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    Guide to hosting outdoor events in Prague

    Hello, event maestros! Word on the street is you're gearing up for an unforgettable outdoor event in Prague. You’re in luck.

    Dive into our ultimate guide to hosting an outdoor event in Prague. In the next few minutes, you will unlock the secrets to transform your outdoor event in Prague into a smashing success! Delve into a medley of outdoor venue styles, local hotspots, budget hacks, gourmet delights, and more. It's the complete toolkit for outdoor event success!

    Ready to set the stage?  Let’s get this outdoor party started!

    1) Finding Your Perfect Fit: Prague's Outdoor Event Spaces

    Kick off your event journey by locking down the venue, and you’ll be chuffed to know that the outdoor venues in Prague aren’t just like any other outdoor spaces. They're enchanting realms awaiting your creative touch.!

    Feast your eyes on the endless different styles of outdoor rooms in Prague.

    • Garden spaces: Prague doesn't just boast style—it lives it, and its garden spaces are the proof! Beyond just being 'outdoors', these venues are a harmony of elegance and nature. Think sprawling lawns, captivating gazebos, and vibrant florals. But the real showstopper? That classic Prague twist - your event is framed by historical castles or grand villas. An authentic fairytale setting!
    • Riverside venues: There’s something poetic about outdoor event spaces in Prague located by the riverside. Whatever type of event you’re hosting, we can guarantee that the river's gentle flow will help you create a spectacular ambience. Oh, and if you’re event is scheduled for the evening, we recommend a sunset gathering. The sunsets by the river are truly astounding and will add a magical touch to your event.
    • Castle courtyards: Dive into a fairytale setting with Prague's enchanting castle courtyards. Immerse your guests in a fusion of history and grandeur, where regal ambience meets open-air charm. It's not just an event; it's an experience where every moment feels royally splendid against the city's timeless architectural marvels.
    • Contemporary and quirky venues: Swap history for a dash of modern vibrancy. From sky-high rooftop gardens offering sprawling city vistas to art hubs dripping with innovative vibes or edgy industrial sanctuaries setting the bar for cool, Prague's outdoor spaces invite you to play and design with a fresh, unconventional twist.

    Pro-tip: Break the ice before you head to one of the fabulous event venues in Prague by bonding with your team while doing some of the best team activities in Prague.

    2) The Best Areas for Hosting an Outdoor Event in Prague

    Discovering cool outdoor spaces in Prague is as easy as a stroll through the cobblestone streets. No need for a treasure map here! Our next stop in this handy guide are some of the best neighbourhoods for hosting an outdoor event in Prague.

    1. Staré Město: Also known as The Old Town, Staré Město is famous for its Gothic architecture and fairytale-like aura.

    You’ll find some of the city’s finest landmarks here, including the Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter, and the Astronomical Clock. Outdoor events here are great because they carry the magic the city is known for and allow you to explore the city at ease. 

    2. Nové Město: Now, let's delve into a neighbourhood with a more contemporary vibe. Nové Město, or the New Town, offers a contrast to Prague's historic charm.
    However, even in this modern setting, history permeates every corner. Discover Charles Square, the city's largest, and the iconic Wenceslas Square, where pivotal moments in Czech history unfolded, including the Velvet Revolution in 1989. With expansive outdoor spaces, hosting events here provides ample room and excellent value for your investment.

    3. Vinohrady: This popular neighbourhood is named after the vineyards that once occupied the area. Vinohrady is an excellent choice for an outdoor event in Prague because of its international and cosmopolitan feel.

    Oh, and did we mention the food? Vinohrady is famous for its fantastic food scene, with wonders such as Japanese bistros, Vietnamese restaurants, and Parisian cafes — and who could go without Irish pubs? Outdoor venues here are hip and have exciting characters. 

