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    Guide to hosting meeting events in Prague

    Hey there, fantastic event planners! Are you ready to dive into the incredible world of hosting a meeting in Prague? Get ready for an amazing experience!

    The city is bursting with cool vibes, and if there’s anything we can promise you, it’s this. Meetings in Prague will not be boring.

    And just to convince you of this, we’ve put together this incredible guide to hosting a meeting in Prague that will surely excite you.

    Come on, let’s get started!

    1) Types of Meeting Rooms in Prague

    Ready to elevate your next meeting in Prague? Dive into a world of uniquely styled rooms, each dripping with charisma and coolness. From ultra-modern to timelessly classic, Prague's spaces promise to leave an impression. Dive in and find your perfect fit!

    1. Traditional meeting rooms: As the name suggests, these are standard meeting rooms equipped with tables, chairs, and audio-visual presentation equipment. They are perfect for formal meetings, presentations, and discussions. 

    2. Historic meeting venues: These meeting spaces in Prague transport you back in time, offering an enchanting blend of tradition and sophistication. 

    These venues are often nestled within centuries-old buildings and exude an aura of grandeur and elegance. Your participants will get to discuss important matters surrounded by ornate architecture and antique furnishings, where every corner tells a story of the past. 

    The historic meeting rooms in Prague provide a unique and inspiring backdrop for your meetings by giving spaces filled with cultural richness and historical significance.

    3. Innovative meeting spaces: Think outside the box with Prague’s innovative meeting spaces for forward-thinking people. 

    Have you ever considered a vintage car museum for your next brainstorming session? Imagine meeting amidst a collection of meticulously preserved classic cars, each with its own tale to tell. 

    In Prague, meetings aren't just about business but about igniting creativity in truly captivating settings. Dive into the unexpected!

    4. Outdoor meeting spaces: When the weather permits, we recommend hosting your meeting in one of Prague’s many outdoor venues.

    This will give even the most complex topics a breath of fresh air, and we genuinely believe that the great outdoors sparks better conversations. Think of meeting in a charming courtyard surrounded by blooming flowers and the gentle rustle of leaves. 

    These outdoor spaces provide a serene yet vibrant backdrop, fostering a relaxed atmosphere for discussions and idea-sharing

    5. Contemporary meeting venues: Prague's contemporary meeting venues are a testament to the city's vibrant spirit and modern flair. 

    We’re talking about sleek, stylish spaces designed with the latest technology and chic furnishings, creating an atmosphere that effortlessly blends innovation with comfort. These venues are more than just places to meet – they are dynamic hubs of creativity and collaboration. How’s that for modern thinking?

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    2) What's the Cost of Renting a Meeting Room in Prague?

    Next, let's discuss meeting room prices without breaking the bank. Prague offers a variety of options to suit every budget and need, so rest assured that if you have your heart set on hosting a meeting in Prague, we’re sure you’ll find a meeting space within your budget.

    • Basic meeting rooms: Hourly rates for basic meeting rooms might range from €10 to €30.
    • Mid-range options: Mid-range meeting rooms with better amenities could charge between €30 and €70 per hour.
    • High-end venues: High-end meeting rooms in prestigious venues might have hourly rates starting from €70 and can go up to several hundred euros per hour.

    3) The Best Areas to Host a Meeting in Prague

    It’s all about the location when spotting the best meeting rooms in Prague. After all, the neighbourhood sets the vibe, doesn’t it?

    Here are the top areas to consider:

    1. Vinohrady: This area is known for its streets filled with greenery and beautiful Art Nouveau buildings. Featuring an upscale yet relaxed atmosphere, Vinohrady comes packed with trendy cafes, bars, and restaurants, making it perfect for post-meeting networking or unwinding.

    But that’s not all, its central location and great transport links add to its appeal as a meeting destination.

    2. Staré Město: This neighbourhood is also known as Old Town, and it’s is located in the heart of Prague. The area offers a unique blend of history and modernity with its cobblestone streets lined with mesmerising architecture, including the iconic Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock.

    Staré Město boasts a variety of meeting rooms in Prague. From elegant hotels to stylish conference centres, these event venues are all within walking distance of famous landmarks, making them perfect for an after-work rendezvous.

    3. Smíchov: Located on the west bank of the Vltava River, this vibrant area has seen a significant transformation in recent years. As a result, you’ll find a mix of industrial-chic spaces, converted warehouses, and modern conference facilities. 

    This cool neighbourhood is also famous for its lively nightlife scene, making it a great choice for combining work and leisure.

