Afterwork Venues in Copenhagen

Hey, event planners! We’ve heard through the event planner’s grapevine that you’re planning an after-work event in Copenhagen. This super vibrant and cosmopolitan city is the perfect choice for hosting an epic after-work event. And, our guide to hosting an after-work event in Copenhagen is here to help you out.

We’ve put this nifty guide together to make your life easier. It’s packed with everything you need, from finding the perfect event venue to mind-blowing entertainment ideas that will blow everyone’s socks off. Seriously, we’ve got you covered. And if you ever need a little extra support, our local experts are standing by, ready to lend a hand.

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A Guide to Hosting an After-Work Event in Copenhagen

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FAQ about Copenhagen venues and events

What is the best season to host an after-work event in Copenhagen?

The best season to host an after-work event in Copenhagen would be summer (June to August). During this time the city enjoys warm, sunny weather, which is ideal if you’re looking to host your after-work event outdoors.

Springtime in Copenhagen comes with pleasant temperatures and blooming gardens, while autumns are accompanied by mild weather and beautiful foliage that can create a cosy ambience. Winter can be magical with holiday-themed events in indoor after-work rooms for hire in Copenhagen. So, choose a season that suits your event’s style and preferences.

How can I make my after-work party in Copenhagen more sustainable?

To champion eco-friendliness at your after-work event, consider collaborating with local and organic caterers and opt for venues known for their commitment to sustainability. Additionally, motivate your guests to utilise public transportation or offer access to bike rentals as eco-conscious transportation options.

What are the transportation options for getting to my after-work room in Copenhagen?

Getting to your after-work event in Copenhagen is a breeze, as there are many convenient transportation options for your attendees and guests. The city boasts a reliable public transport system, that includes the S-Trains, buses, metros, and trains, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout Copenhagen.

Additionally, Copenhagen's bicycle-friendly reputation makes cycling a viable choice, with services like Bycyklen offering rental bikes. For those who prefer private transport, taxis and popular ride-sharing services such as Uber, Bolt, or FREE NOW are readily accessible for reaching your Copenhagen after-work venue.

Will language be a barrier at my after-work venue in Copenhagen?

Communication won't pose a major hurdle at your Copenhagen's after-work venue since fluent English is spoken by most Danes in the service and hospitality sectors. You’ll also find that signage and menus often feature both Danish and English.

Copenhagen's international nature means English is widely used, but picking up a few Danish phrases as a sign of respect is a thoughtful touch. Regardless, you can confidently converse in English during your after-work events in Copenhagen.

How much will it cost to host an after-work event in Copenhagen?

The cost of hosting an after-work event in Copenhagen can vary depending on factors like the venue you choose, catering, transportation, and additional activities that you include. But, generally, renting a basic event space can start at approximately 500 to DKK 1,500 per hour. While catering can cost you anywhere from DKK 150 to DKK 600 per person.

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