    4. Mala Strana: Mesmerised by riverside venues in Prague? Mala Strana is your go-to. Nestled by the water, it's the epicentre of enchanting outdoor spots in the city. Conveniently located near the famous Vltava River, Mala Strana is honestly like a fairytale come to life. The view here is enchanting; you’ll have both the iconic Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle in the backdrop of your event, ideal for a storybook outdoor event

    5. Zizkov: The bohemian neighbourhood of Zzkov is all about creativity. It is home to delightful art cafes and full of Instagrammable street art. In a few words, Zizkov is the perfect neighbourhood for your outdoor event venue.

    And before we forget, there’s also a lot to do for after-works in Ziskov. When the sun sets, the neighbourhood's bars amp up the excitement making them perfect for a quick sundowner post your event.

    3) How Much Will an Outdoor Venue in Prague Cost?

    Now let’s talk about the question that we’re sure has been burning in your mind, how much will an outdoor event space in Prague cost you? We've put together a breakdown of expenses to give you a rough estimate. 

    • Garden spaces: €80 - €200 per hour
    • Riverside venues: €120 - €300 per hour
    • Castle courtyards: €150 - €350 per hour
    • Contemporary and quirky venues: €100 - €250 per hour

    Additional costs to consider:

    • Permits and licensing: Obtaining necessary permits and licenses for your outdoor event in Prague might cost between €300 and €600, depending on the size and location of your event.
    • Catering: Budgeting for catering services could range from €15 to €50 per person, considering menu options and the type of service you prefer for your guests.
    • Decor and setup: Creating a visually appealing outdoor setup, inclusive of decorations and seating arrangements, might cost between €500 and €1,500, based on the complexity and size of your event space.
    • Weather contingency: Planning for weather contingencies, such as tent rentals or securing alternative indoor spaces, could be budgeted between €300 and €700 to ensure your event runs smoothly regardless of the weather conditions.
    • Entertainment and activities: This can vary but it’s safe to keep a budget ranging from €500 to €2,000, depending on the type of entertainment, performers, and the duration of the activities.
    • Transportation and logistics: Estimate between €300 and €800 to ensure efficient movement of guests and event essentials.
    • Insurance: Securing necessary event insurance, including liability coverage, might cost between €200 and €500, providing essential protection for your event and its attendees.

    4) Prague's Finest Catering Options for Your Outdoor Event

    Alright, let's talk food — arguably one of the most exciting parts of event planning! And guess what? Prague is a paradise for food lovers, and you’ll find there’s no dearth of excellent event caterers in the city who can make your culinary dreams come true.

    Here are some of our favourites.

    1. Zátiší Catering Group: If you’re looking for an event caterer who can give you a genuine taste of the region, Zátiší Catering Group should be one of your top choices. They’re a popular choice thanks to their authentic Czech cuisine menu.

    If you’re confused about what to include on your menu, we highly recommend their roast duck. It’s a comforting Czech classic featuring tender duck served with zesty red cabbage and hearty potato dumplings. It’s perfect for enjoying the outdoors!

    2. La Degustation Catering: Of course, if you want to steer away from classic dishes and explore culinary innovation, La Degustation Catering can help you do just that. They are renowned for their fine dining offerings, creative presentation, and personalised menus tailored to your event's theme and preferences.

    In fact, their beef tartare is a work of art. It’s velvety and smooth and comes accompanied by a quail egg and a surprising twist: mustard ice cream! This dish is a testament to their creative genius, adding a contemporary flair to classic favourites.

    3. Ambiente Catering: Dive deep into authentic Czech flavours with Ambiente Catering, affiliated with the acclaimed Ambiente Restaurant Group in Prague. While they serve up a mix of Czech classics and international delights, it's hard to resist their pièce de résistance: svíčková na smetaně, a marinated beef sirloin in a lush cream sauce paired with cranberries and dumplings. Pure Czech indulgence! 

    4. Gourmet Catering Prague: This event catering company specialises in creating bespoke menus for events, but that’s not the only reason we recommend Gourmet Catering Prague.

    We love how their menu focuses on using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to craft dishes that taste exquisite and showcase the region's flavours.  So, if you’re looking for a mindful catering service for your outdoor room in Prague, Gourmet Catering Prague is a top contender.

