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    Buenos Aires

    Guide to hosting private dining events in Buenos Aires

    We’ll let you in on a delicious secret about Buenos Aires: its private dining scene. Forget crowded restaurants and treat your guests by hosting a private dining event in Buenos Aires.

    Ready to plan? Then, let this guide to hosting a private dining event in Buenos Aires show you the way!

    1) The Style of Private Dining Rooms in Buenos Aires

    The number one aspect of hosting a spectacular event? Finding a spectacular venue, of course! Luckily, several different styles of private dining venues exist in Buenos Aires.

    1. Historic venues: Ever fancied dining like royalty? Throw a private dining event in Buenos Aires fit for a king at one of the city’s historical venues. With vintage chandeliers, ornate tapestries, and an air of timeless elegance, these event venues serve a side of old-world charm to your private dining experience.
    2. Art galleries and studios: Dive into the vibrant soul of Buenos Aires through private dining rooms in local art galleries and studios. Imagine eclectic décor, bursts of colour, and a creative atmosphere that serves as the canvas for your gastronomic adventures. 
    3. Rooftop restaurants: Reach for the stars – literally! Host your private dining in Buenos Aires at a rooftop restaurant. Enjoy the famous Buenos Aires weather with breathtaking views of the city’s skyline as your backdrop. Perfect for those who believe that dinner should come with a view!
    4. Contemporary spaces: Embrace the sleek side of Buenos Aires in private dining venues that redefine cool. Think cutting-edge designs, panoramic city views, and a vibe that screams urban sophistication. These spaces are for the trendsetters, where every bite comes with a modern flair.

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    2) The Best Areas for Private Dining Experiences in Buenos Aires

    There are three things to look out for when you’re searching for a location for a private dining event in Buenos Aires: the venue, the food, and, last but certainly not least, the neighbourhood. We’ve narrowed down some choices so you don’t have to.

    1. Puerto Madero: There’s a reason this sleek neighbourhood is often called the Manhattan of Buenos Aires. You’ll find elegant houses, stunning office spaces, cool lofts, and lovely hotels everywhere.

    The neighbourhood’s international flair extends to its private dining venues as well. Here, you can expect to entertain your guests at top-notch locations with excellent food. 

    And if your venue doesn’t have a delicious view of the riverside, taking your guests for a short walk along the river will give them a pretty sight, it’ll help them relax after the delicious meal.

    2. Palermo Soho: Now, if international luxury is not quite your thing, we suggest looking at the bohemian vibe of Palermo Soho. 

    The pretty street art here might make your guests linger, but only briefly since the neighbourhood's many restaurants and bars are also pretty inviting. Here, you’ll find many options for private dining rooms in Buenos Aires.

    3. San Telmo: Looking for a neighbourhood with lovely architecture, old-world charm, and some of the classiest private dining rooms in Buenos Aires? San Telmo is your answer!

    Quaint European streets, charming cobblestone streets, patios with fountains, and enviable architecture inspire this area. Here, you can treat your guests to a lovely private dining room in one of the area’s many elegant boutique hotels, or you can even book a gorgeous terrace space.

    4. Las Cañitas: The catwalk of Buenos Aires, this neighbourhood is where private dining transforms into a haute couture experience. Imagine venues with chic aesthetics, where your dinner is not just a meal but a fashion-forward affair. 

    From Instagrammable interiors that redefine 'trendy' to rooftop lounges where your cocktail becomes a style icon, Las Cañitas is the place to be.

    3) How Much Will a Private Dining Venue in Buenos Aires Cost?

    We’ve got good news! Creating a private dining experience in Buenos Aires won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The city offers plenty of private dining venues, each suited to a different budget.

    Here’s a little lowdown of what you can expect.

