8 Professional Conference Venues in Brussels

by HarryPrince,  04 March 2021
by Harry Prince, 04 March 2021
8 Professional Conference Venues in Brussels

Nothing brings people together more than a shared interest. And that’s exactly what a conference is: a meeting to discuss a common idea and collaborate.

The events industry in Brussels is booming. With 8.5 million overnight stays and 889 event applications processed by the Convention Bureau in 2018, it’s projected to grow further still.

Make sure you’re able to sneak in some tourism while you’re here as well mind you. It’s a phenomenal place that we could honestly talk about forever.

But we don’t have forever, and we have a very singular purpose in this article. To inform and amaze you with some of the best conference venues Brussels has to offer.

1) Chic Industrialised Venue for Corporate Events 
Chic Industrialised Venue for Corporate Events
Chic Industrialised Venue for Corporate Events via Eventflare

We’re kicking this off with something a little chic, an industrial venue for corporate events with a light tone.

You’ll find it in a former paper mill factory from the 19th-century. We’re convinced you’ll love its polished modern look and low interior balcony.

Moreover, the location comes equipped with AV material, including an LED screen and speakers, as well as a light system and stage. Capacity wise, this space is suitable for events of up to 175 people.

2) Golden Atrium in Architectural Superstructure
Golden Atrium in Architectural Superstructure
Golden Atrium in Architectural Superstructure via Eventflare

What we’ve got for you here is an architectural superstructure your guests certainly won’t forget. It’s located next to the renowned Tour & Taxis site.

A golden atrium has a nice ring to it, and it looks as magnificent as its title suggests. Its large walls of interconnecting triangular glass give you all the natural light you could ask for and more.

This iconic and innovative building can be yours for a special moment, accommodating up to 220 guests in a standing setting and 120 in a theatre setting.

3) Special Venue with Terrace Foyer
Special Venue with Terrace Foyer via Eventflare

What’s cool about this conference venue is that it has the feel of a different era. We can talk about the design and so on all day. But let’s cut to the chase. It’s those lighting fixtures that evoke a sense of another time.

The series of exposed hanging light bulbs imitate a candlelit scenario. They come together to create a dimly lit space that transports you back in time.

The simple arches make you feel like you’re on the inside of a wooden barrel. It’s not filled with much else because there’s no need. When the food tastes good, stop adding salt. The added garnish is its superb terrace.

To top it off, it’s located near Brussels-South Station. Amenity wise, all rooms come with a high-speed WiFi connection and excellent AV equipment. Extras such as catering are available upon request.

4) Conference Venue with Sophisticated Art 
Conference Venue with Sophisticated Art via Eventflare

Why is it so satisfying to watch people from high up going about their business? We’re not sure. But this sophisticated arts venue is a great place to observe an event unfold below.

It’s a tall building that used to live life as a factory. Various floors sport a series of open balconies.

There’s sophistication – literally and figuratively – on every level, filled with contemporary art from the 1970s and onwards.

It’s located in Dansaert and can accommodate up to 200 people. You’ll all feel very suave, believe us!

5) Old Industrial Laundry Factory 
Old Industrial Laundry Factory
Old Industrial Laundry Factory via Eventflare

A second shot at life is a rare thing. This old laundry factory took its chance and ran with it.

What we love is that it’s been allowed to live in its old clothes. There’s no overhaul here. It’s pure industrial authenticity.

There are layers in all dimensions; in its height, floors, and various corners and rooms.

It’s got a capacity for 500 guests, and they’ll love exploring this piece of history. Once you add your flair to it, that’s the cherry.

6) Industrial Venue for Business Events in the City Centre 
Industrial Venue for Business Events in the City Centre via Eventflare

Now for something more pleasant than a dear friend’s smile: this charming industrial venue. What makes it so lovely are the fairy lights, smooth wood flooring, the well-balanced blend of concrete and brickwork, and a series of connected windows that create a beautiful wall of natural light.

What’s more, it’s located in the city centre, so you and your guests can make the most of Brussels before and after without wasting time getting about.

Amenity wise, you have access to an excellent WiFi connection, AV equipment, different sorts of furniture and a bar. Other services, such as catering, are available upon request.

7) Inspiring and Modern Space in Brussels 
Inspiring and Modern Space in Brussels via Eventflare

If you’re looking for a space that’s had the benefit of an artist’s touch, then let us introduce you to this inspiring and modern space in the centre of Brussels.

Thanks to it’s all-white facade, the plants and flowers are brighter than nature ever intended.

It can accommodate up to 300 guests through its 550m2 of space. Extra services include WiFi, an excellent catering service, and more!

8) Luminous Event Venue with Marvelous Rooftop Terrace 
Luminous Event Venue with Marvelous Rooftop Terrace for conference in brussels
Luminous Event Venue with Marvelous Rooftop Terrace via Eventflare

As you know, the higher up you are, the better the views. And with this luminous event venue, you are high as a kite.

High up is no overstatement. It’s at the very top of this 7-floor building and has a marvellous rooftop terrace that wraps itself around your event venue.

It’s located just outside the city centre, so you have some peace and quiet to go with all that lovely natural light. It’s a venue built specifically for corporate events, which is a comforting thing in this business!

It has a conference capacity of 150 people. Amenity wise, this location provides you with a projector, excellent AV equipment, curtains to darken the room, air conditioning and a speedy WiFi connection.

Wrapping up

We told you in the intro that the events industry in Brussels is moving on up. And now you can see why!

We’d love to help you be a part of Brussels’ corporate events. Just drop us a line.

Featured image: Golden Atrium in Architectural Superstructure via Eventflare

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