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Book Brainstorming Spaces in Brussels
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    Guide to hosting brainstorming events in Brussels

    Welcome event planners! Our guide to hosting brainstorming sessions in Brussels is your key to unlocking the full potential of collaborative thinking amidst the rich cultural setting of the city.

    So, sit back, relax and discover great venues, amazing caterers, practical tips, proven techniques, and local wisdom that will elevate your brainstorming sessions in Brussels to new heights. If you feel you require some one-on-one assistance, feel free to connect with one of our local experts.

    1) Choosing the Right Style of Brainstorming Venues in Brussels for You

    This first order of business is choosing the right brainstorming room in Brussels. The city offers event venues in different styles that can cater to various preferences and themes. And, we’ve put down the coolest one’s for you to check out:

    1. Rustic Charm: The city is home to many quaint venues that feature rustic décor and a cosy atmosphere. This warm and inviting setting is ideal for hosting brainstorming sessions.

    2. Waterfront Serenity: Brussels also offers stunning brainstorming venues along its waterways. So, if you’re looking to create a tranquil setting for your attendees, these venues are perfect, as they allow you to reflect in a peaceful environment.

    3. Historic Elegance: Host your brainstorming session in one of the city’s historic venues and offer your brainstorming attendees a chance to experience the city’s grandeur. Set within historic buildings these brainstorming rooms in Brussels offer an elegant backdrop perfect for creative thinking.

    4. Modern Chic: Get a hold of one of Brussel's contemporary and minimalistic venues that feature sleek designs and cutting-edge technology. These spaces embody a sophisticated setting that’s perfect for innovative brainstorming sessions in Brussels.

    5. Urban Vibes: The city’s trendiest event venues for hosting brainstorming sessions are industrial spaces and lofty-style venues. These urban venues exude an edgy charm that promotes out-of-the-box discussions and brainstorming.

    2) How Much Will a Brainstorming Room in Brussels Cost?

    Another important aspect to keep in mind is how much brainstorming venues in Brussels cost. Don’t worry, we’ve got some estimates for you to check out:

    • Basic Meeting Room: A basic meeting room that can accommodate 5 to 10 people ranges from €25 to €80 per hour.
    • Mid-range Venues: If you’re looking for a mid-range venue option that offers facilities like audio-visual equipment, whiteboards, and comfortable furnishing, you can expect to pay anywhere between €60 to €150 per hour.
    • Premium Spaces: Venues that are high-end and come with modern technology, tasteful interiors, and additional services can cost about €150 and can go up to €500 per hour.

    Additional Costs to Consider:

    • Catering: €20-€50 per person
    • Audiovisual Equipment: €50-€350 per day
    • Facilitator or Trainer: €200-€3000 per session depending on their experience
    • Transportation: €2-€8 per person via public transportation
    • Decor and Supplies: €15-€30 per person
    • Event Planning Services: €500-€1500+

    3) The Best Areas for Hosting a Brainstorming Session in Brussels

    The city has a treasure trove of prime areas perfect for your upcoming photoshoot. Photography studios in Brussels reflect these areas' character and unique style. So, depending on what your company stands for and your photoshoot theme, take your pick from these amazing neighbourhoods:

    1. The European District is an area that’s home to many EU institutions. Its professional atmosphere creates the perfect setting for brainstorming sessions on international and diplomatic aspects.

    2. Ixelles/ Elsene is a vibrant area with a vibrant character. It’s an ideal location to host creative and inspirational sessions. You can also find many cafes, galleries, and cultural venues here.

    3. Sablon is a historic neighbourhood that exudes a vintage charm. It’s perfect for hosting intimate sessions. It’s also got antique shops, art galleries, and beautiful squares to venture to post your brainstorming session.

    4. Louis Avenue is an upscale area that is home to many elegant venues, high-end hotels, and designer boutiques. So, if you’re planning something sophisticated, you’re in for a treat.

    4) The Best Catering for Your Brainstorming Space in Brussels

    Brainstorming can be quite energy-consuming. So, treat your brainstorming attendees to some delectable refreshments and gourmet meals by inviting one of the city’s top event caterers to your brainstorming venue in Brussels.  We’ve handpicked the best event caterers in the city for you to consider:

    1. Traiteur Paulus: They are known for their exceptional catering service which includes crafting an extensive menu that caters to your brainstorming participant’s palates and dietary requirements.

    2. Rogue Tomate: Keep your brainstorming attendees' health in mind and opt for health-conscious catering with Rogue Tomate. They offer healthy food options that are too hard to resist. Also, they are known for featuring dynamic presentations that reflect the dynamic flair and culinary scene of the city.

    3. Bouchéry: Situated in Uccle, a mere hop from the heart of Brussels, this event caterer effortlessly combines modern and timeless Belgian flavours, promising a captivating sensory experience that engages all the senses.

