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    Guide to hosting outdoor events in Dubai

    There are a number of benefits to hosting your outdoor event in Dubai. Firstly, Dubai offers unique event venues with stunning backdrops. And secondly, Dubai has sunny weather, which is perfect for an outdoor affair.

    Our guide to hosting outdoor events in Dubai is here to take you through an outdoor extravaganza. However, if you need any help, our city experts are just a click away.

    1) The Best Styles of Outdoor Event Spaces in Dubai

    You can find a variety of outdoor venues in Dubai, and each of them comes with its own unique style. These event venues feature a blend of sophistication and grandeur that can captivate anyone who visits. Here are some popular styles we thought you’d like:

    1. Arabian Nights: Give your outdoor event an Arabian flair by choosing an outdoor location in Dubai that reflects the city’s rich heritage. These event venues feature Arabian-inspired décor like lanterns and colourful carpets and traditional entertainment like belly dancers and henna artists.

    2. Desert Oasis: You could also go for a desert vibe with outdoor venues in Dubai featuring Bedouin-style tents and sand dunes. These spaces are perfect for starting those bonfires or simply chilling under the starry desert sky.

    3. Beach Paradise: Dubai’s beach-styled event venues are also trending when it comes to outdoor events. These outdoor venues create the perfect setting for a relaxed event, featuring white sands, palm trees, and beach lounges.

    4. Modern Elegance: You could also opt for outdoor locations in Dubai with modern styles. These event venues come with sleek décor and the latest styles in furnishing, making them perfect for an urban outdoor event.

    5. Garden Soiree: Since you’re looking for an outdoor space in Dubai, why not check out the city’s lush green venues? Adorned with fairy lights, floral arrangements, and nature-inspired décor, you can transform these versatile outdoor spaces to suit your liking.

    2) How Much Will an Outdoor Venue in Dubai Cost?

    It’s now time to discuss your outdoor event’s budget. Now, it’s a fact that the prices can vary depending on factors like the type of venue you choose, its location, size, and the amenities being provided. So, we’ve got a few numbers to give you an idea of what to expect:

    • Beachfront Resorts: Beachfront outdoor spaces in Dubai at luxury resorts often range from around AED 1,000 to AED 3,500 per hour, depending on the resort’s reputation and the level of exclusivity.
    • Rooftop Gardens: When it comes to outdoor event spaces in Dubai that are situated on rooftops, offering stunning city views, you can expect to spend anywhere from AED 700 to AED 2,500 per hour.
    • Desert Oases: These outdoor event spaces in Dubai featuring desert oasis styles cost around AED 1,500 to AED 5,000 per hour, depending on the size of the setup and services offered.
    • Historical Sites: You could also rest out one of the city’s historical sites. They start from AED 1,500 to AED 4,000 per hour. These historical outdoor spaces for hire can elevate your event with some historical significance.
    • Yachts and Cruises: The city also offers yacht rentals starting at AED 1,000 and going all the way up to AED 5,000 per hour for smaller vessels.

    Additional Costs to Consider:

    • Catering: If you’re going for a casual vibe at your outdoor event in Dubai then serving a basic menu that includes finger foods, barbecue, or even a simple buffet is the perfect option. The cost per person can range from AED 70 to AED 200. per person.
    • Permits and Licensing: Obtaining permits and licensing for your outdoor event in Dubai widely depends on the specific requirements of your event and the location you choose. However, permits can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand UAE Dirhams (AED).
    • Weather Contingency: Depending on specific provisions you require, expect to spend anywhere from AED 500 to AED 2,000 per day. Also, keep in mind weather insurance that could go up to several thousand AED.
    • Transportation and Logistics: The costs for transportation and logistics can vary, and are influenced by the scale of your event.
    • Decor and Setup: The per day cost for décor and setup at your outdoor space for hire is based on factors like the size of the venue, the type of décor you’d like, and its complexity. A simple and basic décor can cost anywhere between AED 2,000 to AED 5,000 per day.
    • Event Planning Services: Most of the time you can expect to spend 10% to 20% of your total event budget on event planning services.
    • Entertainment and Activities: While organising your outdoor event in Dubai, it's important to include costs for entertainment elements in your event budget.
    • Insurance: Some event locations in Dubai may require event liability insurance as a mandate. This sum is kept aside as a safeguard against potential accidents or damages, and its cost can vary depending on the level of coverage required.

