaganza is a breeze, and we've got the inside scoop on the coolest ways to roll into your event! Picture this: zip through the city like a local with Berlin's fantastic public transport – buses, trams, U-Bahn (that's subway for the uninitiated), and S-Bahn (fancy suburban trains). Hop on and off, exploring the city hassle-free and soaking in the vibrant vibes between venues. If you're feeling extra fancy, hail one of Berlin's iconic yellow taxis – like little yellow chariots ready to whisk you away to your corporate kingdom.

    Here's a twist: go green and embrace Berlin's bike-friendly charm! Cruise along the city's bike lanes, pedalling your way to your event with the wind in your hair and the sights of Berlin as your backdrop. It's not just transportation; it's a two-wheeled adventure through the heart of the city.

    Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is the prime entry for international attendees, offering direct flights from global cities to the event's pulse. Efficient train and bus connections from the airport act as your event's direct shuttle, swiftly delivering guests to Berlin's core. The transition from airport to event venue promises ease and convenience with taxis and ride-sharing options like Uber or Bolt readily available. Whether your guests are international travellers or local attendees, Berlin's diverse transport options add an enjoyable twist to the journey, making the arrival as exciting as the event itself.

    4) The Best Catering for Your Corporate Event in Berlin

    An event is incomplete without some delicious catering. Here are several options of top caterers in Berlin to bring your corporate affair to new heights:

    • Catering by Basalt: This caterer is beyond tasty bites; they're the superheroes of the culinary world, championing sustainability. Picture this: locally sourced, organic ingredients crafting a menu that's a flavour fiesta and a dance with eco-friendly vibes. From funky canapés to jaw-dropping multi-course wonders, Catering by Basalt guarantees a foodie adventure that's as green as it is delicious.
    • Kofler & Kompanie: This isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill caterer; they're the rockstars turning events into gastronomic concerts. Their catering game is like an avant-garde masterpiece, blending exceptional food with immersive experiences. Think interactive food stations and themed menus that unfold like a culinary fairy tale, making every bite at your corporate event a scene-stealing moment.
    • Robert’s Events & Catering: At Robert's Events & Catering, they're not just chefs; they're culinary storytellers customising each dish to fit your event's unique narrative. Whether it's a swanky business dinner or a laid-back networking soirée, these culinary maestros work closely with you to whip up menus that tickle taste buds and align with your event vision.
    • Käfer Catering Berlin: Their chefs are like wizards, weaving tradition with innovation to create Insta-worthy mouthwatering dishes. From elegant table settings to top-notch service, Käfer Catering ensures your corporate affair is a seamless and tasteful experience.
    • Spreegold: Imagine a menu that's diverse and globally inspired, featuring everything from fancy sandwiches to artistic salads. With freshness, top-quality ingredients, and killer presentation, Spreegold is your go-to for a modern event where culinary variety is the name of the game.

    Besides these amazing caterers, we also uncover other local caterers in Berlin that will leave your guests wanting more mouth-watering delights. 

    5) After-work Ideas for Corporate Events in Berlin

    Once your meeting room in Berlin bids farewell, the question is, where's the next stop on your agenda? How about exploring one of these trendy after-work spots in Berlin? Because, let's face it, hard work deserves a little indulgence, doesn't it? 

    And when the day winds down, finding a cosy spot to lay your head becomes the priority. Treat yourself to a night's stay in one of these fantastic Berlin hotels for the perfect blend of comfort and style.

    6) Interesting Breakout Ideas for Your Corporate Events in Berlin

    To keep the energy flowing in your Berlin meeting space, add a dash of excitement to your break times with these unconventional activities. Here are some distinctive ideas to jazz up your breakout sessions during meetings in the vibrant city.

    • Graffiti Galore in Friedrichshain: Dive into Berlin's graffiti scene with a hands-on workshop in Friedrichshain. Let your team channel their inner street artist, creating vibrant masterpieces or contributing to a collective mural. It's not just team building; it's a rebellious rendezvous with Berlin's artsy side – spray cans included!
    • Tech and Innovation Tour in Kreuzberg: Take your team on a tech tour in the hip district of Kreuzberg. Roam coworking spaces, chat with startup wizards, and soak in the innovation vibes. It's not your typical tour; it's a tech adventure that'll spark creativity and have your team buzzing with futuristic ideas.
    • Historical Hunt in Mitte: Turn Mitte into a playground with a historical scavenger hunt. Teams decipher clues while exploring Berlin's iconic spots – Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, and more. In short,  it's a time-travelling, brain-teasing, laughter-inducing journey through Berlin's fascinating history.
    • Culinary Team Challenge at Markthalle Neun: Set the stage for a culinary showdown. Teams face off in a cook-off challenge, crafting dishes with local goodies. It's not just a cook-off; it's a gastronomic adventure that'll have your team donning aprons, stirring creativity, and savouring the flavours of Berlin. 
    • Escape Room in Charlottenburg: Choose your theme, solve puzzles, and beat the clock! It's not just an escape room; it's a brain-twisting, clock-ticking, laughter-filled race against time. Which team will conquer the challenges and emerge victorious? Game on!

