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    Buenos Aires

    Guide to hosting photo & film events in Buenos Aires

    Did you know Buenos Aires is also called the Paris of the South? And just like the fashionable French city, this South American city is a favourite photoshoot destination. And why not? The photo shoot rooms in Buenos Aires are lovely, and the city has a distinct vibe with stunning architecture, culture, and phenomenal nightlife.

    Read on for a straight-to-the-point guide to photoshoot rooms in Buenos Aires, including extra tips on photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, and caterers.

    Let’s go.

    1) Styles and Backdrops: Selecting Your Ideal Photoshoot Venue

    When it comes to photoshoot locations in Buenos Aires, the choices are pretty awesome. This city has everything you need, from stylish studios to fantastic outdoor venues with plenty of natural light and greenery.

    So, what are you waiting for? Let's dive into the fantastic options Buenos Aires has to offer!

    1. Photo studios: Let’s start with the apparently obvious venue: photo studios! Buenos Aires has plenty of trendy photo studios with state-of-the-art facilities and stylish interiors. 

    Perfect for fashion shoots, product snapshots, or artistic projects. These chic studios provide a contemporary atmosphere for creative photoshoots.

    2. Industrial venues: Planning an edgy photoshoot in Buenos Aires? We’ve got the perfect location for you! Industrial venues such as converted warehouses or abandoned factories offer a raw and edgy atmosphere for unconventional photo shoots. 

    These event venues often feature rustic textures, exposed brick walls, and unique structures that add character to your images. These venues are perfect for fashion shoots or artistic projects seeking an urban aesthetic.

    3. Rooftop terraces: Buenos Aires experiences lovely weather most of the year, so rooftop terrace venues are hugely popular! We love these photoshoots because of the abundant natural light, and the city’s skyline offers picturesque views. 

    Whatever the theme of your photoshoot, these venues provide a stunning backdrop of the cityscape, especially during golden hour.

    4. Art galleries: For a more avant-garde photoshoot experience, artistic galleries in Buenos Aires are perfect. These venues often feature contemporary artworks, providing an eclectic backdrop for creative and edgy photography. 

    Contrasting your subjects against modern art installations can create visually striking and thought-provoking images.

    2) Photogenic Neighbourhoods: Top Picks for Your Shoot

    Honestly, the city is so pretty that we want to tell you that you can have a photoshoot almost anywhere here, but we’ll be practical. It was tough, but we’ve narrowed down our top areas for photoshoots in Buenos Aires based on accessibility, entertainment options, and vibes.

    1. Recoleta: This neighbourhood is responsible for Buenos Aires being called the Paris of the South, so it’s understandably the first one on our list of the best areas for a photo shoot in Buenos Aires.

    This posh neighbourhood is heavily influenced by French architecture, and it is evident in the many grand mansions you’ll see here. So if you’re looking to have a photoshoot in Buenos Aires that has a luxurious touch, this is the area for you.

    There are also a few lavish restaurants around here if you’d like to celebrate after your photoshoot but even better than that are the delicious ice cream vendors you’ll find in Recoleta. They will give you the perfect sweet ending to a productive day.

    2. La Boca: If you’d rather have your photoshoot in Buenos Aires in a neighbourhood with a distinctly local touch, La Boca is the place to be.

    The photo shoot rooms here may lack the Parisian touch, but they more than makeup for it with their Argentinian flair. La Boca has retained so much of the city’s identity because it has been the first stop for migrants to the city for decades.

    Watch the neighbourhood kids for a game of soccer to unwind after your photoshoot or head up to the rooftop cafe to sample some local delicacies while enjoying the river view.

    3. Palermo Soho: We cannot list the best areas for photoshoots in Buenos Aires and leave out the most fashionable district in the city.

    One of the largest neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires, Palermo Soho, is known for keeping up with the latest trends. And if the restaurants, shops, and bars here are anything to go by, the photoshoot rooms here are probably the hippest in the city.

    And that’s not all. Once you’ve wrapped up your photoshoot, grab your crew and head into the neighbourhood to try some cool restaurants and bars.

    4. San Telmo: Walking through San Telmo feels like stepping back in time; with its -well-preserved historic charm, it’s an ideal setting for capturing vintage aesthetics. 

    From wrought-iron balconies to weathered facades, every corner exudes a sense of nostalgia, creating a perfect atmosphere for photos with a classic, timeless appeal.