    5) Essential Weather Considerations for Outdoor Events

    Next, let’s discuss an important aspect that can make or break the success of your outdoor location in Prague: the weather. But before you start consulting with the weather gods, we’ll give you a low-down on what to expect weather-wise in Prague so you’re well prepared!

    1. Spring (March-May): Spring in Prague is our favourite season. The mild temperatures and occasional rain showers might sound like a bother, but here's the trick: the rain often clears the air, making everything smell fresh and vibrant. 

    Plus, the budding flowers and lush greenery are sure to create a stunning backdrop for your outdoor event photos.

    2. Summer (June-August): Prague is perfect for outdoor events. You can expect warm, sun-soaked days and comfortably cool nights. Think outdoor barbecues, sipping refreshing drinks under the open sky and dancing the night away without worrying about a chilly breeze. 

    Prague's summer evenings are especially magical and are perfect for lively celebrations with friends and family.

    3. Autumn (September-November): Autumn in Prague is like a warm hug before winter. The crisp air and the golden hues of falling leaves add a cosy charm to your outdoor event in Prague. This is the perfect opportunity for your guests to wrap up in blankets and enjoy hot beverages while admiring the scenic beauty around them. 

    4. Winter (December-February): Think winter in Prague is all shivers? Think again. This season transforms the city into a snowy wonderland, ideal for festive events. Envision fairy lights shimmering against a snowy canvas, offering guests a dreamy ambience. Embrace the season with cosy touches: fire pits, plush blankets, and heart-warming dishes.

    6) Prague's Top Vendors for Your Outdoor Event

    Let's wrap up this guide to hosting an outdoor event in Prague with a little bonus! We're giving you the inside scoop on some amazing local vendors who will make your event a spectacular success.

    1. Tent Up: Weatherproof your outdoor event with Tent Up. They offer a variety of stylish tents and structures that not only shield your guests from unexpected weather but also add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. 
    2. Prague Party Rentals: From tables and chairs to lighting and sound systems, Prague Party Rentals has all the necessary equipment to transform your outdoor space in Prague. Their wide range of rental options ensures your event is stylish and comfortable for your guests.
    3. Flower Power: Enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor space with Flower Power. Their expert florists can create stunning floral arrangements, from elegant centrepieces to enchanting archways, bringing a touch of nature's charm to your event.

    Wrapping Up

    And there you have it, folks – your guide to hosting a fantastic outdoor event in Prague! With stunning venues, delicious cuisine, and reliable local vendors, your outdoor event is bound to be a hit. 

    If you have more questions or need extra help, no worries! Just tap into our Ask Expert feature, and our local event planners are here to guide you through every step of the process!

    A Guide to Hosting an Outdoor Event in Prague

    FAQ about Prague Outdoor Venues

    What are some unique entertainment ideas I can bring to my outdoor event space in Prague?

    Here are some unique entertainment ideas tailored for your outdoor event space in Prague:

    • Interactive food stations: Turn dining into an experience with interactive food stations. Think live cooking demonstrations, a gourmet cheese and wine corner, or a make-your-own dessert bar. It engages guests and adds a delicious twist to your event.
    • Outdoor cinema under the stars: Create a cosy outdoor cinema with comfortable seating, blankets, and a big screen. Showcase classic Czech films or your favourite movies, allowing guests to relax and enjoy a cinematic experience under the night sky.
    • LED dance floor: Spice up the dance floor with LED tiles that light up in response to music and movement. It's a modern and energetic addition that encourages guests to hit the dance floor and groove the night away.
    • Projection mapping and light shows: Transform the architecture of your outdoor space with projection mapping and light shows. This cutting-edge technology allows you to create stunning visual displays, tell a story or set the mood with vibrant colours and dynamic visuals.
    What are the transport options for attendees in order to reach the event venue?

    One of the best things about Prague is getting around the city is extremely convenient. Here are some of the options for your attendees to get to your outdoor space in Prague.