    Wrapping Up

    As you wrap up your journey through our guide on orchestrating a corporate event in Berlin, we trust you've found it enjoyable. Don't forget, for seamless event planning, you can consolidate all your bookings in one spot with Eventflare.

    A Guide to Hosting Corporate Events in Berlin

    FAQ about Berlin Corporate Event Venues

    What makes Berlin a unique destination for corporate events?

    Berlin's unique combination of rich history, contemporary culture, and innovative spirit creates a dynamic backdrop for corporate events. With iconic landmarks, vibrant arts scenes, and a diverse culinary landscape, the city offers a distinctive and inspiring setting for business gatherings. 

    Can Eventflare offer corporate event venues that are located near key landmarks?

    Certainly! Eventflare takes pride in offering a diverse selection of corporate event venues strategically situated near key landmarks, ensuring a prime and memorable experience for your business gatherings. Explore our portfolio for venues in proximity to iconic landmarks, providing an exceptional backdrop for your events.

    What climate considerations should I keep in mind when organising a corporate event in Berlin?

    The ideal time to book a space for a corporate event in Berlin depends on the nature of your event and specific preferences. However, generally, the spring and fall months, from April to June and September to October, offer pleasant weather, avoiding extreme temperatures. These periods also coincide with various cultural events and festivals in Berlin, adding an extra layer of vibrancy to your corporate gathering. It's advisable to plan well in advance, considering the popularity of certain seasons and the specific requirements of your event.

    Is there support to achieve sustainability for my event in Berlin?

    Absolutely! Berlin provides robust support for achieving sustainability in your corporate event. The city embraces eco-friendly practices, from venues with energy-efficient facilities to green catering with locally sourced ingredients. Berlin's well-established recycling systems and efficient public transportation contribute to minimising the event's environmental impact. Consider offsetting the carbon footprint and incorporating sustainable swag for a holistic approach. Forge partnerships with local businesses dedicated to sustainability to create an eco-conscious event that aligns with Berlin's green ethos.

    What’s the average cost to host a corporate event in Berlin?

    The cost to host a corporate event in Berlin can vary widely depending on factors such as the type and size of the event, the chosen venue, catering options, and additional services. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from €50 to €150 per attendee for a standard corporate event. This estimate includes venue rental, catering, audio-visual equipment, and other essential services. High-end events with elaborate setups or large conferences with renowned speakers may incur higher costs. It's advisable to obtain quotes from different vendors and venues to get a more accurate estimate based on your specific event requirements and preferences.

    How can I secure local sponsors for my corporate event in Berlin?

    To secure local sponsors for your corporate event in Berlin, begin by clearly defining your event goals and researching businesses that align with your theme. Craft a compelling and customised sponsorship proposal, emphasising unique opportunities that set your event apart and showcasing exposure and visibility benefits. Leverage local networks, engage with industry associations, and attend events to identify potential sponsors. Finally, personalise your pitch for each sponsor, showcasing how their involvement aligns with their business goals. This approach and adaptability to Berlin's business culture will enhance your chances of securing valuable local partnerships.

    How do I arrange accommodation for my corporate event attendees in Berlin?

    To secure accommodation for your corporate event attendees in Berlin, start by determining the number of participants and their preferences. Reach out to hotels in advance to negotiate group rates, taking into account the proximity to the event venue and available amenities. Communicate clear booking instructions, share local information on restaurants and attractions, and monitor bookings regularly. Stay in touch with chosen hotels and be flexible in making adjustments based on attendee feedback or changing circumstances, ensuring a seamless and comfortable stay for your corporate event in Berlin. 

    What popular landmarks and attractions in Berlin can attendees visit during their free time?

    Berlin, the capital of Germany, boasts an array of iconic landmarks and attractions for attendees to explore during their free time. The historic Brandenburg Gate serves as a symbol of unity and peace, while the Berlin Wall, now adorned with captivating street art, offers a poignant reminder of the city's divided past. Museums Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site, features world-class museums like the Pergamon Museum. The bustling Alexanderplatz square provides a central hub for shopping and entertainment, with the TV Tower offering panoramic city views. Additionally, the vibrant neighbourhoods of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain showcase Berlin's eclectic arts scene, diverse culinary offerings, and lively nightlife.

    What language considerations should I make for my corporate event in Berlin?

    For a corporate event in Berlin, prioritise language inclusivity. While English is prevalent in business, incorporating German greetings and bilingual materials respects local culture. Ensure speakers are English-proficient, and consider translation for key parts. Acknowledging Berlin's multicultural vibe with sensitivity enhances the inclusive atmosphere.

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