    4. Holešovice: If you’re looking for a neighbourhood with an artistic vibe, Holešovice should be on your radar. A recently transformed creative hub, you’ll find an array of art galleries, design studios, and trendy cafes in this neighbourhood. 

    Holešovice also has many unique event venues like converted factories and industrial lofts, thus giving you an edgy and inspiring backdrop for your meeting.

    5. Nové Město: If you're in the mood for a more upscale vibe, you've got to check out New Town (Nové Město). This place is the epitome of sophistication! 

    You can stroll down elegant streets lined with classy hotels and ultra-modern conference centres. Need a breather or a place to unwind after your meeting? New Town has you covered with its trendy restaurants and bars. 

     It's not just about the meetings here; it's about creating those essential connections in an atmosphere that exudes class and style. New Town knows how to blend business with pleasure, making it a top choice for your next meeting in Prague.

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    4) Finding the Perfect Catering for Your Meeting event in Prague

    Food can make or break your event, and after a long morning of meetings in Prague, your guests need to be fuelled with a good meal.

    Here are a few event caterers in Prague that’ll add the yummy factor to your event.

    1. Zátiší Group: This is a well-known event catering company in Prague, that offers only high-quality catering services for all types of events, including meetings and conferences. Their menu features both Czech and international cuisine. They are also known for their professional service and attention to detail.

    We love their Czech classics like hearty goulash and tender svíčková (marinated beef sirloin) but that’s not all they are good at. Their international cuisine includes savoury risottos and creamy tiramisu.

    2. Ambiente Restaurants: This famous group of restaurants in Prague also provides catering services. Known for their delicious food and modern presentation they are a popular choice for events and meetings.

    That’s not all; Ambiente Restaurants bring a trendy twist to your event with dishes like zesty beef carpaccio and melt-in-your-mouth trdelník (sweet pastry). 

    3. Prague Catering: This is yet another established catering company in Prague. They offer catering services for meetings and other events. With skills to accommodate your every need, they come with a range of menu options, including Czech and international dishes.

    When you pick Prague Catering, you can expect a lavish spread of their favourites like crispy smažený sýr (fried cheese) and delicate fruit dumplings. But that’s just the beginning – their international offerings include spicy Mexican tacos and delicate sushi rolls, catering to every palate at meeting in Prague.

    4. Prague Party Catering: Not to be confused with the above-mentioned Prague Catering, these event party caterers specialise in creating fine finger foods for events and meetings in Prague. 

    Suppose you’re looking for small, easy bites that are delicious. In that case, their gourmet sliders with juicy beef patties, mini Czech koláče bursting with fruity fillings, and dainty canapés topped with smoked salmon will do the trick!

    5. The Pink Ladies Catering: If you want to add a dessert table to your event catering menu, here’s the catering company to make that a reality. The Pink Ladies Catering will help you make your catering a sweet tooth's dream.

    Their menu has some delectable indulgences like divine chocolate babka and velvety panna cotta. But that’s not all they are good at. Their savoury offerings like bite-sized bruschettas and tantalising sliders, are also bound to be hit!

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    5) After-Work Ideas for your Meeting in Prague

    Ready to wrap up your meetings in Prague? It's time to switch off the charts and dive into the charm! Prague doesn't just do business; it does relaxation with style. Discover ways to decompress and delight in the city's vibrant after-hours offerings from historic haunts to modern hangouts. Ready to unwind Prague-style? Dive in!

    1. Explore Prague's nightlife: Dance the night away with your team or get to know them better with a couple of drinks by diving into Prague's vibrant nightlife scene. Grab your team and hit up trendy bars for craft cocktails, or show off your moves in one of Prague’s lively clubs.
    2. Cultural night out: For a different kind of night out, immerse yourself in Prague’s rich culture. Attend a live music performance, visit a local art gallery, or catch a theatre show for artistic inspiration.
    3. Nighttime river cruise: Experience Prague differently by taking a nighttime cruise on the Vltava River. Enjoy the city’s illuminated landmarks while enjoying a delightful dinner on board.
    4. Outdoor adventures: If your team loves the outdoors, consider a night hike to Petřín Hill or a nighttime segway tour, offering a unique way to explore Prague’s beauty after sunset.
    5. Escape room challenge: If the great outdoors is not quite your thing, you can still bond with your colleagues by participating in an escape room challenge. Work together to solve puzzles and escape within the given time – it's both fun and team-building!

