Top Tips for Hosting a Successful Event in Dubai

by Akshayaa RaniM,  13 September 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 13 September 2023
Top Tips for Hosting a Successful Event in Dubai

Greetings event planners! Let’s get the red carpet rolling at those glamorous venues that create unforgettable moments, leading to a successful event in Dubai. Our guide on the top tips for hosting a successful event in Dubai is the epicentre of event excellence in Dubai, unveiling all the trade secrets.

From stunning event venues that redefine luxury to ingenious strategies for captivating your audience. Grab your notebook and join us on a journey to master the art of hosting a truly successful event in Dubai.

Should you encounter any hurdles along the way, don't hesitate to get in touch with our local expertswho are ready to lend a helping hand.

1. Including Entertainment and Activities in Your Event in Dubai

Including Entertainment and Activities in Your Event in Dubai. Image Credit - Unsplash.jpg
Including Entertainment and Activities in Your Event in Dubai. Image Credit - Unsplash

Everyone loves to be engaged. So, why not include captivating entertainment and engaging activities in your event in Dubai? The city’s vibrant spirit allows you to create an immersive and dynamic experience that will resonate with your attendees.

As much as fun is important, these well-thought-out activities also foster meaningful interactions, encourage networking, and ensure participants remain engaged throughout your Dubai event.

All you have to do is curate a diverse package of fun from this list of entertainment ideas we’ve handpicked for you:

  • Belly Dancing Performances:Add a touch of Arabian flair to your event in Dubai by including a mesmerising belly dancing performance. Your guests and attendees are bound to be captivated.
  • Traditional Music Ensemble:Or, you could also invite one of the city’s many local musicians to give your event guests and attendees a taste of traditional Arabian music.
  • Traditional Storytelling:You can embrace the local culture even more by organising a captivating session of tales from Arabia. You will find my local storyteller to excel in folklore and will keep your attendees engaged.
  • Robotic and Futuristic Displays: With all things futuristic in this city, you could also showcase the city’s great innovations with futuristic displays, interactive robots, and technology-related entertainment.

P.S.We’ve also got some cool team-building activities to promote diversity and inclusion that can lead to a successful event in Dubai. Feel free to pick out the ones that best suit your attendee’s preferences and needs.

2. Catering Tips for Events in Dubai

Catering Tips for Events in Dubai. Image Credit - Loca Lito via Locauae.webp
Catering Tips for Events in Dubai. Image Credit - Loca Lito via Locauae

The next successful event planning tip is crafting impeccable catering and refreshment experiences at your Dubai event venue. Now, Dubai's reputation for luxury and hospitality requires no introduction. It’s vast, varied, and very delightful.

So, why not take your attendees on a culinary journey that will tantalise their senses? We’ve got you the top event caterers in Dubai to choose from:

1. Lime Tree Café:This popular catering company offers a wide range of dishes, including salads, sandwiches, and hot yummy meals. They take pride in the fact that their food is made with the best local ingredients and can be tailored to suit your dietary needs and preferences.

2. Appetite Catering: Appetite Catering specialise in healthy, nutritious food. They offer a range of food options, including gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian meals. So, rest assured that your vegan attendees will be delighted

3. Lafayette Gourmet:This high-end catering company offer a range of gourmet dishes like canapes, sushi, and charcuterie. If you’re looking to treat your attendees to some sugary treats, then you should definitely check out their range of pastries and desserts.

4. Salt Bae Events: This catering service is led by none other than the famous Nusret Gökçe (Salt Bae). By opting for Salt Bae Event, you’ll be adding a unique touch to your event thanks to their innovative menu and stylish presentation.

