Outdoor Venues in Copenhagen

Hello, and welcome to our comprehensive guide to hosting an outdoor event in Copenhagen. If you’re in the mood to host a charming garden party or a grand open-air celebration, we've got you covered with tips, insights, and the best outdoor locations in this stunning Danish city.

So, let’s get down to planning without any delay. If you do run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to check in with one of our local experts.

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A Guide to Hosting an Outdoor Event in Copenhagen

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FAQ about Copenhagen venues and events

What are some unique entertainment ideas I can bring to my outdoor event space in Copenhagen?

By adding unique entertainment elements to your outdoor event, you can enhance your guest’s overall experience. Here are some entertainment ideas to consider:

  • Live Jazz or Folk Bands: Bring the city’s vibrant music scene to your outdoor space in Copenhagen by hiring a local jazz or folk band to perform. It will be a fun affair with a cultural touch.
  • Themed Photo Booths: By installing themed photo booths with props around your outdoor venue, your guests can have fun taking memorable pictures.
  • Silent Disco: You can also host a silent disco where your guests get to wear wireless headphones and dance along to their favourite tunes without disturbing anyone.
  • Live Art Installations: Invite local artists to come to your outdoor space for hire and showcase live art installations to provide an interactive and visual experience for your guests.

Check out these exciting team activities in Copenhagen to try out with your guests.

Is it safe to host outdoor events in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen boasts a reputation for safety, characterised by low crime rates and effective public area surveillance. However, it remains advisable to employ standard security precautions for your outdoor event, ensure sufficient lighting, and have contingency plans in place for potential weather-related challenges.

Do I need to incorporate Dutch or French into my outdoor space in Copenhagen?

While it’s not really required for you to incorporate Danish into your outdoor event space, there’s no harm in doing so. By considering the local language and culture, you’ll be creating a welcoming environment for your guests. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Hospitality: Embrace Danish hospitality customs and manners and use common phrases like “Tak” (thank you). This shows your respect for local customs.
  • Local Partners: By collaborating with local vendors and partners, you’ll have an advantage because they understand the Copenhagen culture and can assist with aspects related to language and culture.
  • Bilingual Signage and Material: It’s always good to provide event signage like directional signs and informational boards in both Danish and English.
  • Cultural Elements: Include Danish cultural elements like traditional Danish cuisine, or local music to give your outdoor event a sense of authenticity.
What transport options are there for my attendee to get to my outdoor event in Copenhagen?

When it comes to transport options to get to your outdoor event in Copenhagen, you can relax. Your attendees and guests can navigate their way to your outdoor venue effortlessly, thanks to a plethora of convenient transportation choices.

The city's well-regarded public transport system, including the S-Trains, buses, metros, and trains, ensures dependable connectivity to all corners of the city.

Alternatively, Copenhagen's bicycle-friendly status makes cycling a practical option, with bike-sharing initiatives like Bycyklen offering rental bikes. For those favouring private transportation, taxis and popular ride-sharing services like Uber, Bolt, or FREE NOW are readily available for reaching your outdoor location in Copenhagen.

Do I need to account for seasonality when it comes to outdoor locations in Copenhagen?

When planning for your outdoor event, think about the time of year and how it might affect things like the weather, how much it might rain, and how long there will be daylight. Make sure you have backup plans in case the weather isn't great, and make sure your event area is ready for that time of year.

How much should I budget for hosting an outdoor event in Copenhagen?

There's a package to suit every budget. You can choose a more cost-effective option or go all-in. For a general idea, here are estimated expenses to consider when hosting an outdoor event in Copenhagen:

  • Venue Rental: DKK 500 to DKK 6,000 per hour
  • Catering: DKK 150 to DKK 300 per person
  • Event Services: DKK10,000 to DKK 30,000
  • Permits and Licensing: DKK 1,000 to DKK 5,000
  • Decor and Setup: starts at DKK 1,000 and can go up to DKK 20,000 depending on what you want.
  • Weather Contingency: DKK 200 to DKK 10,000
  • Entertainment and Activities: Varies
  • Transportation and Logistics: Varies
  • Insurance: Varies

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