Everything You Need to Know About EthCC Brussels 2024: Your Ultimate Guide to a Transformative Ethereum Experience

by Akshayaa Rani M, 06 December 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M,  06 December 2023
Everything You Need to Know About EthCC Brussels 2024: Your Ultimate Guide to a Transformative Ethereum Experience

Welcome to Brussels – The Epicentre of EthCC 2024. Embark on an immersive journey into the heart of Ethereum at EthCC in Brussels, Belgium, from July 13 to 19, 2024.

As you step into this exciting adventure, we've curated a comprehensive guide to help you make the most out of your EthCC experience.

1. Why EthCC Brussels

Unite with Ethereum's Pioneers: EthCC brings together the brightest minds in Ethereum, creating a unique opportunity to engage with top builders, researchers, and enthusiasts. Dive into thought-provoking discussions, collaborate on groundbreaking projects, and immerse yourself in the future of blockchain.

Diverse Event Lineup: Explore a rich tapestry of events at EthCC, featuring sessions for beginners and expert-level talks. Delve into discussions on decentralisation, scalability, privacy, incentive mechanisms, MEV, UX, governance, and more. The diversity of topics ensures there's something for everyone.

Brussels: A City Steeped in Culture and Innovation: With its historic charm and modern innovation, Brussels provides the perfect backdrop for EthCC 2024. Immerse yourself in a city that effortlessly blends tradition with cutting-edge technology.

2. Navigating Brussels – Your EthCC Adventure Starts Here

1) Airport Arrival Insights:

  • Train Triumph: Opt for the quick and cost-efficient Brussels Airport Express train. It departs from the airport's basement level, providing a hassle-free 17-minute journey to the city centre's three main stations: Central, Nord, and Midi. Trains run every 15 minutes, making it a swift option.
  • Taxi Tactics: If you prefer the convenience of a taxi, they're readily available outside the arrivals hall. Expect a 20-30 minute ride to the city centre, depending on traffic. Confirm the approximate fare beforehand and consider sharing a taxi if you're with fellow attendees.

2) Mastering Public Transport:

  • STIB/MIVB Magic: Brussels' public transport is primarily managed by STIB/MIVB. Purchase a basic MOBIB card at any metro station or kiosk, load it with credits, and use it across trams, buses, and the metro. A 3-day pass offers excellent value, covering all your EthCC commuting needs.
  • Tram Treasures: Trams are a local favourite for getting around. Trams 3 and 4 often run through key areas, providing a scenic route. Check schedules on the STIB/MIVB app for real-time updates and plan your journey efficiently.

3) City Exploration on Foot:

  • Central Charms: The heart of Brussels is best explored on foot, especially around Grand Place. Cobbled streets and historic architecture make for a picturesque stroll. Don comfortable shoes and take your time wandering through narrow alleys – you might stumble upon delightful cafes or quirky shops.
  • Navigational Apps: Utilise navigation apps like Citymapper or Google Maps for real-time guidance on public transport schedules and walking routes. These apps integrate seamlessly with Brussels' transport system, ensuring you're always on the right path.

Whether you're navigating the train system, hopping on a tram, or strolling through the city, these tips will elevate your EthCC experience in Brussels. Safe travels!

3. Where to Stay – Diverse Accommodation Options for Every Taste

1) Boutique Bliss:

  • The Dominican: Immerse yourself in elegance at The Dominican, a boutique hotel located near Grand Place. Revel in personalised service and modern design. Pro Tip: Book directly through their website for potential exclusive offers.
  • Jam Hotel: For a trendy yet intimate stay, consider Jam Hotel. Housed in a former art school, it boasts a vibrant atmosphere and unique room designs. Don't miss their rooftop bar for panoramic views of the city.

2) Home Away From Home:

  • Airbnb Exploration: Experience Brussels like a local by opting for an Airbnb. Choose from charming apartments in Saint-Gilles or Ixelles for a taste of authentic Belgian living. Engage with hosts for insider tips on hidden gems.

3) Luxury Redefined:

  • Hotel Amigo: Indulge in luxury at Hotel Amigo, adjacent to Grand Place. This Rocco Forte property blends historical elegance with modern amenities. Splurge on a room with a view to fully appreciate the cityscape.
  • Steigenberger Wiltcher's: For those seeking sophistication, Steigenberger Wiltcher's is an icon of luxury. Nestled on Avenue Louise, it offers refined rooms and gourmet dining. Look out for package deals that include spa access.

Bonus Advice: Read our guide to the best hotels in Brussels.

4) Budget-Friendly Gems:

  • MEININGER Brussels City Centre: If you're watching your wallet, MEININGER provides a budget-friendly option without sacrificing location. Close to Brussels Midi Station, it's perfect for easy access to transportation.
  • Hostel Bruegel: For a social and economical stay, consider Hostel Bruegel. Located in the historic centre, it's a budget-friendly choice without compromising the essence of Brussels' charm.

Brussels has a plethora of accommodation options catering to all tastes and budgets. Whether you're after boutique charm, a cosy local vibe, luxurious indulgence, or budget-friendly practicality, the city has the perfect stay for you.