3. Great Event Advice in Dubai: Hosting After-Work Events

Check out this next idea for a successful event in Dubai! By adding an enticing after-work gathering, you’ll be leaving a lasting impression on your guests or attendees. Now, Dubai as you know has many captivating after-work activities that are perfect for having a fun time while making connections. Here are a few that we’ve picked just for you:

  • Desert Safari:Get adventurous and organise an unforgettable desert safari for your event attendees. They can enjoy many activities like dune bashing, camel riding, and traditional Bedouin-style dinners under the stars.
  • Beach Party: Host a beachside party for your event attendees. You could include beach games, live music, and a barbecue feast for your event attendees.
  • Dhow Cruise: Plan a dhow cruise for your event guests and attendees. As they set sail on a traditional wooden dhow, they can enjoy Dubai’s stunning views while sipping on drinks and snacking on some yummy treats.
  • Fashion Show: Go all out and collaborate with one of the city’s local designers for a fashion show that features the latest trends that combine fashion with networking.

PS: Check out the best areas in Dubai for hosting events.

4. Idea for a Successful Event in Dubai: Stage Design and Décor

Stage design and décor are also important factors when it comes to successful event planning. To host a successful business event, you must go all out and create a setting that offers your attendees a unique visual and sensory experience.

Check out these cool ideas on stage design and décor:

  • Incorporate Cultural Fusion:Get nifty by infusing elements that are inspired by the city’s iconic landmarks or desert landscape into your stage design. By doing this you are capturing the essence of Dubai’s identity and showcasing it in a way that resonates with your event.
  • Embrace Elegance:Dubai exudes sophistication and glamour. So, why not give your event a touch of its luxury and opulent vibe by incorporating intricate patterns inspired by Arabian artistry, selective lighting for a warm and inviting glow, or even the use of crystals and mirrors for some sparkle and glamour?
  • Include a Rich Colour Palette:Don’t feel shy! Go crazy and experiment with a rich colour palette that includes gold, deep blue, and other desert-inspired tones. It will give your event an extravagant vibe.
  • Futuristic Elements: Since Dubai is all about the future, get on board and infuse futuristic design elements that showcase the city’s innovative vision.

Bonus Reading: If you’re on the lookout for stage design and décor companies in Dubai, consider companies like Invent Creative Event Solutions, Mosaic Live, or EcoRent. Our guide to event translation services in Dubai will help you make your attendees feel welcome and included. So, make sure to create a space at your event venue with the necessary service.

5. Understanding the Local Culture for Events in Dubai

Our last idea for a successful event in Dubai is understanding the local culture. By doing so, you will be demonstrating your commitment to creating an inclusive and respectful event setting. We’ve got you some great tips on the local culture to make sure your Dubai Event is a hit:

  • Dress Appropriately:Be respectful in your dressing and embrace modesty. For men, business suits are perfect, while for women, we recommend opting for dresses, skirts, or pantsuits that cover the shoulders and knees.
  • Be Punctual: Dubai has a relaxed pace. However, successful business events require you to arrive on time even if your event starts slightly late. Make sure to remain flexible and patient, as it reflects that you understand and respect your attendee’s commitment to attend your event.
  • Ramadan Etiquette:Just in case you’re planning on hosting an event in Dubai during Ramadan, keep in mind fasting hours and refrain from consuming food or drinks in public during the day. You could also offer a designated area at your event venue for your non-fasting attendees.
  • Greetings and Gestures:Another great event advice in Dubai is to start your conversation by saying "As-salamu alaykum," which means "peace be upon you" in Arabic. When greeting someone, give a friendly handshake, but keep in mind that some local people might not feel comfortable shaking hands with the opposite gender. So, it’s always good to let them make the first move.

Wrapping Up

It's now time to conclude our comprehensive guide on the top tips for hosting successful events in Dubai. We hope that these invaluable insights will help you on your planning journey. But hold on, we’re not bidding adieu and fading into the Dubai horizon just yet.

Brace yourself for a deep dive into some fabulous event venues in Dubai for you to choose from. They're all you dreamt of and more.

Since you’re putting in so much effort to create one of the most successful events in Dubai, don’t forget to capture everyone’s expression and some of those beautiful moments. Our guide on how to choose an event videographer in Dubai can help you do just that.

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