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Book Corporate Event Venues in Prague
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    Guide to hosting corporate event events in Prague

    Hello planners! Are you looking for the perfect spot for your corporate event space in Prague? Well, you've hit the jackpot.

    Prague, or Praha as the locals call it, is the Czech Republic's capital, where history whispers from every corner and is a buzzing hub of modern business. Prague, a city where history and innovation dance gracefully among its stunning architectural tapestry, is an ideal backdrop for hosting a conference. From Gothic cathedrals to Cubist cafes, Prague's buildings tell a story of a city that has thrived through centuries, making it a living textbook of architectural marvels. 

    Its culinary scene, rich with hearty traditional fare and adventurous modern cuisine, offers delegates a taste of Czech hospitality and innovation. The city's quirks, like the playful Astronomical Clock or the picturesque Charles Bridge, provide a unique setting that is both inspiring and memorable.

    Hosting a conference is not just about finding a venue; it's about creating an experience that stays with attendees long after they've returned home. And that is why Prague is the perfect choice. Its blend of rich history, vibrant culture, and modern innovation makes Prague not just a meeting point but a source of inspiration. 

    The city's multicultural vibe, coupled with its tradition of hospitality, ensures that every conference attendee feels welcomed and valued. In Prague, every conference has the potential to become a milestone event set against the backdrop of one of Europe's most enchanting cities.

    But we get it; hosting events in a city of a hundred spires can be a bit of a maze. That's why we're here — to take the load off your shoulders. And guess what? We've done the legwork and compiled everything you need to know.

    Ready to explore our insider tips for corporate event venues in Prague? Let's get started!

    1) What Style of Event Venue in Prague Suits You Best?

    The first step is zeroing in on the perfect venue style for your event. Let’s face it: the venue sets the tone, and first impressions count big time. Thus, here are some key styles you should consider:

    1. Riverside Retreats: Situated alongside the idyllic Vltava River in the heart of historic Prague, these venues provide an exquisite escape for any occasion. With the river's gentle flow and the city's renowned bridges and spires in the background, events here have an air of serenity and natural beauty, complemented by natural light. 

    Venues like these, with their outdoor spaces and proximity to urban mass transit, combine convenience with the appeal of Old Town Prague.

    2. Classic Concert Halls: Prague's illustrious concert halls are veritable jewels of the city's cultural heritage, celebrated for their flawless acoustics and timeless elegance. These historic venues serve as a vibrant reminder of Prague's musical legacy, perfect for company party venues that aim to impress.

    P.S. We think you’d love these stylish auditoriums in Prague.

    3. Green Retreats: For an event that prioritises sustainability and tranquillity, consider an event space tucked away amid Prague's lush gardens. These spots offer a peaceful break from the city's busy vibe. When you step into these green retreats, you'll find yourself lost in the beauty of nature.

    4. Cultural Gatherings: Leverage Prague's cultural institutions near landmarks like the Mirror Chapel for an event space steeped in the city's rich history, including theatres and museums. Selecting these venues allows your guests to immerse themselves in the city's cultural heritage.

    Bonus Tip: If you're looking for a venue on the outlandish side, check out these unique event venues in Prague.

    5. Luxury with a View: Choose upscale venues that boast breathtaking cityscapes. Noteworthy selections like the Hilton Prague and Prague Park Tower stand out for their sweeping panoramic views of the city's skyline. Equipped with elegant grand ballrooms and spacious banquet halls, these venues are ideally suited for hosting gala dinners, conferences, or any distinguished event.

    Picture your guests indulging in plush seating framed by glass surroundings, savouring cocktails while gazing upon the shimmering lights of Prague's iconic skyline.

    2) The Top Neighbourhoods for Your Prague Corporate Event 

    All right, so you’ve got an idea of the style you want for your event. But how can we complement that? Well, choosing the area, of course, as it sets the perfect ambience for the event. So, we’ve picked out some ideal neighbourhoods for your event space:

    1. Prague 1 – Old Town: Host your event in the heart of Prague's history. In Old Town Prague, you can have a business meeting or a celebration in venues from Gothic halls to modern spaces. 

    Picture your event unfolding near the Astronomical Clock along the scenic vistas of the Charles Bridge or amid the ambience of Charles Square, transforming your gathering with the backdrop of a historical landmark. Also, this area's central location and ease of public transport access highlight its convenience for guests.

