Great Advice on Hosting a Successful Event in Copenhagen

by Akshayaa RaniM,  13 September 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 13 September 2023
Great Advice on Hosting a Successful Event in Copenhagen

Hello, event planners! We’ve heard through the event vine that you’re headed to Copenhagen to host your upcoming event. And on that note, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on great advice on hosting a successful event in Copenhagen.

So, sit back relax and unveil the secrets to spectacular event venues, captivating strategies, engaging activities, and tips on managing budgets adeptly. As the curtains rise on this Nordic stage, our guide will illuminate the path to hosting an awe-inspiring event that has innovation, culture, and a whole lot of fun.

It's time to sculpt a memorable event that will remain in the minds of your attendees long after the applause fades. And, if you do come across any challenges during the planning process, feel free to reach out to one of our local experts who are always happy to help!

1. Choosing the Perfect Venue in Copenhagen
Choosing the Perfect Venue in Copenhagen. Image Credit - Eventflare.webp
Choosing the Perfect Venue in Copenhagen. Image Credit - Eventflare

Our first idea for a successful event in Copenhagen is to select the perfect event venue. This pivotal step sets the stage for an entire experience. The perfect event venue enhances your event by creating an atmosphere well-suited to foster connections and ensure smooth logistics.

From influencing attendees' impressions and engagement to accessibility, ambience, capacity and facilities, the right venue should align seamlessly with your event's objectives and cater to the needs of your attendees and guests.

Here are some event venue styles the city has to offer:

1. Nautical Venues:Give your event attendees a maritime adventure by opting to host your event at one of the city’s event venues that channel a captivating nautical style. From luxurious yachts to stylish boats, these nautical-inspired venues offer a stunning setting for events that seek a touch of the sea.

2. Industrial Chic: The city is also home to trendsetting event venues that embrace the industrial chic style. These converted warehouses and factories form a captivating space that reflects a creative and urban charm. These venues also tend to celebrate the city’s innovative spirit, making it perfect for hosting a successful business event.

3. Modern Minimalist: Add a sophisticated flair to your event by hosting it in one of the city’s event venues that feature a modern minimalistic style that is simple yet refined. These venues come with clean lines, neutral palettes, and open spaces that can bring out your creative side.

4. Historic Flair:This is home to many event venues steeped in history. Apart from transporting your event attendees and guests to a bygone era, these venues offer a captivating setting that reflects prestige and elegance.

With their ornate architecture, rich heritage, and timeless wonder these venues give your event a royal touch.

2. Understanding and Incorporating the Local Cultural at Your Copenhagen Event

Successful event planning should include understanding and incorporating the local culture into your event. This catalyst for success involves embracing the city’s rich tapestry of traditions, and artistic expressions. Your attendees will have an enriched experience that involves fostering a deeper connection and resonance.

Here are some key points to be mindful of when it comes to understanding and integrating the local culture:

  • Always be Punctual: The city’s value for punctuality shows in all spheres. So, make sure that your event starts and concludes on time. This also shows that you respect your event attendee’s time and schedules.
  • Be Respectful of Cultural Diversity:Since Copenhagen is an international city, its inhabitants are diverse. So, be respectful of the different languages, cultures, and backgrounds when planning your upcoming event.
  • Be a Strong Believer in Equality:Now, Denmark has high regard for gender equality. While planning a successful business event in the city, be sure to feature diverse speakers and include discussions about diversity and inclusivity.
  • Respect Privacy: Even though the Danes are friendly people, they value and respect personal space and privacy. So, always make sure you respect your attendee’s personal space during networking and socialising sessions.
3. Including Sustainability and Green Initiatives at Your Copenhagen Event
Including Sustainability and Green Initiatives at Your Copenhagen Event. Image Credit -
Including Sustainability and Green Initiatives at Your Copenhagen Event. Image Credit

The city of Copenhagen has an eco-conscious ethos, so incorporating sustainability and green initiatives into your Copenhagen event will create a positive impact among the locals as well as your attendees.

These initiatives not only reduce environmental impact but also resonate with attendees who share the same value of being responsible when it comes to our environment.