    4. La Table d'Arthur: Known for its gourmet cuisine, this catering company offers a touch of elegance to your brainstorming session with a range of culinary options blending local flavours with a contemporary twist.

    5) Afterwork Ideas for Brainstorming in Brussels

    After a productive brainstorming session, it's time to let your brainstorming attendees unwind and connect with colleagues by incorporating some fun after-work activities. Brussels offers you a vibrant range of options to relax, bond, and rejuvenate, and we’ve got you some of our favourites:

    • A Guided Brewery Tour: It's time to chug! Explore the city’s rich brewing heritage with a guided brewery tour. Your attendees can learn all about beer-making traditions while sipping on some chill beer.
    • A Chocolate Tasting: Everybody has a sweet tooth. So, how about indulging your brainstorming attendees with a chocolate-tasting experience that showcases the city’s famous chocolatiers?
    •  A Fun Karaoke Night: Get everyone to let loose and bring out their inner divas. It's time for a fun karaoke time where your brainstorming attendees can bond and set the stage on fire.
    •  A Cruise on the Canal: Organise a relaxing cruise on Brussels’ canals. This is a great way for everyone to enjoy the scenic view of the city while networking post your brainstorming session in Brussels.
    • A Cultural Evening: Here’s a suggestion! Why not plan a cultural evening at your brainstorming space in Brussels? You could invite local musicians for some live music. Or, treat your brainstorming attendees to a theatre performance or the opera, it’s a fun way to experience the city’s vibrant cultural scene.

    Wrapping Up

    As we conclude our guide on hosting a brainstorming session in Brussels, we trust that you've found it as enjoyable to read as we found creating it.

    Before we bid farewell, we invite you to explore some hot advice for hosting a business event in Brussels.

    A Guide to Hosting a Brainstorming Session in Brussels

    FAQ about Brussels Brainstorming Spaces

    What is the best time of the year to host a brainstorming in Brussels?

    Brussels exudes its distinctive allure across all seasons. So, your choice ultimately hinges on the nature of your brainstorming session and the environment you desire for your attendees.

    Should you wish to host your brainstorming session outdoors, opt for the spring season (March to May) and the summer season (June to August). However, if you’re hosting your brainstorming session indoors, any time of the year is fine.

    How can I manage the budget for my Brussels Brainstorming session effectively?

    Skillfully budget your brainstorming session in Brussels. You can also get help from our local experts who can provide you with invaluable information regarding budgeting.

    Opting for brainstorming spaces for hire that are located slightly beyond the city centre can give you the advantage of more economical prices while maintaining convenience. You could also maintain control of your budget by choosing a brainstorming room for hire in Brussels that offers a fixed menu.

    Also, on average, you can expect to spend approximately €50 to €100 per attendee for a comprehensive full-day session. Make sure to set aside a contingency fund of roughly 10% for unexpected costs as well.

    Is English commonly spoken in Brussels, and do I need to provide translated material for my brainstorming session?

    Within Brussels, a significant portion of the population is well-versed in English. This enables you to have seamless communication and information sharing during your brainstorming session.

    While providing translated material isn’t required, it would be considerate to acquaint yourself with a handful of fundamental Dutch and French phrases. This gesture reflects your respect for local culture and inhabitants, enhancing your connection with the community.

    What’s the best way to arrange transportation to my brainstorming room for hire in Brussels?
    • Public Transport: Brussels has a reliable public transportation system that includes buses, trains, metros, and trams. And, with the MOBIB smart card, you get an all-access pass, letting you breeze through these modes of transport without a hitch.
    • Bike Rentals: You could also hop on a bike and get to your brainstorming space for hire. The city has bike rental stations all around, making it easy to cruise through the city and experience its special vibe.
    • Ride-sharing apps: Then there are ride-sharing apps like Uber or Bolt that are pretty famous around Brussels. You could suggest your brainstorming attendees use these apps as a flexible alternative to travel.

    With these transportation options, your attendees can travel to and from your brainstorming session in Brussels as they please.

    What unique on-site experiences can I incorporate as breakout or work-oriented sessions for my brainstorming in Brussels?
    • Historical Scavenger Hunt: Organise a cool treasure hunt at historic places in Brussels. Team up your attendees and watch them solve puzzles linked to your ideas, making exploring and brainstorming super fun.
    • Virtual Reality Brainstorming: You could also try using virtual reality to let you’re your attendees experience scenarios related to your brainstorming session’s topics. It's a fun way to dive into ideas and make them more exciting.
    • Themed Escape Room Challenges: Draw upon the well-known escape room concept, tailoring challenges to directly correlate with your brainstormed subjects. Your attendees can collaborate to decipher puzzles and uncover solutions through joint efforts.

    Discover even more fun ideas for team activities in Brussels here!

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