    Beyond the usual, Buenos Aires boasts antique shops brimming with vintage gems and rare props. This is the place to be for a photoshoot space with unparalleled flair!

    5. Puerto Madero: This modern waterfront district offers a sleek and contemporary backdrop for photoshoots in Buenos Aires.

    The area features modern architecture, upscale restaurants, and scenic views of the Rio de la Plata. It's a great location for capturing a modern, urban vibe, especially during the golden hour when the sunlight enhances the surroundings.

    3) Budgeting and Cost Breakdowns

    Now that we've discovered the perfect spot for your photo shoot in Buenos Aires, it's time to talk numbers. Let's break down the budget and ensure your photoshoot dreams align with your financial goals.

    • Basic Studio: It typically ranges from €50 to €150 per hour. Basic studios provide essential amenities, adequate lighting, and a simple backdrop, making them suitable for straightforward photoshoots and small productions.
    • Mid-range Studio: For a mid-range studio with additional features and more extensive space, you can expect to budget between €150 to €300 per hour. These studios offer better equipment, versatile lighting setups, and a variety of backdrop options. 
    • Premium Studio: These are usually equipped with top-notch facilities, professional-grade equipment, and a stylish ambience and fall in the range of €300 to €500 or more per hour. 

    Additional costs to consider:

    • Equipment rental
    • Props and set design
    • Professional services
    • Transport and accommodation
    • Permits and location fees
    • Catering
    • Post-production
    • Marketing and promotion

    4) Fueling Creativity: Top Caterers for Your Photoshoot in Buenos Aires

    A well-fed crew is energetic, so make sure you offer hearty meals for your models, photographers, assistants, and other team members at your photoshoot location in Buenos Aires.

    We recommend some event catering companies in Buenos Aires.

    1. Catering Buenos Aires: If you want to add a local touch to your photoshoot space in Buenos Aires, why not do it with food? Catering Buenos Aires is known for its traditional Argentinian menu, which includes treats like savoury empanadas stuffed with seasoned meats and delicate alfajores.

    Their efficient service also ensures that your crew is well-fed and energised throughout the session, allowing everyone to focus on capturing stunning shots without any catering-related distractions.

    2. El Gastrónomo Catering: This event catering company stands out for their gourmet elegance and attention to detail. 

    Their visually appealing dishes taste exquisite and add aesthetic value to your photoshoot. The meticulous presentation of their menu items enhances the overall ambience, making them a perfect choice for photoshoots where visual aesthetics are the goal.

    3. Moshu Gastronomía: Photoshoots are supposed to be fun and Moshu Gastronomía will surely add a fun element to your shoot.

    Their menu is a creative fusion of flavours with specials like smoked salmon canapés, Argentinian-style beef skewers, and caramel-filled churros. Their creative desserts like passion fruit mousse and alfajor cheesecake are visually stunning and completely irresistible. 

    4. La Cocina Discreta: You’ll love how this event catering company has a menu with global culinary influences that provide a diverse and exciting catering experience. 

    Their menu diversity caters to various tastes and preferences within your crew. What makes them stand out is their ability to blend international flavours with local ingredients. This will add a unique dynamic to your photoshoot, and the variety of flavours will inspire your crew.

    5. Gourmet Porteño: Last but not least, we have an event catering company that excels in offering high-quality traditional Argentinian cuisine with a gourmet touch. 

    Gourmet Porteño has a menu prepared with precision and expertise, providing a sensory delight for taste and sight. Their food's rich colours and textures reflect the essence of Buenos Aires' culinary culture.


    • For quick, easy bite that also adds a touch of fun to your photoshoot location in Buenos Aires, we recommend hiring one of the best food trucks in Buenos Aires to cater for your photoshoot.

    5) The Top Professionals for Your Photoshoot Dream Team

    Finally, allow us to assist you in curating your dream team. Whether you need exceptional photographers, captivating models, imaginative stylists, or proficient makeup artists, we've got insider knowledge on some of the finest talents in Buenos Aires and will share it with you.


