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What Kind of Events You Can Host in DubaiAs the whole world knows, Dubai is a marquee location for major sporting events, from golf tournaments to glamorous boxing ties.Then, of course, you have flagship cultural events in Dubai like the...

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What Kind of Events You Can Host in Dubai

As the whole world knows, Dubai is a marquee location for major sporting events, from golf tournaments to glamorous boxing ties.

Then, of course, you have flagship cultural events in Dubai like the much-loved Jazz Festival and the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature.

It's also really popular as a corporate event destination. The events in Dubai we're most excited about in the future are the crypto and blockchain events taking place here.

Event Venues in Dubai

So now you're wondering, what kind of venue in Dubai can I book? Well, in terms of size, you're well taken care of. They have mega venues for large-scale conferences, intimate meeting rooms for small teams, and everything in between.

Now, as for the style of the event venues in Dubai, the city has three main types. Firstly, there are a lot of contemporary spaces built with sleek fixtures. Then there are traditional Arabic-style locations reminiscent of the old town. Some are indeed historical, and some are astonishing replicas. And finally, there is an abundance of luxurious outdoor venues in Dubai.

The Best Areas for Events in Dubai

You might think that Dubai is just an over-the-top collection of glass skyscrapers, but there is a great diversity in the different areas in Dubai. Our favourites for hosting events are Old Dubai, Downtown, and Jumeirah.

Old Dubai is your place for tradition and culture. You'll see little winding streets, stone courtyards, the majestic Dubai Creek, lots of museums, and lively market streets. Perfect for events in Dubai that require a bit of historical pedigree.

Alternatively, Downtown is the face of new Dubai. A buzzing area where the city's power is on full display. Here you'll find the tallest building in the world: the Burj Khalifa. You'll also find plenty of premium hotels, shopping malls, and tourist attractions. And when it comes to Downtown, you'll see event venues in Dubai are the sleekest and most modern in the world.

And finally, for outdoor venues in Dubai, we recommend Jumeirah. It's a beachside luxury, with beautiful villas and cosy commercial spaces. Plus, it's jam-packed with iconic hotels, boutique shops, elegant restaurants, and waterparks, so downtime will be an experience you'll never forget.

When it comes to the best areas in Dubai, this is just scratching the surface. Get the full debrief with our expert guide right here.

How to Get Around Dubai

There are several ways to get around Dubai. It's very easily navigated by car, with 5 main routes running through the city.

Public transport in Dubai is impressive too and is operated by the RTA. Under their jurisdiction, there is a bus network of over 140 routes, a metro system, a tram line, a high-speed rail, and a monorail. Public transport in Dubai also stretches to the waterways, with two commercial ports and the Dubai Creek, all navigable by ferry.

Another way to get around Dubai is via taxi. The taxi companies are all run by the RTA, with cream bodies, and each division uses different coloured roofs to identify themselves.

If you want to learn more about getting around in Dubai, we have an expert article for that too!

Food in Dubai

Like in any city, one of the fundamental steps to hosting an event in Dubai is to offer your guests quality catering. And thankfully, the food in Dubai is brilliant!

Sure, in the past, local Emirati cuisine has been left out of the conversation concerning food in Dubai. However, traditional food is growing in popularity among tourists and residents alike. And just to wet your appetite, we’re going to share some of our favourites with you right now.

For starters, how about hot dumplings that taste and feel like doughnuts, known as luqaimat? They’re served with a sticky date sauce and garnished with sesame seeds. Pure joy!

Another bit of food in Dubai you need to try is knafeh. It’s a snack originally from Palestine that the locals have taken to their hearts. It’s a beautiful combination of sour cheese, crisp sugar syrup, and dough.

The foreign influences don’t stop there either. Samosas - originally from India - are a big hit in Dubai. Samosas here come with traditional fillings such as meat and vegetables with the appropriate spices, of course. But the Emirati interpretation is with triple cheese and can’t be missed!

Alternatively, a growing trend in Dubai is camel produce. From camel meat burgers, sliders, and stews, to camel milk ice cream.

And finally, we couldn’t write a Dubai city guide without talking about Arabic coffee. It’s a key part of cultural life. Moreover, just plain tasty. Its signature taste comes from the lightly roasted beans and a touch of cardamon. And of course, they’re best enjoyed with some organic local dates.

N.B. we’ve got a lot more to say about the food in Dubai. And because we know you’re interested, here’s our ultimate Dubai food guide for your pleasure!

The Weather in Dubai

So here we are, the final part of our Dubai city guide. Now, as you will have already known, the weather in Dubai is hot! You’ll get average highs of 41°C in the summer, and even in the winter, the average low is only 14°C.

As for rainfall, you’ll get rain on an average of 25 days a year - usually in the winter. And even then, the showers are short - including the occasional thunderstorm. So, to conclude, the weather in Dubai is amazing!

But what does this mean for event venues in Dubai? Well, it means that, as we mentioned, there are fabulous outdoor spaces. And perhaps more importantly, it means that the indoor ones are all adequately air-conditioned and optimised for comfort in the heat!


  • Average High: 24°C
  • Average Low: 14°C
  • Rain: 1 day


  • Average High: 25°C
  • Average Low: 16°C
  • Rain: 1 day


  • Average High: 29°C
  • Average Low: 18°C
  • Rain: 1 day


  • Average High: 33°C
  • Average Low: 21°C
  • Rain: 0 days


  • Average High: 38°C
  • Average Low: 25°C
  • Rain: 0 days


  • Average High: 40°C
  • Average Low: 28°C
  • Rain: 0 days


  • Average High: 41°C
  • Average Low: 30°C
  • Rain: 0 day


  • Average High: 41°C
  • Average Low: 31°C
  • Rain: 0 days


  • Average High:39°C
  • Average Low: 28°C
  • Rain: 0 days


  • Average High: 35°C
  • Average Low: 24°C
  • Rain: 0 days


  • Average High: 31°C
  • Average Low: 20°C
  • Rain: 0 day


  • Average High: 26°C
  • Average Low: 16°C
  • Rain: 1 day

Wrapping up

So there you have it. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Dubai city guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, we’d love to hear from you.

All that’s left for you to do is choose one of our fantastic venues in Dubai, and you’re all set.

But before you go, make sure to check out our best advice on how to get sponsors for your event. Your event in Dubai will be all the better for it, we promise!

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Events Guide Dubai
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FAQ for Venues in Dubai

What type of business events could I organize in a particular venue in Dubai?

The possibilities are endless. But basically; “whatever you want, as long as you respect the rules” (safety standards, noise pollution, social distancing, etc.). If you’re not sure, it’s best to align with your location expert. They can provide you with the answers and solutions when hunting for the right location, e.g. permits, licenses, etc.

Are services such as technical support and catering available at the event venue in Dubai?

Usually, yes. Most venues (especially the larger ones) tend to have standard AV equipment available. It can come at an extra cost, but this may also be cheaper than using a third-party service provider. 

For catering, it’s common to source an external provider. However, the venue will likely have a list of preferred vendors. We recommend choosing a caterer from this list to avoid corkage fees or unpleasant surprises on the day. 

What is the average cost of a dry hire event venue in Dubai?

The cost depends on the selected venue and market conditions. In general, dry hire can be around 30% cheaper than wet hire (incl. catering). However, booking a dry hire venue and then sourcing external service providers (for extras such as AV installation, catering, etc.) can result in a total budget that's 15-20% higher than a wet hire venue. We've seen a +50% premium for the same services!

What kind of event venues are available in Dubai?

Dubai has nearly every type of venue available for different events. Be wary that most venues are in the middle to upper budget range segment, though.

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