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    Guide to hosting conference events in Helsinki

    Located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki, the capital of Finland and the most populous city in the country, has proven to be a superb destination for hosting conferences. The chill atmosphere of the Helsinki archipelago, the city's distinct blend of traditional and futuristic architecture, as well as its numerous business opportunities, make Helsinki a fascinating place to visit and host a memorable conference. 

    In June 2022, the Union of International Associations published its annual meetings statistics report, indicating that Finland was the most popular Nordic country hosting international congresses and conferences. 

    “Finland has ranked among the top 20 most popular congress destinations for many years in a row. Our reputation as a functional and reliable host country, as well as leading universities, specialised hospitals and research institutes, help attract international congresses to Finland”, opined Ines Antti-Poika, head of Finland Convention Bureau.

    Now, there are many reasons that foster Finland and Helsinki’s attractiveness as a conference or congress destination. Firstly, Helsinki is easily accessible from major cities around the world. Besides, you can find a range of well-equipped conference venues to suit your needs and budgets in Helsinki.

    Enveloped by scenic forests and parks, Helsinki is one of the safest cities in the world. The city’s historic landmarks and cultural attractions draw visitors from all walks of life and make excellent sites for conference attendees to explore and enjoy. Helsinki’s reliable and comprehensive public transportation system also goes out of its way to ensure commuters around the city can get to their destinations seamlessly. 

    Such aforementioned certainly make Helsinki a wonderful candidate for hosting your next conference, with this carefully prepared guide below to help you along the way.

    1) Conference Rooms in Helsinki

    Helsinki is already well-known for its state-of-the-art and adaptable conference facilities that to a wide range of events, such as team meetings and large-scale international conferences. Some of our favourite event venues in Helsinki can be found here

    This Nordic city has many conveniently located hotels, modern convention centres, and other purpose-built facilities that provide up-to-date technology, comfortable seating, and other amenities for a productive conference experience. 

    2) The Best Areas to Host a Conference in Helsinki6.

    Some neighbourhoods in Helsinki offer ideal settings to host your conference due to their convenient location, high-quality conference facilities, and wide range of amenities. Here are a few of the best neighbourhoods we recommend:

    • Kamppi is a central neighbourhood in Helsinki known for its modern architecture, shopping centres, and extensive public transportation networks. Several hotels are also located here, making Kamppi an ideal location for hosting conference participants who are visiting Helsinki. 
    • Pasila, located north of the city centre, is known for its ultra-modern architecture and fully furnished conference spaces. Besides, Pasila is home to one of Europe’s largest exhibition and convention centres.
    • Katajanokka is unique owing to its historic architecture and picturesque waterfront location, making it an attractive spot for hosting your next conference. It is also located close to the Helsinki city centre and well-linked to its public transport system. Top-quality conference facilities abound in this district. 

    3) Catering for your Conference in Helsinki

    Food and beverages are indispensable elements when hosting a conference. Select a catering company that best accommodates your requirements depending on the type of conference you are hosting and your attendees' preferences. 

    Here are a few of our favourite event caterers for you to look at. Whether you are looking for a wide array of Finnish delicacies, an international buffet, or snacks and light refreshments, these caterers are bound to provide a mouth-watering, beautiful culinary experience to conference participants. 

    4) Getting the right Sponsorship

    Sponsorship is a key element of hosting a conference in Helsinki, or anywhere else, as it helps offset the costs of organising the event. Furthermore, sponsorship permits you to include additional resources to boost your conference experience.  

    Check this useful guide on how to write an event sponsorship proposal.

    In addition to cost benefits, sponsorships can enable organisations to raise their profile and build brand awareness. For ideas on marketing and advertising your upcoming conference, look to this guide detailing event marketing ideas used by professionals.

    Let us dig a little deeper and see three of our top picks for conference venues in Helsinki: 

    1. Versatile Congress Centre For Business Meetings and Gala Events 

    This spot is a hard-to-miss congress centre nestled right in the heart of Helsinki. The venue’s 11 versatile meeting rooms, picturesque waterfront reviews towards the Helsinki archipelago, and amenities that cater to conferences and congresses for 10-700 persons, also exhibitions and banquets for up to 2500 people, make it an unrivalled venue for business conferences and gala events. Meeting rooms vary from spacious halls to an intimate dining room with a seaside view. One of its rooms is 640 square metres and provides top-notch facilities for major conferences for up to 630 participants. Care for a good night’s rest? Well, there is a top-notch hotel just across the street to take care of participants’ accommodation. 

    2. Inspiring and Flexible Conference Venue with Youthful Vibes 

    Situated in the Malminkatu district of Helsinki, this conference venue offers spaces for productive meetings and other corporate events. One of its rooms, with its highly flexible space and multiple seating arrangements to cater to various needs, permits small-scale conferences for up to 30 people. All meeting rooms have virtual and hybrid meeting technological facilities to maximise conference productivity and outreach. In addition to the venue’s convenient full-service packages boasting 5-star service standards, the venue offers virtual and hybrid meeting services to maximise conference productivity and outreach.

    3. Prominent Convention Centre for Large Audiences 

    This conference venue, one of Finland’s largest and most prominent convention centres, is located in Helsinki’s Pasila district, a brief walk northwards from the Pasila railway station. The convention centre houses seven exhibition halls, 40 convertible meeting rooms, and the 4,400-seater hall auditorium. Audio-visual services including 5G free Wi-Fi (catering to up to 20,000 users concurrently) and the centre’s team of trained technicians, will ensure your event goes seamlessly. All conference rooms are equipped with up-to-date meeting technology, air-conditioning and robust internet connectivity. 

    Wrapping Up

    There you go! You’re all set to head to Helsinki and host a conference like no other.  Here’s some extra love from us to you: our guide to the essential elements every conference room must have.

    If you are still trying to decide about conference rooms in Helsinki, just ask one of our local experts, who are always happy to help.

    May your conference be a resounding success!

    A Guide to Hosting a Conference in Helsinki

    FAQ about Helsinki Conference Venues

    How much does a Conference Room in Helsinki cost?

    The cost of a conference room in Helsinki depends on several factors, such as room size and location, the time of the year, rental duration, and the amenities offered. On average, expect to pay anywhere from 50 to 500 euros per day for a conference room in Helsinki.

    What are the Cancellation Policies for Conference Rooms in Helsinki?

    The cancellation policies for conference rooms in Helsinki depend on the venue's cancellation policy. Some venues may have strict policies that require you to pay a fee if you cancel, while others are more flexible and allow you to cancel without any fee.

    Do Conference Spaces in Helsinki have Breakout Rooms?

    Yes, many conference rooms in Helsinki have breakout rooms for attendees to participate in other activities during conferences. We recommend you check with the venue before booking, as some venues provide breakout rooms for an additional fee.

    What size Conference Spaces should I hire in Helsinki?

    The size of the conference space you hire in Helsinki depends on the number of attendees, the type of event you’re hosting, and your specific needs. A conference room for 20 to 30 people will be sufficient if you're hosting a small meeting. For a conference hosting a group of over 100 people, you will need a larger space. 

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