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Book Brainstorming Spaces in Copenhagen
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    Guide to hosting brainstorming events in Copenhagen

    Hosting a brainstorming session in Copenhagen offers a blend of inspiration, creativity, and a supportive environment. By leveraging the city’s resources, embracing diversity, and utilising innovative techniques, you can unlock your team’s full potential and generate groundbreaking ideas that propel your business forward.

    Our guide to hosting a brainstorming session is here to provide you with all the information you require. But if you require additional information, our local experts are just a click away.

    1) What Kinds of Venues are there for Brainstorming Sessions in Copenhagen?

    There is a range of brainstorming rooms in Copenhagen suitable for a unique brainstorming session. When selecting a venue, consider factors like capacity, technological requirements, accessibility, and proximity to accommodations and transportation options.

    Additionally, think about the atmosphere and vibe that goes with the goals of your brainstorming session, as different venues can evoke distinct moods and creativity levels.

    • Conference Centers: Copenhagen has many conference centres with modern facilities and customisable spaces. These venues often provide brainstorming rooms of various sizes, audio-visual equipment, and support staff to ensure a smooth session.
    • Creative Spaces: This vibrant city is also known for its creative and innovative scene, which means numerous unconventional spaces are available for brainstorming sessions. For instance, art galleries, design studios, co-working spaces, or even cultural centres that offer a unique ambience.
    • Hotels: Most Copenhagen hotels offer conference facilities catering to brainstorming sessions. These venues provide the advantage of professional services, comfortable amenities, and easy accessibility for your participants travelling from out of town.
    • Cafes and Restaurants: The city is famous for its vibrant café culture and culinary scene. So, why not consider booking a private room or a section of a café or restaurant that matches the desired atmosphere of your brainstorming session? This option provides a relaxed and informal setting conducive to creative thinking.
    • Outdoor Spaces: When the weather is good, Copenhagen’s parks, gardens, and waterfront areas can serve as excellent event venues for brainstorming sessions. You can utilise open-air spaces for team activities, walking discussions, or even alfresco brainstorming sessions.

    That being said, check out our list of creative seminar rooms in Copenhagen for a memorable brainstorming session.

    2) The Best Areas to Find a Brainstorming Room in Copenhagen

    Once you’ve considered the specific requirements and preferences of your brainstorming session, choosing an area that provides a fitting environment that aligns with your objective is simple.

    Copenhagen offers several areas that are well-suited for hosting brainstorming sessions. Here are a few options to check out:

    • Frederiksberg is a neighbourhood known for its stunning parks, elegant buildings, and a mix of residential and commercial areas. It offers a peaceful environment that can foster focused and productive brainstorming sessions.
    • Vesterbro, on the other hand, is a trendy neighbourhood that blends its industrial past with a contemporary urban vibe. It offers a wide range of stylish brainstorming venues in Copenhagen, including co-working spaces, creative studios, and art galleries, making it ideal for brainstorming sessions that require a touch of creativity and inspiration.
    • City Center is the heart of Copenhagen. It is a bustling neighbourhood with a mix of historic architecture and modern amenities. This central location provides easy access to transportation, hotels, restaurants, and cultural attractions, making it convenient for both local and international participants.
    • Ørestad is a residential neighbourhood located northeast of the city centre. It offers a quieter setting while providing access to amenities like parks, cafes, and meeting spaces. Thus, it can be suitable for smaller, intimate brainstorming sessions.

    If you’d like a few more options, check out our guide to some great neighbourhoods in Copenhagen for corporate events.

    3) Getting to Your Brainstorming Session in Copenhagen

    Need help navigating Copenhagen? No worries, we’ve got you covered! The city boasts a top-notch public transport system, offering you a plethora of options to reach your brainstorming space in Copenhagen.

    Getting around the city is a breeze thanks to reliable S-trains, buses, and metros and seamless train connections. However, ride-sharing services and taxis are readily available if you’re seeking convenience.

    1. Frederiksberg:

    • Public transport:
      • Bus: Routes 1 A, 1B, 3A, 3X, 5A, 9A, 14, and 26
      • Metro: Stations- Connected to Kongens Nytorv, Nørreport, and Christianshavn; Line M3
      • S-Train: Stations- Vesterbro Station and Dybbølsbro Station; Lines- A, B, and E
    • Secure Parking Garages in Frederiksberg:
      • Apcoa Parking Danmark A/S- Nimbusparken 1, 2000 Frederiksberg
      • Securitas A/S- Frederiksberg Centret, Falkoner Allé 21, 2000 Frederiksberg
      • Parkzobe A/S- Finsensvej 7C, 2000 Frederiksberg

    2. Versterbro:

    • Public transport:
      • Bus: Routes 2A, 4A, 8A, 9A, 18, and 26
      • Metro: Line M1 and M2
      • S-Train: Lines- Frederiksberg Allé and Valby
    • Secure Parking Garages in Versterbro:
      • Apcoa Parking Danmark A/S- Nimbusparken 1, 2000 Frederiksberg
      • Securitas A/S- Frederiksberg Centret, Falkoner Allé 21, 2000 Frederiksberg
      • Parkzobe A/S- Finsensvej 7C, 2000 Frederiksberg

    3. City Center:

    • Public transport:
      • Bus: Routes 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 5C, 6A, 9A, and 14
      • Metro: Line M1, M2, M3, and M4
      • S-Train: Lines- A, B, C, and E
    • Secure Parking Garages in the City Center:
      • Israels Plads- 1361 Copenhagen, Denmark, Kobenhavn K
      • Jeudan Parking- 1250 Kobenhavn, Denmark, Kobenhavn K
      • Eoropark P-Hus Sydhavnen- 2450 Copenhagen, Denmark, Syydhavnen, Vesterbro