Check out these cool practices that count as successful event planning when it comes to including sustainable initiatives at your Copenhagen event:

  • Eco-Friendly Catering:When it comes to catering for your event in Copenhagen, consider partnering with event catering companies that prioritise local and organic ingredients. They also offer vegetarian and vegan options and practise minimising food wastage through careful planning.
  • Zero-Waste Décor: You could also connect with décor vendors that use biodegradable decorations made of bamboo, recycled paper, and natural fibres, and avoid using single-use plastics. The Copenhagen Sustainable Events is an organisation that offers guidance on eco-friendly practices.
  • Digital promotion:Say no to wasting paper and opt for digital invitations and signage. Also, encourage your event vendors to provide digital invoices and contracts instead of hard copies.
  • You could also connect with the Global Compact Network Denmark which is a part of the United Nations Global Compact initiative, to get resources and guidance on how to integrate sustainable practices into your event.
  • Green Transportation: Get in touch with transportation vendors that offer low-emission vehicles. Or, you could also promote the use of the city’s efficient public transportation.
4. Catering and Refreshments at Your Copenhagen Event Venue

Catering and Refreshments at Your Copenhagen Event Venue. Image Credit - Dining Six via Facebook.webp

Catering and Refreshments at Your Copenhagen Event Venue. Image Credit - Dining Six via Facebook

The next event advice in Copenhagen entails crafting a flawless culinary and refreshment experience within your chosen Copenhagen venue. The city is a sprawling haven of culinary delights. Here are a few we handpicked for you to consider:

1.Meyers Catering: This prominent catering company in Copenhagen prioritise the utilisation of exclusively organic and sustainable ingredients. Their menu selection spans from light refreshments to comprehensive full-course meals, offering a wide array of culinary choices.

2. Madkastellet: They're experts in providing catering for all types and sizes of events. They have a variety of catering choices, from traditional Danish foods to well-known international dishes. This means everyone at your event will have a diverse and inclusive menu to enjoy.

3. Claus Holm Catering:Claus Holm Catering is led by chef Claus Holm who is known for his inventive and premium cooking. this catering company delivers personalised catering services designed to match your dietary needs. Get ready for some flavourful treats with a visual appeal.

4. MAD Cooperativet: This famous catering company in Copenhagen also focuses on sustainable and organic cuisine. They have the skills to curate unique menus using only locally sourced ingredients to give your event attendees a luxurious dining experience.

5. Stage Design and Décor for Events in Copenhagen

Another great idea for a successful event in Copenhagen is to create a captivating stage design and décor that reflects your event’s objective and the city's charm. Be it the sleek lines of Nordic minimalism or the cosy embrace of hygge-inspired comfort, turn your event space into a canvas for creativity and immersion.

You could also use sustainable materials and locally sourced elements to align with Copenhagen's eco-conscious values. And, event design companies like Admeira, Artwork Events, and Nordic Eventstyling can help you with great stage design and décor.

Here are some cool stage design and décor ideas for your upcoming Copenhagen event:

  • Nordic Minimalism:The city has a minimalistic design ethos. It features a simple yet impactful décor element with clean lines and neutral colour palettes. You can never go wrong with your stage design and décor with this setup.
  • Cultural Flair:You can even infuse the city’s culture into your event décor by implementing traditional elements like Danish design furnishing, Scandinavian patterns, or art. This will give your event an inclusive flair.
  • Interactive Installations:Include a put of fun while setting up your event in Copenhagen. Create interactive elements that are engaging. Imagine having digital displays strategically placed around your event venue or event interactive walls.
  • Incorporate nature: If you’re all about nature. Then give your event venue a fresh spruce by adding natural elements like flowers, plants, or even sustainable wood to give your event an outdoor feel.
6. Entertainment Event Advice Copenhagen to Elevate Your Event

Who doesn't enjoy having a good time? So, why not add exciting entertainment and engaging things to do at your event in Copenhagen? All you need to do is pick from our list of fun entertainment ideas that we've chosen for you.

  • Cultural Performances:Treat your event attendees and guests to some traditional Danish performances. Be it a folk dance, the ballet, or the opera, everyone’s going to enjoy this fun cultural immersion.
  • Comedy Shows:You could also arrange for a stand-up comedy performance to add humour and lighten the atmosphere at your event.
  • Fireside Chats:This is something all your event attendees are going to enjoy. Organise informal discussions or Q&A sessions with influential speakers who can offer insights and inspiration to everyone attending.
  • Food and Drink Tasting: Since the stomach is the way to a person’s heart, why not organise a tasting session of local delicacies, craft beers, or wines? This gives your event attendees a chance to enjoy the city’s culinary scene.

Bonus Reading:Add a few of these exciting team activities in Copenhagen to break the ice and create the perfect networking mindset. Or, venture with your team to the best bars in Copenhagen for a less formal and fun time.

Wrapping Up

As we’ve reached the end, it’s time to draw the curtain on our ultimate guide to mastering the art of hosting successful events in Copenhagen. We trust that these priceless insights will be your compass on your planning journey.

But, before we leave, we’ve got some more love to share. Prepare yourself for an immersive exploration of splendid event venues in Copenhagen, each surpassing your aspirations.

To make your stay in the city comfortable and accessible, we’ve also put together a list of cool boutique hotels in Copenhagen for you.Also, check out these creative ideas to promote your corporate event in Copenhagen. Stay inspired, stay remarkable!

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