    2. Malá Strana: Venture into the storybook charm of Malá Strana, where baroque palaces and manicured gardens near the Mirror Chapel offer a picturesque setting for ceremony venues in Prague. Here, the quiet streets create a serene atmosphere, all with stunning views of the city. This neighbourhood is not only a feast for the eyes but also easily accessible, thanks to the nearby tram depot.

    3. Vinohrady: In this serene area, Art Nouveau architecture and leafy parks like Riegrovy Sady create tranquil surroundings. Charming cafes and bistros nestle into quiet streets, where creativity can flourish away from the city's hustle. Vinohrady's relaxed yet elegant ambience makes it a refreshing change of pace for your event. Here, the town square pulsates with local life, offering a glimpse into the vibrant community spirit away from the bustling centre.

    4. Josefov: In Prague's historic Jewish Quarter, business events take on an air of culture alongside the luxury and cultural richness of the area. Choose from restored historic buildings, now housing high-end shops and restaurants that offer company party venues. It’s a district where the past meets the present, just a stone's throw from Wenceslas Square.

    5. Karlín: The revitalised district of Karlín is a symbol of the modern Czech Republic. It has industrial-chic cafes and contemporary restaurants in reimagined spaces. Karlín's mix of urban flair and green spaces, including Kaizlovy Sady Park, is great for your event space. Not to mention, Karlín's excellent public transport links provide accessibility for guests travelling from any part of the city.

    Bonus Reading: Prague has a variety of districts that would be perfect for your event. To learn more about these neighbourhoods and discover a few more gems, check out the best areas in Prague for hosting events.

    3) What Will Your Corporate Event in Prague Cost?

    Now, let's talk about something we all consider when planning an event – the cost. It's a big deal because it determines your gathering's size and scale. Thankfully, in Prague, there's an ideal venue for every budget. Let's explore the pricing options together:

    Affordable Options: Consider these budget-friendly event spaces in Prague, with prices ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 CZK per day for small to medium-sized gatherings.

    Versatile Venues: Mid-range event spaces offer a balance between cost and amenities, with prices spanning from 10,000 to 30,000 CZK per day, depending on your event's size and specifications.

    Premium Choices: Choose luxury with premium event venues, starting at 20,000 to 60,000 CZK per event and beyond. The cost may vary based on exclusivity, culinary offerings, and location. 

    Here are some additional costs you can expect:

    • Dining & Beverages
    • Decor
    • Personnel
    • Entertainment 
    • Audiovisual
    • Permits & Insurance
    • Transport
    • Promotion & Invitations

    4) Prague's Finest Caterers for Your Corporate Event

    If you didn’t know already, good food is the heartbeat of a successful gathering. In the heart of Prague, we've sourced the culinary gems that will add flavour to your event. Feast your eyes on these tried-and-true catering services:

    1. FB Catering Prague: If you're searching for an authentic culinary journey encapsulating Prague's rich heritage, FB Catering Prague is your go-to. They invite you to explore a vibrant tapestry of Czech classics, each dish paying homage to the city's culinary traditions.

    Indulge in notable dishes such as "Svíčková na smetaně," a tender beef sirloin dish with a creamy sauce and bread dumplings, and "Trdelník," a sweet pastry that's a must-try in Prague.

    2. Zátiší Catering: Stands out as a top choice for business events and company galas, thanks to their extensive track record of catering prestigious occasions. Their expertise in crafting elegant presentations and providing impeccable service is unmatched.

    With Zátiší Catering, you can count on a professional team that can create a tailor-made menu to suit the dietary needs of your event.

    3. STAR CATERING: This is your ideal eco-conscious caterer for your event. Their commitment to sustainability shines through in their food services. They offer delicious food made from organic ingredients and eco-friendly practices. You can align your event with sustainable values and enjoy great food at the same time.

    4. Strop Café & Catering: For business events in Prague that require exceptional cuisine, Strop Café stands out. Their innovative approach to food sets them apart. Imagine offering your guests an eclectic evening buffet: succulent roasted Burgundy ham, fragrant Grenaille potatoes, a vibrant vegetable bar, and a delightful array of Czech, French, and Dutch cheeses. 