    • Public transport: Prague’s efficient and extensive public transportation system, including trams, buses, and metro lines, provides information on the nearest public transport stops and routes that can help them navigate the city easily.
    • Shuttle services: You can also arrange for shuttle services from central points in the city to your outdoor venue. Shuttle buses can ensure a hassle-free and coordinated arrival for your guests, especially if the venue is located slightly away from the city centre.
    • Taxi and ride-sharing apps: Taxis are readily available in Prague, and several ride-sharing apps such as Uber operate in the city. Encourage attendees to use these services for a convenient and comfortable journey. Ensure they download the necessary apps on their smartphones for easy access.
    • Biking: Prague is a bike-friendly city with dedicated bike lanes. If your venue is accessible by bike, consider encouraging attendees to cycle. You can even partner with local bike rental services to provide bicycles for your guests.
    • Walking: If your outdoor venue is centrally located or within a reasonable walking distance from accommodations, emphasise the option of walking. Prague's charming streets and historic sites make for a delightful walking experience.
    • Car rentals: For attendees who prefer flexibility, car rentals are available in Prague. Provide information about nearby parking facilities if they drive to the event.
    Are there any safety concerns to keep in mind hosting outdoor events in Prague?

    Prague, known for its picturesque outdoor venues, generally offers a safe environment for hosting events. Like any city, choosing well-known locations and obtaining the necessary permits is important to ensure legality and security.

    Opt for popular parks or riverside spaces, as they often have regular visitors and good lighting, enhancing overall safety. Additionally, consider hiring professional security personnel, especially for larger events, to maintain a secure atmosphere.

    How can you overcome language barriers at your Prague outdoor space?

    While many in Prague's tourist areas speak English, adding Czech elements can enrich the event's local feel. Bilingual signs, menus, or greetings can make locals feel valued. Even sprinkling a few Czech phrases in announcements can resonate with local attendees. Though not obligatory, it fosters authenticity and engagement.

    Do I need to account for seasonality regarding outdoor locations in Prague?

    Yes, accounting for seasonality is crucial when selecting outdoor locations in Prague. The city experiences distinct seasons, each with its own ambience and weather conditions.

    • Spring (March-May): Spring brings blooming flowers and milder temperatures. It’s a lovely time for outdoor events with the city coming to life, but occasional rain showers are common, so having shelter options is advisable.
    • Summer (June-August): Summer offers warm and sunny weather, making it ideal for outdoor events. However, it's also the peak tourist season, so popular outdoor venues might be busier. Be mindful of providing shade and hydration for attendees during hot days.
    • Autumn (September-November): Autumn brings crisp air and beautiful foliage. It’s a popular choice for outdoor events due to pleasant temperatures. Consider the possibility of rain and cooler evenings, so having heating options or blankets for guests can be thoughtful.
    • Winter (December-February): Winter in Prague can be chilly, with occasional snowfall creating a magical atmosphere. While it’s less common, some outdoor events are held during winter, especially around the holiday season. Make sure there are heated areas, and consider the comfort of your guests in colder weather.
    How much should I budget for hosting an outdoor event in Prague?

    Here are rough budget estimates for hosting an outdoor event in Prague, considering a mid-range event with 100 attendees:

    • Venue: The costs can vary based on the location, popularity, and facilities of the venue but this would typically range between €1,500 - €5,000.
    • Catering: This usually costs between €25 - €70 per person and includes food,  beverages, and possibly a dessert bar. Costs vary based on the menu, food quality, and whether alcohol is included.
    • Decor and setup: You can expect to spend between €1,000 - €3,000 for seating, lighting, stage setup, floral arrangements, and thematic decorations.
    • Entertainment:  Costs depend on the type of entertainment, such as live bands, DJs, or performers but this will usually cost between €800 - €3,500.
    • Permits and licenses: This is usually around €200 - €600 and typically includes event permits, insurance, and licenses required by local authorities. Costs vary based on the venue and the nature of the event.

    Don’t forget to budget for unforeseen expenses and contingencies, typically around 10-20% of your total budget.

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