Photo Shoot Spaces in Buenos Aires

Did you know Buenos Aires is also called the Paris of the South? And just like the fashionable French city, this South American city is a favourite photoshoot destination. And why not? The photo shoot rooms in Buenos Aires are lovely, and the city has a distinct vibe with stunning architecture, culture, and phenomenal nightlife.

Read on for a straight-to-the-point guide to photoshoot rooms in Buenos Aires, including extra tips on photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, and caterers.

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A Guide to Hosting a Photoshoot in Buenos Aires

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FAQ about Buenos Aires venues and events

What are some cool breakout ideas for my photoshoot in Buenos Aires?

Keep the energy levels high with the lively beats of traditional Argentinian music, infusing your shoot with local authenticity and an energetic vibe. Or you can explore Buenos Aires' historic San Telmo district, with its cobblestone streets and colonial buildings adorned in vibrant street art, capturing the area's timeless elegance and cultural heritage.

Another idea is to host a prop hunt at Mercado de San Telmo, a treasure trove of vintage and artisanal props that can bring your shoot to life.

How much should I expect to budget for my photoshoot in Buenos Aires?

The budget for your photoshoot in Buenos Aires can vary significantly depending on your specific requirements.

For a basic photoshoot with a professional photographer and minimal equipment, you can expect to budget around €500 to €1,500. If you plan a mid-range production with multiple crew members, diverse locations, and specialised equipment, the budget might range from €1,500 to €5,000. For a high-end production involving renowned photographers, elaborate sets, and extensive post-production work, the budget could exceed €5,000 and go upwards based on the complexity of your project.

How can my crew get to my photography studio in Buenos Aires?

The city has an extensive public transportation system, including buses and the Subte (subway), which can efficiently transport your team to various neighbourhoods. Additionally, taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber are readily available and offer a convenient door-to-door service. 

If your crew prefers a more eco-friendly option, Buenos Aires has a public bike-sharing system called Ecobici, allowing them to cycle to your studio.

What locations and permits do I need for my photoshoot location in Buenos Aires?

Considering the locations and permits required to ensure a smooth and legal operation is essential.

To secure permits, it's advisable to consult the local municipal government or Buenos Aires Film Commission. They can provide detailed information on the necessary permits for specific locations. Permits usually depend on the type of shoot, the size of the crew, and the duration of the shoot. Some locations may require additional permissions, especially if they are public or historical sites.

Obtaining the necessary permits well in advance is crucial to avoid legal complications during the photoshoot. Working closely with local production companies or fixers can also be beneficial, as they often have experience navigating the permitting process and can guide you effectively. 

Are there legal and copyright complications when doing a shoot in Buenos Aires?

Obtaining proper releases, such as property and model releases, is essential to ensure you have the necessary permissions to use images of individuals or private properties in commercial contexts. 

Additionally, be cautious about capturing copyrighted material, like artworks or branded products, without permission, as this can lead to copyright infringement issues. Even in public spaces, understanding local laws and potential permit requirements is vital. 

To navigate these complexities, working with local professionals familiar with Buenos Aires' regulations is highly recommended. Their expertise can help you navigate legal intricacies, ensuring your photoshoot is both legally compliant and ethically responsible.

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