    5) After-Hours Ideas for Your Prague Corporate Event

    Alright, your event was a massive success, but what now? You could go to the hotel and put your feet up, but there’s not much fun. So, go ahead and check out some of the best after-hour activities Prague has to offer:

    1. Dine with Your Team: How about taking your team to one of Prague's best restaurants? Explore the capital's food scene and enjoy a feast together. Check out the top restaurants in Prague for dining with your team.

    2. Prague Castle Twilight Tour: After a productive day of meetings or a successful launch event, immerse your team in Prague's rich history with a twilight tour of Prague Castle. Wander through its magnificent courtyards and explore St. Vitus Cathedral, all bathed in the enchanting twilight glow. 

    3. Jazz Night at Reduta Jazz Club: Unwind with some smooth jazz melodies at the historic Reduta Jazz Club. Treat your colleagues to an evening of live music while sipping cocktails or enjoying a Czech beer. 

    4. River Vltava Cruise: Take to the waters of Prague's longest river for a leisurely cruise. Enjoy the city's stunning architecture and picturesque bridges as the sun sets. Add a touch of style with a gourmet dinner on board, complete with fine wines and gorgeous views of Prague's illuminated skyline.

    5. Beer Tasting Experience: Prague is renowned for its beer culture, so why not organise a beer-tasting experience for your team? Visit a local brewery and learn about brewing while sampling Czech Republic beers. It's a great way to bond, unwind, and appreciate Prague's beer heritage.

    P.S. This is just a taste of what you can do after your event. Go check out the 6 best team activities in Prague.

    Wrapping up

    And there we have it! As we wrap up our exploration of corporate event spaces in Prague, we're honoured to be a part of your journey. We trust this guide has been valuable in your event planning toolkit.

    Now, let's move forward and secure your perfect business event venue. It's a breeze – choose your preferred venue on our website and lock in your reservation.

    But if you'd rather keep things effortless, contact one of our local experts. They're here to make your planning process a piece of cake!

    Best of luck!

    A Guide to Hosting Corporate Events in Prague

    FAQ about Prague Corporate Event Venues

    How does Prague accommodate guests with disabilities at corporate events?

    Many venues in Prague are equipped to accommodate guests with disabilities, offering features like wheelchair access, accessible restrooms, and parking. Specify your requirements when booking to ensure the venue can meet your needs.

    What is the process for hiring security for a high-profile corporate event in Prague?

    For high-profile events requiring added security, it's advisable to work with professional security firms experienced in event protection. Our event experts can recommend reputable providers. Start this process well in advance to address all logistical and legal requirements.

    Can we host outdoor corporate events in Prague?

    Yes, Prague offers beautiful outdoor venues, including gardens, terraces, and riverside locations. Keep in mind that the weather is most suitable, especially from late spring to early autumn. Always have a backup plan for unexpected weather changes.

    Are permits required for outdoor corporate events in Prague?

    Yes, for certain outdoor events, especially those in public spaces or requiring special setups, you may need permits from the local municipality or other regulatory bodies. Check with one of our local event planners to assist with the necessary paperwork.

    Are there language barriers to consider when planning an event in Prague?

    While Czech is the official language, many venue managers, suppliers, and caterers speak English, especially in the hospitality industry catering to international events. However, hiring a local event planner or interpreter can help smooth out any potential language barriers.

    How do I ensure my corporate event adheres to local Czech regulations?

    Our experts understand the legal requirements, including permits for large gatherings, noise ordinances, and health and safety regulations. They can navigate the bureaucracy and ensure compliance.

    What technological support can I expect from Prague venues?

    Most modern venues in Prague are equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, high-speed internet, and other tech essentials for corporate events. Specify your technical needs early in the planning process so the venue can accommodate them.

    How can I incorporate Czech culture into my corporate event?

    Consider adding elements such as traditional Czech cuisine, a live performance of Czech music, or a guided tour of Prague's historical sites.

    What are the cancellation policies for venues in Prague?

    Cancellation policies vary by venue, so make sure you review contract terms closely. Many venues require a deposit and have strict cancellation timelines, with fees increasing as the event date approaches.

    How do I handle transportation for attendees flying into Prague?

    Prague's Václav Havel Airport is well-connected to the city. Consider arranging shuttle services and private buses or leveraging Prague's efficient public transportation system for your event attendees.

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