    3) The Best Areas for Hosting an Outdoor Event in Dubai

    Dubai has several areas which a suitable for hosting outdoor events. It all depends on what type of event you are planning and the amenities and features you require to make your outdoor event a success. Here are a few areas we’d like you to consider:

    1. Jumeirah is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai. It is home to Dubai’s best beaches and therefore is an extravagant location for outdoor events. You’ll find a variety of water sports that can excite your guests as well.

    2. Downtown Dubai is known as the heart of the city. It is home to many iconic landmarks. If you ask us, we’d say that it is a great location for hosting outdoor events in Dubai. Your guests are bound to enjoy the city’s skyline.

    3. Dubai Marina is a neighbourhood loved for its enchanting waterfront event venues with stunning views. It also offers many outdoor venues, including boardwalks, parks, and beaches that are perfect.

    4. Dubai Creek: This historic area in Dubai has a blend of old-world charm and modern amenities, making it well-suited for an outdoor event with a cultural theme.

    4) The Best Catering for Your Outdoor Location in Dubai

    Dubai has the biggest and most vibrant food and beverage industry. You can find many catering companies that specialise in serving food and drinks for your outdoor event. To get you started on what food you’d like served at your event, take a look at our ultimate Dubai food guide.

    Here are a few event caterers for you to consider:

    1. Al Hamara Street: They are one of the top professional catering companies in Dubai. So, no matter where your outdoor venue for hire in Dubai is, rest assured that you will receive only 5-star service. Al Hamra Street can cater to any event at affordable prices.

    2. Cedar Tree Hospitality: They take pride not only in the food they serve but also in creating the right atmosphere by appointing attentive and dedicated staff. They serve a variety of cuisines prepared with top-class ingredients.

    3. Maristo Hospitality Catering Services LLC: They are a catering company known to have established their footprint across 3 verticals, such as dark kitchen, casual dining, and QSR (Quick Service Restaurant). So, hiring them for your Dubai outdoor event would set a benchmark for catering for outdoor events.

    4. Basiligo: They are well known in the catering industry for their healthy and gourmet catering options. Their wide range of menu options feature fresh and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring guests are served simply the best.

    5) What Weather to Expect for Your Outdoor Events in Dubai

    High temperatures and low rainfall characterise Dubai’s desert climate. So, when planning your outdoor event in the city, keep weather conditions in mind so that your guests feel comfortable and have a good time.

    To give you a rough idea of the city’s weather pattern, check out these insights:

    • Winter (November to February): You can expect to experience pleasant and mild temperatures during the winter season. During the day, temperatures range from 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F). Evenings are cooler with temperatures dropping to 10°C (50°F).
    • Spring (March to April): Springtime is when things start warming up. Temperatures gradually start rising and range between 25°C to 30°C (77°F to 86°F). The evenings are much milder and there are low chances of rainfall.
    • Summer (May to September): Summers can be hot and humid, with temperatures exceeding 40°C (104°F). The evenings are also warm, with temperatures above 25°C (77°F).
    • Autumn (October): Autumn is when you’ll see the transition from the hot summer. Daytime temperatures are around 30°C to 35°C (86°F to 95°F), but the evenings become much cooler as the month progresses.

    6) Top Vendors for Your Outdoor Space in Dubai

    To ensure your outdoor event runs smoothly, having the right vendors standing by your side is also important. They can help smoothen the execution process through their exceptional services. Check out these recommendations we’ve set aside for you:

    1. Eclipse Staging Services: They are a leading AV and lighting company that provides creative solutions and cutting-edge technology for all types of events.

    2. Areeka Event Rentals: Areeja is a well-established equipment rental company in Dubai that offers you a range of event equipment, including tents and furnishing.

    3. Wicked Events & Entertainment: You can plan all your outdoor event’s décor and design with Wicked Events. They offer customised solutions, keeping all your preferences in consideration.

    4. Blue Eye Picture Studio: They specialise in both photography and videography. So, inviting them to your outdoor venue for hire in Dubai will ensure that every beautiful moment is captured.

    5. Security Management Services (SMS): When it comes to event security and crowd management, SMS has got things under control. They offer trained personnel and advanced technology to make sure your guests are safe and your event runs smoothly.