    • Basic private dining rooms: For a budget-friendly yet delightful private dining experience, basic private dining rooms in Buenos Aires typically range from €30 to €70 per person.
    • Mid-range venues: Want a more sophisticated affair with additional services and an elegant setting? Then, choose a  mid-range private dining venue in Buenos Aires. These usually range from €70 to €150 per person. 
    • Premium private dining spaces: If you aim for a luxurious and exclusive private dining experience in Buenos Aires, premium venues can start from €150 per person and go upwards. 

    Additional costs to consider:

    • Food and beverage costs: For a private dining event in Buenos Aires, you can estimate approximately €50 to €150 per person for a quality dining experience, depending on the venue and menu choices.
    • Service charge or gratuity: Typically around 10-15% of the total food and beverage cost. It's essential to confirm with the venue whether this charge is included in the quoted price or needs to be added separately.
    • Beverage packages: These can vary based on whether you opt for a standard package (including house wines, beers, and soft drinks) or a premium package (including a selection of wines, cocktails, and premium spirits). Standard packages may cost around €20 to €40 per person, while premium packages can range from €40 to €80 per person.
    • Additional services: Set aside 10-20% of your budget for other services such as floral arrangements, custom décor, or special dietary accommodations.
    • Transportation: A rough estimate for transportation within the city can be around €50 to €150 for a private vehicle or shuttle service, depending on the distance and duration.
    • Personalisation and entertainment: Whether hiring a local band or a DJ or arranging personalised souvenirs, allocate a budget of around €200 to €1000 or more, depending on the complexity and scale of your entertainment and personalisation plans.

    4) What Cuisine to Include for Your Private Dining in Buenos Aires

    Food is the showstopper at any private dining room for hire in Buenos Aires, so let’s start planning your menu. Let’s sort of the best cuisines available in the city to get you started.

    Bonus reading:

    1. Asado: There are barbeques, and then there’s asado. This isn't just any BBQ; it's a full-blown carnivore fiesta. Think perfectly grilled meats, sizzling and savoury, stealing the show. It's the Argentinian way of turning an ordinary meal into a smoky, succulent experience.

    2. Buenos Aires’ street food: Are you ready for an explosion of flavours? That’s really what street food in Buenos Aires is all about. From empanadas, crispy and bursting with fillings, to choripán, the ultimate sausage sandwich, it's not just fast food; it's a sidewalk party quick, tasty, and authentically Argentinian favourite.


    3. Traditional Argentinian cuisine: Eat like a local in your private dining room in Buenos Aires with the region's flavours. From milanesa, crispy perfection on a plate, to locro, the hearty stew that warms the soul, traditional Argentinian cuisine is a nostalgia trip of comfort foods that taste like home wherever you’re from.

    4. Patagonian cuisine: Get ready for a wild adventure with Patagonian food. Picture lamb so tender it falls off the bone and king crab so fresh it tastes like the ocean breeze. It's not just a meal; it's a Patagonian escapade, a direct ticket to the rugged, untamed flavours of the south.

    5. Fusion food: Why choose only one when you can get the best of everything? Fusion food is a fantastic option for a private dining experience in Buenos Aires. Brace yourself for a culinary fiesta as local ingredients meet global flavours to create a menu that’s like nothing your guests would have tasted before.

    Wrapping Up

    And there you have it, our guide to private dining events in Buenos Aires! Now, it's time to get those plans in motion!

    But before we say adiós, here's a friendly tip: if you need any help organising your private dining extravaganza in Buenos Aires,  simply use our Ask Expert function and our local team will help you.

    A Guide to Hosting a Private Dining Event in Buenos Aires

    FAQ about Buenos Aires Private Dining Rooms

    How to budget for a private dinner in Buenos Aires?

    Managing your budget effectively for a private dining event in Buenos Aires involves meticulous planning and smart decision-making. Start by setting a clear budget limit and allocating specific amounts for key elements.

    For a basic private dining room, budget around €30 to €70 per person, typically including venue rental, standard catering, and basic amenities. If you're aiming for a mid-range venue, expect to spend between €70 to €150 per person, offering higher-quality catering options, enhanced services, and a more sophisticated ambience.