    6) How to Power Up Your Meeting Breaks in Prague

    Revving up your meeting breaks in Prague seriously boosts productivity and engagement and increases the overall enjoyment for your meeting attendees. So, check out these slick ideas you could try out at your meeting room for hire in Prague. They’re bound to supercharge your meeting breaks and craft a refreshing experience.

    1. Networking: Use your meeting breaks to connect with fellow attendees. Strike up conversations, exchange ideas, and encourage your attendees to expand their professional network. 
    2. Lunch at local restaurants: Another fun way to power up those meeting breaks is by allowing attendees to experience Czech cuisine. So, why not take your team for lunch at a local restaurant? Don’t forget to enjoy traditional dishes like goulash, svíčková, and dumplings.  
    3. Tech-free breaks: Encourage attendees to disconnect from screens and devices during breaks. Instead, create a space from where they can relax and read a book, people-watch, or simply enjoy the surroundings.  
    4. Explore Prague’s cafes: Prague’s hip and charming cafes are just waiting to recharge you and your meeting attendees during those breaks. So, why not swing by a local spot, savour a cup of authentic Czech coffee, or indulge in mouthwatering unique pastries? It’s the perfect setting for laid-back chats and networking.
    5. Take a stroll in the parks: Prague's got some seriously lush parks to show off, like Letná Park, Petřín Hill, and Riegrovy Sady. How about taking a chill stroll through one of these green oases when those meeting breaks roll around?

    Enjoy the fresh air, soak in those picture-perfect city views, and let the good vibes flow. It's the perfect way to recharge and connect with nature amidst the urban hustle.

    Wrapping Up

    We’ve reached the end of our ultimate guide to hosting a meeting in Prague, and we’re stoked to see you rock that meeting like a pro. But hey, if you’re looking to level up and, just use our Ask Expert function, and our local team will be happy to help you out.

    A Guide to Hosting a Meeting in Prague

    FAQ about Prague Meeting Rooms

    What time of year is best for hosting a meeting in Prague?

    Choosing the perfect time to host a meeting in Prague depends on what atmosphere you aim for!

    Spring (April to June) is simply magical, with blooming gardens and pleasant weather that delight strolling around the city. Summer (July to August) is lively and sunny, perfect for outdoor activities and enjoying Prague's charming parks.

    Autumn (September to October) offers a more serene vibe with beautiful foliage and fewer tourists, making it ideal for focused discussions. Finally, winter (December to February) blankets the city in snow, creating a cosy, festive ambience – perfect for infusing your meeting with a holiday spirit.

    So, whether you prefer summer's vibrant energy or winter's intimate charm, Prague offers something special year-round! 

    What security considerations are there when hosting a meeting in Prague?

    When hosting a meeting in Prague, prioritising all attendees' safety is crucial. Start by choosing venues with robust security measures, encompassing access control, surveillance, and well-trained security personnel. Familiarise yourself with local laws and regulations concerning events and security to ensure proper permits and licenses.

    Develop a comprehensive emergency response plan covering medical emergencies, evacuation procedures, and communication protocols. Evaluate potential risks related to the meeting's location, considering factors such as geopolitical situations. Implement appropriate measures like travel advisories and security briefings for participants.

    Lastly, maintain transparent communication with local authorities and law enforcement agencies. Stay updated with the latest security guidance and collaborate closely to guarantee a secure and worry-free meeting environment for everyone involved.

    Should language be a consideration at my meeting venue in Prague?

    Yes, language should be a consideration when choosing a meeting venue in Prague. While English is commonly spoken, it's wise to ensure that the venue staff can effectively communicate in English, especially if your attendees come from various linguistic backgrounds. Additionally, having signage, important information, and materials available in English, along with other relevant languages if applicable, can enhance the overall experience for attendees.

    Also,  if your meeting involves detailed technical discussions or specific terminology, having interpreters or translators available might be helpful to ensure everyone fully comprehends the discussions. By considering language in your meeting venue choice, you promote clear communication and a more inclusive environment for all participants.

    What are the best transportation options for my meeting attendees in Prague?

    We all know Prague is a very walkable city with cobblestone streets. However, if time doesn’t permit, Prague has a reliable and budget-friendly public transport system. You can embark on your voyage to your meeting room in Prague with utmost convenience as tickets for Prague’s metro, tram, and bus awaits at virtually every station across the city.

    A single 30-minute ticket allows you to scan through this vibrant city at an affordable price of 24 CZK (€0.92). What’s more interesting is that when time is of the essence, you can text (+420) 902 06 to get a last-minute ticket.

    With the city’s well-connected and comprehensive public transportation system, you can quickly attend your meetings and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere that the city offers.

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