Photo Shoot Spaces in London

When scouring the web, is there anything more off-putting than a terrible quality photo? Don’t let that be you. Photos are a vital part of business communication, so take this guide to photoshoots in London and put it to get use for your business. And if you have any unanswered questions, just ask our experts!

The Best Areas in London for Photoshoots

  • Peckham - You’ll find Peckham in South London. It’s one of the cities coolest neighbourhoods, being diverse, full of bars, great cuisine, markets, and a growing creative hub. 
  • Southwark - Is like the city condensed into one area. From 17th-century pubs, to towering business skyscrapers, it has it all. It sits nobly on the south bank of the river and pulls in creatives, tourists, and locals alike. 
  • Hackney -  Is an iconic part of the city and the country. It’s a booming East London area with real sense of identity. It’s authentic and raw, perfect for photoshoots with purpose. 
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A Guide to Photoshoots in London


Public Transport 

  • Buses: 171, 197, 36, 37, 78. 
  • Underground: Jubilee Line.  
  • Train: Overground, Southeastern, Southern.

Secure Parking Garages in Peckham  

  • Multi-Storey Car Park - Cerise Rd.
  • Choumert Grove Car Park - 13 Choumert Grove. 


Public Transport 

  • Buses: 21, 43, 168, 176, 211, 40, 344, 507. 
  • Underground: Northern and Jubilee Lines.
  • Train: South Western Railway, Southeastern, Thameslink. 

Secure Parking Garages in Southwark  

  • Park Bee Borough - 10-8 Cole Street. 
  • NCP London Bridge - Kipling Street.


Public Transport 

  • Buses: 242, 253, 276, 30, 38. 
  • Underground: Central Line. 
  • Train: Overground.

Secure Parking Garages in Hackney  

  • Park Bee Hackney - 210 Ponsford Street. 
  • Amhurst Rd Car Park - 2 Aspland Grove. 

Essentials for Photoshoots in London

London is a cultural hub, which means it’s a magnet for the world's professional photographers. For example, Brazillian photographer Daniela Laquini specialises in commercial photography and is passionate about conveying the human experience. 

Or you could hire someone like Kate Cowdrey who uses her empathy and strong technical skills to capture the narrative at the heart of your event. 

Then you have people like Owen Billcliffe whose work is defined by his documentary-style photography and personal approach. 

We can also recommend photography agencies like Snap Genius & Splento, which will put you in touch with a photographer that’s perfect for you.  

If you have the need of premium models for your project, then get in touch with Milk Management or Elite London. Two of the truly best modelling agencies operating in the city. 

And of course, to take good photos, you’ll need quality gear. All easily rented. We would recommend Pro Centre or Wex Rental for all your camera equipment needs. 

And to give your session more depth, versatility, and character, you could always implement some props. If that sounds like a bit of you, then check out London Prop Hire. And if you’re worried you don’t have enough sophistication at play, speak to Granger Hertzog about renting some stylish furniture. 

A Guide to Photoshoots in London
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FAQ for Venues in London

What Types of Photoshoot Rooms Can I Book in London?

As a capital of fashion, business and culture, London has a fantastic selection of photoshoot rooms. You’ll see rustic churches turn exhibition spaces, private lofts, refurbished railway tunnels, and much more. You can check out our favourite photoshoot venues here

How Much Does a Photo Studio Venue in London Cost?

A photo studio in London can cost between €50 - €105. This price can vary depending on the size of the space, location and any rented materials. Our City Experts can give you a rough quote based on your photoshoot requirements.

What Are The Cancellation Policies for Photoshoot Rooms in London?

Different photo studios have different cancellation policies. Generally, the earlier you cancel, the more money you can expect to get back. However, it's quite common that last-minute bookings (less than 48 hours before the photoshoot) are non-refundable.

How Can I Hire a Photo Studio in London?

Browse photoshoot locations in London and submit a request for your favourite venues. Our City Experts will get back to you with a quote and availabilities. If you can't find something suitable, get in touch! We have plenty of other partner venues that aren't online.

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