    4. Nørrebro:

    • Public transport:
      • Bus: Routes 3A, 5C, 6A, and 105S
      • Metro: Line M1 and M2
    • Secure Parking Garages in the Nørrebro:
      • Apcoa Parking Danmark A/S- Føtex Nørrebro, Mimersgade 124, 2200 Kobenhavn
      • Nørrebro Bycenter- Nørrebro Bycenter, Lygten 2, 2400 Kobenhavn
      • Det Grønne P-hus- Blågårdsgade/ Åboulevarden, 2200 Copenhagen N

    4) Helpful Apps to Download in Copenhagen

    • Citymapper- a comprehensive transit app offering detailed public transportation information
    • VisitCopenhagen- official travel guide for the city

    5) What to Cater When Brainstorming in Copenhagen

    When it comes to brainstorming in Copenhagen, it’s important to cater to the needs of your participants and cater to an environment that promotes creativity and productivity. That being said, here are a few top event caterers in Copenhagen to consider:

    • Meyers Catering is a well-known company in Copenhagen that uses only organic and sustainable ingredients. It offers a diverse range of menu options, from light refreshments to full-course meals.
    • Madkastellet specialises in catering services for events of all kinds and sizes, including your brainstorming event in Copenhagen. Their catering options range from classic Danish dishes to famous international cuisines, ensuring a diverse and inclusive menu for all your participants.
    • Claus Holm Catering is led by chef Claus Holm, who is known for his innovative and high-quality cuisine. They offer customised catering services tailored to your dietary requirements. With a focus on flavours and presentation, Claus Holm Catering aims to create an unforgettable dining experience.

    PS: For more reliable event caterers, check our list of 7 favourite caterers in Copenhagen.

    6) Equipment and Games for your Brainstorming Session in Copenhagen

    When it comes to brainstorming in Copenhagen, keep your team relaxed and stress-free. Shake things up with these creative ice-breakers that will keep your team engaged while having fun.

    Get your creative juices flowing by planning some thought-provoking games like “What if…?” and “How might we…?” These games will ignite original thinking and spark fresh concepts among your team members.

    Now, most brainstorming spaces for hire in Copenhagen come equipped with essential basics you’ll need for your session. However, if you require something specific, you can always request the venue to arrange it for an additional cost. They’re usually accommodating to your needs.

    But for those times when you need urgent brainstorming, fear not! Head down to Stelling, Illums Bolighus, or CPHAGEN. These spots have you covered with all the brainstorming essentials.

    And, for a comprehensive guide on the nine essential elements, every conference room must have, be sure to check out our curated list. With these tips and resources at your disposal, your brainstorming session in Copenhagen is sure to be cool and productive for one and all.

    Wrapping Up

    With that, we’ve reached the end of our guide to brainstorming sessions in Copenhagen. We hope that you’ve got all the necessary information for brainstorming rooms for hire, the best caterers, transportation tips, and other essential tips. But remember, at any given time, feel free to connect with one of our local experts if required.

    A Guide to Hosting a Brainstorming Session in Copenhagen

    FAQ about Copenhagen Brainstorming Spaces

    How much does a Brainstorming Room cost in Copenhagen?

    The cost of brainstorming rooms in Copenhagen differs because of various factors, including the location, size, amenities, and rental duration. However, here are some approximate price ranges to give you an idea:

    • Small to Medium-Sized Room: Prices range from 500 DKK to 1500 DKK per hour.
    • Larger Rooms or Event Spaces: Prices range from 1500 DKK to 5000 DKK or more per hour.
    • Full-Day or Multi-Day Rentals: Prices range from 3000 to 8000 DKK or more, depending on the size and features of the space.
    What team-building activities can I include during my Brainstorming Session in Copenhagen?

    Boost the cool factor of your brainstorming session in Copenhagen by incorporating team-building exercises to amp up communication, trust, and innovation within your team.

    Shake things up with fun activities like scavenger hunts, escape rooms, two truths and a lie, and human knots. These engaging exercises will not only foster a sense of camaraderie but also ignite creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

    To take it up a notch, why not consider introducing mindfulness exercises like yoga and meditation? These practices can help enhance focus, reduce stress, and create a relaxed atmosphere for open-minded ideation.

    How long can I hire a Brainstorming Room in Copenhagen?

    In Copenhagen, your brainstorming venue rental duration depends on the event venue and the service provider. Keep in mind that different venues have varying policies. Some offer flexible hourly rentals, while others may require a minimum booking of a full day.

    So, to ensure a smooth reservation process, we recommend checking the specific rental duration with your chosen venue before making any commitments. Stay in the cool zone by being well-informed and prepared to secure the perfect brainstorming room for hire in Copenhagen.

    What are the Cancellation Policies for Brainstorming Rooms in Copenhagen?

    It’s important to avoid unexpected penalties or charges regarding cancellation policies for brainstorming rooms in Copenhagen. Each event venue has its own unique policy. To stay on the safe side, it’s crucial to check the cancellation policy of your chosen venue before making any reservation.

    By doing so, you’ll be well-prepared and able to navigate the cancellation process smoothly, ensuring a stress-free and cool experience for all involved.

    What should I consider while choosing a Brainstorming Room in Copenhagen?

    While choosing a brainstorming space in Copenhagen, keeping things cool means taking into account the type of session you’re planning and the number of participants you’re expecting.

    Size, location, and accessibility are key considerations, but don’t forget to prioritise a venue with ample ventilation and abundant natural light. These factors will help create an environment that fosters alertness, energy, and a fresh flow of ideas.

    Stay cool, stay inspired, and make your brainstorming event in Copenhagen a success.

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