    For a premium private dining experience, plan for a budget of €150 or more per person, ensuring top-notch cuisine, personalised services, and a luxurious atmosphere.

    Negotiate with vendors, opt for fixed-price menus, and consider cost-effective yet elegant decor options. Additionally, closely manage your guest list and avoid unnecessary expenses to stay within your budgetary constraints.

    You can host a remarkable private dining event in Buenos Aires without overspending by carefully estimating expenses and prioritising your budget.

    Entertainment options are there for private dining in Buenos Aires?

    Absolutely! The city is famous for its vibrant cultural scene, offering a variety of entertainment options to enhance your gathering. From live music bands playing traditional tango tunes to professional dancers performing the tango, your guests can immerse themselves in the local artistic heritage.

    Consider hiring a local DJ to create a lively atmosphere with a mix of Latin beats and international hits. Additionally, interactive experiences like wine-tasting sessions or cooking demonstrations can add an engaging element to your event.

    Remember, Buenos Aires is a city that knows how to celebrate, so feel free to get creative and tailor the entertainment to match the ambience you desire.

    Sustainable options for private dining events in Buenos Aires?

    The city has a growing focus on eco-conscious initiatives. Start by choosing a venue that embraces sustainable practices, such as energy-efficient lighting and waste recycling programs. Opt for locally sourced ingredients for your menu, supporting nearby farmers and reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation. 

    Emphasise vegetarian or vegan options, which generally have a lower environmental impact and minimise single-use plastics using biodegradable or reusable tableware. 

    If you're incorporating floral arrangements, consider native, seasonal flowers. Additionally, collaborate with caterers and vendors who share your commitment to sustainability. Communicate your eco-friendly preferences clearly, ensuring everyone understands and supports your green initiatives. 

    For more ideas on how to make your private dining event in Buenos Aires more sustainable, read this article on how to host an eco-friendly event.

    Does season matter for private dining events in Buenos Aires?

    Seasonality significantly influences the planning of a private dining event in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires experiences distinct seasons: summer (December to February) is hot and humid, and winter (June to August) is cooler.

    During the scorching summer months, outdoor venues might need to be more comfortable, necessitating indoor or shaded spaces and refreshing drinks to keep guests cool. In contrast, winter offers pleasant weather, making outdoor events more appealing.

    Seasonal ingredients also impact menus; summer menus could feature refreshing salads and fruits, while winter menus might focus on hearty, warming dishes. Considering these climatic variations is crucial when selecting venues, catering, and decor elements.

    Additionally, popular events and holidays like Carnival in February or Christmas in December might affect the availability and pricing of venues and services, making early planning and booking essential to ensure a seamless private dining experience.

    Is English widely spoken in Buenos Aires? Are there language considerations I should think of in advance?

    Yes, English is widely spoken in Buenos Aires, especially in areas frequented by international tourists and businesses.

    While the primary language spoken in Argentina is Spanish, many people in the service industry, hotels, restaurants, and popular tourist attractions in Buenos Aires have a basic to proficient understanding of English to cater to the needs of international visitors.

    However, learning some basic Spanish phrases is always a good idea, as locals appreciate the effort, and it can enhance your overall experience in the city. 

    Should I arrange transportation for my guests to the private dining venue in Buenos Aires?

    Yes, arranging transportation for your guests to the private dining venue in Buenos Aires is highly recommended. The city's traffic and parking can be challenging, especially for visitors unfamiliar with the area.

    Providing transportation not only ensures that everyone arrives at the venue on time and together but also adds a layer of convenience and safety for your guests. It allows them to relax and enjoy the event without worrying about navigation or transportation logistics, enhancing their overall experience.

    Whether it's a shuttle service or private car hire, this thoughtful gesture can significantly contribute to the success of your private dining event.

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