    Wrapping Up

    That's a wrap on our guide to orchestrating an unforgettable outdoor event in Dubai. Here's hoping our insights pave the way for your next successful gathering. Before you embark on your Dubai journey, don't miss our definitive guide to navigating Dubai. It's your passport to mastering Dubai's diverse transport avenues. Safe travels!

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    A Guide to Hosting an Outdoor Event in Dubai

    FAQ about Dubai Outdoor Venues

    1. What unique entertainment ideas can I bring to my Dubai outdoor event space?

    Make your outdoor event more extravagant with some of these creative and unique entertainment ideas:

    • Fireworks Display: End your outdoor event with a bang by organising a spectacular fireworks show set against the city’s iconic skyline.
    • Cultural Performers: You could also invite local performers who can showcase traditional Emirati dance or a music performance to give your outdoor event an authentic cultural touch.
    • Interactive Art Installations: By collaborating with local artists, you can create an interactive art installation or a live art demonstration that will keep your guests entertained and engaged.
    • Virtual Reality (VR) Experience: You could also set up VR stations all around your outdoor event venue so that your guests can enjoy virtual adventures that include exploring the city’s skyline or other thrilling activities.

    Here are some fun team-building activities in Dubai for you to try out at your outdoor event venue.

    Is it safe to host outdoor events in Dubai?

    Safety in Dubai depends on various situations, so it's important to stay updated on the rules from local authorities. Working with local event experts and authorities can help ensure your event follows the rules and is safe.

    Do I need to incorporate Arabic into my outdoor space in Dubai?

    Incorporating Arabic elements into your Dubai outdoor event space can enhance your event’s overall experience while showcasing cultural appreciation. Here are some ways you can incorporate Arabic elements:

    • Culinary Delights: Including Arabic cuisine options in your catering menu can allow your guests to taste traditional Emirati and Middle Eastern dishes.
    • Traditional Artifacts and Decor: using Arabic-inspired décor elements like traditional rugs, lanterns, and patterns can add a touch of local culture to your outdoor event in Dubai.
    •  Arabic Language: Even though Arabic is not mandatory, including it in your event materials, signage, or in welcome messages can be seen as a thoughtful gesture.
    • Entertainment: Hire local Arabic musicians or performers to entertain guests with traditional music and dance. Or, you could even organise a falconry display, allowing your guests to witness the impressive skills of these majestic birds.
    What transport options are there for my attendee to get to my outdoor event in Dubai?
    • Public Transport: Dubai has a modern and very efficient public transportation system. It is accessible and very affordable. So, depending on your destination, you can choose between the bus, tram, metro, taxi, or water transport to get you safely around the city.
    • Taxi: You could also use taxis to get to your brainstorming venue in Dubai. Taxis are readily available and can be hailed on the street.
    • Ride-Hailing Apps: Ride-hailing apps like Uber and Careem offer easy and convenient modes of transportation.
    • Car Rentals: Then you also have the choice to rent a car. It’s helpful for those who prefer to drive themselves.
    Do I need to account for seasonality regarding outdoor locations in Dubai?

    Yes! Accounting for seasonality is vital when choosing outdoor event locations in Dubai. Dubai experiences extreme temperature variations between its scorching summers and milder winters.

    It's advisable to schedule outdoor events during the cooler months (late September to early April) so your guests can comfortably enjoy a nice outdoors without worrying about the sweltering summer heat.

    Additionally, it’s wise to be mindful of the occasional winter rain and strong winds when considering the timing of your outdoor event.

    How much should I budget for hosting an outdoor event in Dubai?

    Whether you prefer a cost-effective option or want to splurge, you can find a package to suit every budget. For a ballpark estimate, refer to these approximated expenses when planning an outdoor event in Dubai.

    • Venue Rental: AED 700 to AED 5,000 per hour
    • Catering: AED 70 to AED 200 per person
    • Event Services: 10% to 20% of your total event budget
    • Permits and Licensing: a few hundred to several thousand UAE Dirhams (AED).
    • Decor and Setup: AED 2,000 to AED 5,000
    • Weather Contingency: AED 500 to AED 2,000
    • Entertainment and Activities: Varies
    • Transportation and Logistics: Varies
    • Insurance: Varies
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