    • Federico Cabrera
    • Mariano Michkin
    • Sofía Salom
    • Alejandro Chaskielberg
    • Agustina García Tedesco

    Bonus reading:

    Models or subject agencies:

    • Mica Argañaraz
    • Dotto Models
    • Civiles Management
    • Pink Models Management
    • LO Management


    • Inés Gormaz
    • Matías Campiani
    • Lucía De La Vega
    • Florencia Tellado
    • Gonzalo Durruty

    Makeup artists and hair stylists:

    • Vero Mendoza Makeup
    • Sol Oberti Makeup
    • Pablo Kümin Hair Stylist
    • Marcelo Pedrozo Hair Stylist
    • Clara Del Río Makeup

    Set designers or decorators:

    • Juan Pablo Gomez
    • Florencia Alem
    • Manuel Montes de Oca
    • Andrea Casali
    • Julieta Keldjian

    Art directors or creative directors:

    • Luciana Val
    • Gonzalo Puente
    • Mercedes Erra
    • Diego Medvedocky
    • Gabriela Kogan

    Post-production specialists:

    • D1MBA
    • Posti Studio
    • Retouching Factory
    • Fer Ferrari Retouching
    • Retouch Art Studio

    6) Gearing Up: Top Equipment Vendors for Your Buenos Aires Shoot

    Before we go, here are some excellent equipment vendors to make your photo shoot in Buenos Aires a success. 

    Equipment rental:

    • Punto Digital
    • Baires Rent
    • La Camara Rental

    Camera stores:

    • Croma
    • Multifoto
    • FotoPrix

    Set Design and Props:

    • Espacio Buenos Aires
    • Cinexpres

    Wrapping Up

    That concludes our guide to hosting a photoshoot in Buenos Aires, but rest assured, our journey continues. If you need more assistance, don't hesitate to utilise our Ask Expert feature. Our dedicated local team is just a message away, ready to lend a helping hand. Happy shooting!

    A Guide to Hosting a Photoshoot in Buenos Aires

    FAQ about Buenos Aires Photo & Film Studios

    What unique breakout concepts can enhance my photoshoot in Buenos Aires?

    Keep the energy levels high with the lively beats of traditional Argentinian music, infusing your shoot with local authenticity and an energetic vibe. Or you can explore Buenos Aires' historic San Telmo district, with its cobblestone streets and colonial buildings adorned in vibrant street art, capturing the area's timeless elegance and cultural heritage.

    Another idea is to host a prop hunt at Mercado de San Telmo, a treasure trove of vintage and artisanal props that can bring your shoot to life.

    How much should I expect to budget for my photoshoot in Buenos Aires?

    The budget for your photoshoot in Buenos Aires can vary significantly depending on your specific requirements.

    For a basic photoshoot with a professional photographer and minimal equipment, you can expect to budget around €500 to €1,500. If you plan a mid-range production with multiple crew members, diverse locations, and specialised equipment, the budget might range from €1,500 to €5,000. For a high-end production involving renowned photographers, elaborate sets, and extensive post-production work, the budget could exceed €5,000 and go upwards based on the complexity of your project.

    What transportation options are available for my crew to reach my photography studio in Buenos Aires?

    The city has an extensive public transportation system, including buses and the Subte (subway), which can efficiently transport your team to various neighbourhoods. Additionally, taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber are readily available and offer a convenient door-to-door service. 

    If your crew prefers a more eco-friendly option, Buenos Aires has a public bike-sharing system called Ecobici, allowing them to cycle to your studio.

    What are the necessary locations and permits required for my photoshoot location in Buenos Aires?

    Considering the locations and permits required to ensure a smooth and legal operation is essential.

    To secure permits, it's advisable to consult the local municipal government or Buenos Aires Film Commission. They can provide detailed information on the necessary permits for specific locations. Permits usually depend on the type of shoot, the size of the crew, and the duration of the shoot. Some locations may require additional permissions, especially if they are public or historical sites.

    Obtaining the necessary permits well in advance is crucial to avoid legal complications during the photoshoot. Working closely with local production companies or fixers can also be beneficial, as they often have experience navigating the permitting process and can guide you effectively. 

    Are there any legal and copyright considerations to be aware of when conducting a shoot in Buenos Aires?

    Obtaining proper releases, such as property and model releases, is essential to ensure you have the necessary permissions to use images of individuals or private properties in commercial contexts. 

    Additionally, be cautious about capturing copyrighted material, like artworks or branded products, without permission, as this can lead to copyright infringement issues. Even in public spaces, understanding local laws and potential permit requirements is vital. 

    To navigate these complexities, working with local professionals familiar with Buenos Aires' regulations is highly recommended. Their expertise can help you navigate legal intricacies, ensuring your photoshoot is both legally compliant and ethically responsible.

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