4. Savouring Brussels – A Culinary Expedition

Don’t forget to enjoy the great food Brussels has to offer. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s unmissable!

  • Belgian Classics: Indulge in waffles, chocolates, and the world-famous fries. Try them at local favourites like Maison Antoine.
  • Street Food Symphony: Savour street delights like gaufres (waffles) from food trucks scattered across the city.
  • Culinary Extravaganza: Explore diverse restaurants offering Belgian specialities and international cuisine. Venture to areas like Ixelles for hidden culinary gems.

Or, here's a curveball, why not take your guests to one of these pretty parks in Brussels for a picnic?

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5. Beyond the Conference – Unwind and Explore

But remember, it’s sometimes good to close your laptop and explore the city!

  • Cultural Delight: Immerse yourself in Brussels' vibrant cultural scene. Visit the Magritte Museum or catch a performance at Bozar for a dose of artistic inspiration.
  • Historical Marvels: Explore iconic landmarks like the Atomium, a symbol of modernity, and the UNESCO-listed Grand Place.
  • Nature Retreats: Escape to Parc du Cinquantenaire or Bois de la Cambre for a tranquil retreat amidst nature.

Enjoy the city like a local with this Bespoke Brussels Walking Tour

6. Elevate Your EthCC Experience – Exclusive Activities in Brussels

However, if you really want to show off, take your guests on one of these Exclusive Entertainment Activities for Your EthCC Guests!

7. Hosting Your Own EthCC Side Event – Make an Impact

Why Choose Brussels for Your EthCC Side Event?

In a nutshell, why opt for EthCC Brussels 2024? Picture this: 350+ speakers, 5000+ attendees, and 54 sponsors coming together for an exhilarating four-day fusion of technological brilliance and community synergy.

  • EthCC transcends mere conference status; it embodies a technological movement. Immerse yourself in the latest Ethereum advancements, featuring tailored content for enthusiasts of all levels – from workshops to discussions; it offers a comprehensive experience.
  • Brussels, the EthCC host city, presents a unique opportunity to engage with the Ethereum community, fostering collaborations, recruiting talent, pitching to investors, and exploring emerging trends. The success of EthVC in connecting blockchain startups with venture capitalists stands as evidence of the potential outcomes of hosting a side event during EthCC Week.
  • Here's the clincher: EthCC operates on a community-driven, non-profit model. With affordable ticket prices and any surplus funds reinvested back into the blockchain ecosystem, it's an altruistic endeavour. Mark your calendar, join the countdown, and become an active participant in the heart of Ethereum innovation!

Variety of Events You Can Host in Brussels During EthCC Week 2024

There are no rigid guidelines on the types of events. Explore diverse event formats, from conferences and hackathons to workshops, informal gatherings, and beyond, as long as they align with the revered EthCC Week motto: by the community, for the community.

  • Ethereum Conferences: Delve into philosophical principles, real-life applications, and trending topics like NFTs.
  • Networking Drinks: Enhance networking opportunities with casual gatherings, providing a platform for industry updates and connections.
  • Hackathons: Involve the community in a DApp building competition or explore HECO gaming hackathons.
  • Workshops: Delve into decentralisation philosophy, offer hands-on experiences with blockchain tools, and more.
  • Other Events: Embrace the lighter side with brunches, Eiffel Tower trips, and unique activities.

Bonus Advice: Discover Top Tips for Hosting an EthCC Brussels Side Event

8. Tips for a Truly Successful EthCC Experience

And finally, here are some actionable tips for making the most of your experience at EthCC week:

  • Strategize and Plan: Create a personalised schedule to make the most of EthCC's diverse offerings.
  • Active Networking: Engage with fellow attendees, speakers, and exhibitors. Networking is the cornerstone of a fruitful conference experience.
  • Dive into Diverse Sessions: Explore sessions beyond your comfort zone and push the boundaries of your Ethereum knowledge. Gain insights into various aspects of Ethereum to broaden your perspective.
  • Document Your Journey: Take notes during sessions to capture key learnings and valuable insights. A dedicated conference journal can be a priceless asset.
  • Engage in Q&A: Don't shy away from asking questions during sessions. Engage with speakers and fellow attendees to deepen your understanding.
  • Explore Exhibits and Workshops: Visit booths and exhibits to discover new projects and technologies. Participate in workshops and hackathons to enhance your hands-on experience.
  • Stay Energised: Conferences can be intense. Stay energised with regular breaks, hydration, and nourishing meals.
  • Share Your Insights: Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and insights during the discussions. Your unique perspective adds value to the Ethereum community.
  • Follow Up: Networking continues even when the conference doesn’t. After the conference, stay connected with your new contacts.
  • Embrace the Community: Immerse yourself in the Ethereum community. Attend meetups, join online forums, and stay connected beyond the conference.
  • Have Fun: Above all, enjoy the experience. EthCC is not just about learning; it's about creating lasting memories and forging connections that go far beyond the conference walls.

Wrapping Up

Armed with these invaluable insights and practical tips, you're well-equipped for a transformative EthCC experience in Brussels.

And, of course, you can book your entire EthCC experience all in one place, with Eventflare. Now, good luck, and relish every moment of your stay in Brussels!

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